Remembering Sept. 11: 15 Years Later

Dear friends,

It seems like just yesterday that we experienced tragedy, yet it’s actually been 15 years. For those of you who are new to my blog and are new subscribers, New Jersey was my home since I was 5 years old every time my mother and I would come to visit from Brazil. Every four years we’d come up to visit my grandfather and visit relatives. Sometimes, we’d stay longer from a few months to a year. During these times, we’d go visit NYC since we lived less than 2 hours away, so thus began my relationship with New York City. I’ve never had a bad memory that occurred in NYC. Eventually, when I finally moved to NJ to stay after High School in Brazil, I would visit NYC many more times as a young adult would-exploring what was waiting for us there. I had dreams of moving there one day and even knew what kind of home I wanted. I had everything all planned out. I loved walking around the city and had met many interesting folks there; a place with so many things to see and experience it would take a lifetime to complete them all.

One particular day, we had the idea of going up one of the Twin Towers to visit. As you may know, I am terrified of heights yet I thought it would be something I’d never forget. Once inside the building, we took a long ride up in the elevator to the very top. I felt slightly dizzy as I walked out of the elevator and saw how high we were. The view from the top floor up in the Twin Towers were amazing. I walked closer to the glass wall and looked down. The taxis were so small, like bugs, and I felt like the tower was even swaying a bit, but perhaps that was just me. I thought how beautiful it was from up there and it seemed so peaceful. Very quiet. I honestly remembered even then this was something I’ll never forget. The feeling of being so high in a building I saw so many times coming into NYC from NJ. Sitting in the car as a child, I’d wait looking out the window to get the first glimpse of the two Twin Towers. Once I saw them, I’d get so excited. Now I was finally up in one of them and I was left speechless.

On September 11th I happened to have the tv on watching a morning show when they suddenly cut to breaking news. Reports were being said that a “small airplane” had flown into a tower. I saw the video and thought it was odd. I remember everything of that day. What I was wearing, where I was standing and the kind of day it was outside. How could a plane just crash into one of the towers? I was glued to the tv and was watching it as my heart started to race. I had no idea how worse it was going to get that day. I watched as the second plane hit the tower with my hands over my mouth in disbelief when it showed on tv. Sadly, the copilot of the second airplane was someone I knew; he was my childhood friend’s cousin. My stomach dropped. All those people on that plane (and the plane before that). As the day wore on, there was so much chaos and I felt like I was living a nightmare. So much sadness and grief that day.

I still get emotional when I watch documentaries about 9/11. It’s tough. My heart goes out to every single family that lost someone that day. The story of the heroes on the third plane I will always remember their story as well. As anyone who has experienced loss from a tragic event, you learn to cope. The pain remains, yet you do your best to keep your loved ones memory alive.

15 years and yet it feels like yesterday.

We will never forget.

Do you remember where you were or doing that day?

The September 11th Memorial and Museum from Amanda on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Sept. 11: 15 Years Later

  1. I was in my HS science class as a freshman. We were in the library researching something. I noticed the librarians rushing out the TV on those strollers so I left my group and approached with curiosity. 9/11 was airing live.

    Any plans on visiting the new towers?

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    1. Hey! Sorry for the delay in response, I’m so lame! I would love to go back to NYC and see the tower and the rest of the museum. When we went, it was still being built and the newer section of the museum wasn’t complete yet. I miss NYC anyways so it was would be fun to revisit one of my favorite cities in the world. Hope you’re doing well!

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  2. I lived in Swedesboro NJ from 1998 until 2013, and I was a work Woodbury NJ, at the time and it is still hard to take, I wrote a poem that day watching some wives waiting for news on their husbands, it is still like it was yesterday my sister! I will share the poem. Have a beautiful evening and thanks for visiting my blog! Hugs and blessings always!

    Until We Meet Again (9-11)

    Who will wipe away my many tears,
    As for my dear love one I now weep
    Who will be there to help me rest easy
    While at night I try to fall fast asleep

    Who will embrace me ever so tightly
    Or who can ever take your place,
    Who will say my name like you did
    Placing a soft smile upon my face

    Where are you now my sweet flower
    When I need you most in my life
    Where is the sound of your laughter
    That always made each day so right

    For my eyes grow tired from weeping
    And my knees are weak from prayer
    And I cannot let go of what I lost
    When you were taken away from here

    For every time the door bell rings
    Or the telephone announces a call
    I jump in expectation with a hope
    That from my life you did not fall

    And yet still my mind grows weary
    As I once again try to fall asleep
    And I can’t let go of your memory
    When your image my heart still keeps

    ….until we meet again.

    Written while watching
    the events, and seeing
    the loss of many on 9/11,
    Dedicated to those who
    still deal with the pain.
    God bless!

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    1. Hello Wendell! So wonderful to hear from a fellow New Jersey-ite! I know exactly where Woodbury and Swedesboro because I lived in Blackwood for five years. I’d go often to Woodbury passing through. For the longest time, hearing an airplane flying over made me panick. It was traumatizing. I’m sure you felt the same way too. I know you also feel the same as me in even though we lived in South Jersey, NYC is like a sister city to us who also live close to Philly. There is that union and connection to the people who live in NYC. A sad day. Your poem was amazing to read and very thought out. It’s writers like yourself who are so talented in bringing life to words for readers like myself who “get it”. We “get” what you are trying to convey. Thank you. Gorgeous poem! Thanks for sharing my friend! Btw. I miss Wawa, Rite Aid and Philly cheesesteaks out here in Colorado Springs. I’m still trying to get used to people saying “pop” instead of “soda”. Hehe.


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