The Other Prince William: A Love Story

Yesterday I watched this beautiful yet tragic love story between a Hungarian woman and a British Prince named Prince William. This is the love story of a namesake of the current Prince William of England. I never heard about this story and found it so sad, beautiful, romantic and tragic. Interestingly enough, the woman in the video currently lives here in Colorado. I found this similar to the movie “Titanic” where the woman at end has a necklace, but as you’ll see, the woman in this video has a lasting memory of her prince with something else.

There are love stories and there are love stories that are simply so beautiful you wouldn’t believe they actually existed. This is one of them. I hope one day I’ll finally have my fairytale ending.

Video Credit: Timeline-World History Documentaries

2 thoughts on “The Other Prince William: A Love Story

    1. Hey! 🙂 Been busy with my “interesting” life outside of Twitter and WordPress. I’ll email you about it, but you already know about it from my personal and private blog. Yeah, AB did go to the ER. It was for a painful stomach issue he had that medicine wasn’t helping. I felt like it might be more serious like an appendix or hernia. Luckily, it was just a bad case of the stomach bug. The ER doc was super nice to not charge us for the late night visit (I think we were the only patients at that time there). We left with a goody bag. AB was back in school the next day and I was back at work as well. I must admit, it was great to have a day off from work. I had a personal day saved up, so I didn’t lose any pay for that day. AB and I will be getting dual citizenships soon or in the coming year. We’ll foremost be Americans citizens, but the other one is in the works, you are first to know my friend!! To what nations? Ahh. I’ll email you about it. It’s insanely cool. 😀

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