My favorite charities


Hello everyone!

Here are some of my favorite charities and organizations. Click each picture to be taken to their official websites to learn more about them. We can all make a difference in this world.

I may only be a small voice amongst many who are trying to defend the Amazon rainforest from being destroyed due to a dam being built. This dam will flood my birthplace which is so special to me. It not only will displace my fellow Indians, local farmers, but also exotic animals and plants that are beneficial to modern medicine. The picture will take you to a video that explains what will happen once the dam is completely built. Right now, they are building the dam and not giving any respect to the concerns of the indigenous people who will be affected by this. Please view the video. Thanks.



Cancer has no boundaries to sex, age, class in society or location. I support this charity because my mom has stage 4 breast cancer. She has been dealing with remission of the disease for about 10 years now. It not only affects her physically and emotionally, but the family as well. Let’s hope they will find a cure for this horrible disease very soon.

Blogger’s Note: Sadly, my mother passed away on Thanksgiving Day November 28, 2013 at 11:30 AM. I was there by her bedside and was able to tell her that I loved her. She said she loved me too. I will continue to support this cause and hope there is a cure in the future for others, so that their families may continue to share their lives with their loved ones.



UNIFEF helps countries from around the world where dire help is needed, especially for children.



I remember when I was a child living in the Amazon, people would come in and help the community install a well and educate the Indians about water safety and how to install water pipes. I’ll never forget that and how important clean water was instilled in my little mind back then. I support clean water education and needs for communities from around the world who need it.



I support the emotional and needs of families affected by loved ones who have served in the military, who were never able to return home to their families.

Being a supporter of the men and women of our military, I support this charity that helps the emotional needs of returning soldiers as well as any other needs they may want.


One of my favorite charities that promotes new beginnings through surgery for children who are born with cleft lips and palettes from around the world. Doctors, nurses, speech and occupational therapists volunteer their time to help children who would otherwise never have the chance to afford corrective surgery, get surgery from the surgeons. I love this charity. I love children and to see them smile with such pride, just makes my heart melt.

5 thoughts on “My favorite charities

    1. I’m curious…what do you mean? Lol. My layout? My new layout is so simple yet I’ll have to pay for it after my 14 day free trial. My Buena layout was free for years, but I hated that no one could see the charities that are dear to my heart. My previous background wallpaper diminished the links. :/


        1. Aww, really?! Charities are important to me. I’d rather have readers click on that link before reading my posts. I promised myself that if I ever won millions or earned millions, those charities would get first dibs. Thank you for your compliment!

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