Who is Amanda?

I have lived a life that some people have read about in books. Born in the beautiful jungles of Brazil, I was adopted by a wonderful American mother who has raised me on her own. At a very young age, I didn’t own many toys, so I would have to make my own or play with whatever was available. I have lovely memories of walking through the green and lush jungle with the indians, swimming and exploring waterfalls, fishing with the Indians and watching the tribes people dance. Growing up in 4 different cultures, I’ve always been asked which culture I love the best. All I can say is, my roots are native indian that I am so proud of. I still have that warrior blood in me and I fight for what I believe is right and stand up for the underdog. My nationality is Brazilian and I’m proud to be one of many friendly, happy and wonderful fellow Brazilians who are so passionate about life. I’m lucky enough to have been raised in a small international community from Kindergarten to my Senior year in Brazil. My friends growing up have come from all over the world. Having classmates from South Africa, Denmark, Spain, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan to Canada has given me an appreciation to what I can learn from their cultures. Finally, I am an American Citizen and one of my proudest moments in life was to be sworn in as a fellow American. It is here that I live and have lived since 1993. I call this place my home, but in my heart, home is anywhere I am.

I’ve traveled to Uruguay, Argentina, Venezuela, Bonaire (I want to return someday), Canada, Paraguay, all over the United States, all over the country of Brazil and most recently, the friendly island of the Bahamas! Recently as of last year, we went to Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Saint Martin, St. Maarten and Haiti.

More about me:

-Being trilingual at the age of 3 was interesting.
-I can say “thank you” in 8 different languages.
-Photography is my passion.
-I used to be a lifeguard.
-Dishonesty is a trait I think is vile.
-I was chosen to be a “college extra” for Transformers 2 by the casting agents, but couldn’t make it for filming at the last minute.
-I admire strong, independent and inspirational women.
-Following the crowd is not my thing.
-I am in love with Mozart’s Piano Concerto Number 21 Andante.
-I consider myself a beach girl.
-I support the men and women who serve this country.
-I’m crazy about wild flowers on mountains.
-Motorcycles are cool.
-I believe the best kind of love is when a person loves themselves first, so they are able to give that love to someone else. Without self respect or love, the relationship will die.
-Guys who have a sense of adventure, intelligence, humor and compassion always win my heart.
-It’s very easy to make me laugh.
-I love watching foreign films.
-Armin van Buuren is my favorite DJ.
-If you’re involved in some sort of charity, you’re already my hero and I will forever love you for your compassion!
-I can keep secrets and I always keep my promises.
-I’ve never experienced true love as I believe that is who you end up with in marriage.
– Black leather is cool and I’m still searching for that black leather dress. πŸ˜‰

-I would love to visit the UK and Switzerland someday.

-If I ever get married, my ideal honeymoon location is hands down Lake Como, Italy.

I blog here on WordPress to show my fellow bloggers and readers things I’ve seen and appreciate in this big world that some people have never heard about. Other times, I just blog about random things in my life. I love and enjoy getting to know people who take the time to drop me a comment. It really means a lot that they could squeeze in a few seconds of their day to say hello, so I do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

Things are always happening in this world and I blog about it in my own way as a memory. I enjoy writing and it’s another form of relaxing after a hectic day. Thank you for taking the time to read this “About Me” page. If you want to know more about me, you can read this blog right here in the link below.

Amanda Answers Questions Here

Reading a poem.

81 thoughts on “Who is Amanda?

  1. Malou Prestado

    Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog, Java Girl. It is nice to know someone like you with a multi-cultural background. I also enjoyed my studies here in Holland with classmates from all over the world. I found that an invaluable experience.


    1. Oh how wonderful! Yes, there is a certain appreciation for classmates who come from around the world. I believe I am in love with most of the globe as it holds such special and unique individuals. What I’ve liked about WP is that I’ve met people from all over the world such as yourself! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Thanks for sharing these things, your background is really interesting, form the book pages indeed. I’m so glad that you succeeded to develop such personality out of your circumstances. I enjoy reading your blog!


    1. Yep, I’m good! We are both good. Thanks for inquiring and for your thoughtful concern. Apparently, when one is in the “middle of an eye of a storm” it is mostly calm (but very windy). Since the storm was turning counter-clockwise and the it was a full moon, the outer parts of the hurricane affected the towns around us, pulling the ocean towards the land due to the counter-clockwise turn of the winds. How are you?


      1. Glad all are safe and well. Although the storm stretched to Cincinnati, we had a brief period of high winds (which didn’t reach it’s forecasted speed) and a light rain. On the other hand, eastern Ohio had a worse effect. Glad all is well, so thanks for letting me know. πŸ™‚


  3. I’m terrified of spiders but can somehow manage watching everything about snakes, lol.

    You have a nice diverse background which makes a nice conversation at the dinner table during those holiday get-togethers. Thanks for following me.

    Cheers, Java Girl.

    [[ I couldn’t find your “About Me” earlier. Apparently it wasn’t on my screen until I held the left mouse button and scrolled up did I see it, lol ]]


    1. Thank you and my pleasure! Did you know Indiana Jones and MacGyver were both terrified of snakes? So, I’m in good company. Wonder what James Bond is scared of. I actually love tarantulas and would love to hold one in my hand. As for snakes, they can stay far, far FAR away from me. Those legless beasts!! πŸ™‚


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  6. Hi Java Girl, Thank you so much for revisiting my blog. I am surprised by knowing about you though I am still curious to know how you named yourself as Java Girl. As far as I know Java is the name of an island in this globe where I live in right now. I would love to follow your wonderful blog to see your part of the world through your eyes. πŸ™‚


    1. JavaGirl came about because I kept getting a Javascript notice. Some people from Indonesia assume I am from Java. Others assume it’s because I like Java coffee. πŸ™‚ Thanks for following. I will do likewise. πŸ™‚


        1. I get over 100 email notifcations or more per day on my WP contact email. I’ll email you from my personal addy. Sometimes people’s emails to me get lost in all the shuffle and I delete it by accident!!! :O


  7. Hi Java Girl!

    Very happy I found your blog, and your “about” page is excellent! I’m jealous of all the places you’ve seen across the globe. And a big congratulations on your American citizenship! (Which I know may have happened a while ago)

    Keep up the excellent work on your blog! It’s a pleasure to be a follower!


    1. Hello Andrew!
      Aw, thanks about my “About” page. I change it sometimes when I get bored of it. LOL. I’ll add something no one knows about me. I hope to go to Australia one day and also to Italy. Of course, the UK is high on the list too. Getting my citizenship was a huge ordeal for me as a kid. I kept reciting the Pledge of Allegiance 10 times in my head because in my little mind I thought I was going to have to stand alone in front of the judge and recite it. That never happened because we all said it in unison. Lol. I still have my flag. It’s torn and faded. but it makes it me proud.

      Thanks for the encouragement.. I do my best. Continue well with your blog as well. I’ve taken a peek at it too and have followed!



      1. Awesome! Your list of places makes me all kinds of jealous! Italy is big on my lost as well. I can only imagine how amazing the scenery… (and food!) is there!

        Same for Australia! I can imagine how amazing it is there.

        Very happy to have made your acquaintance! Don’t be a stranger!



        1. Lake Como is my dream destination in Italy. I have several around the world. People seem super friendly in Australia, so that seems right up my alley. The friendlier the people are, the happier I am. Life is tooooo short to be unfriendly, ya know? Nice to meet you too Andrew! Stop by anytime. πŸ™‚


  8. Gede Prama

    Thank you friends for sharing the article is quite interesting, hopefully we all get that true happiness rays began to warm our hearts and make the heart glad, when we can share with each other sincerely. Lots of love from Gede Prama πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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  11. Hi my far away friend, you know something about your writing style struck a chord with me. I feel like we are old friends from a time before. How are you these days? sorry to not be in contact of late I have kinda been busy. Anyway would love get a reply to this . All the very best loving girl.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awwww, thanks Dave! So nice to hear from you too my dear friend. We were in the midst of interviewing each other for each other’s blogs I believe. Thanks for the compliment! As writers, I suppose certain writing styles just grabs you like meeting someone in person and clicking with their personality immediately. Such is life with bloggers too, no? But we are old friends so that’s good. I’m good. Just enjoying life here in Colorado. I’ll respond in detail from my personal email. 😊


  12. What an amazing bio. Truly lost for words the way that you have grown up… I would walk and climb mountains and sail boats in my younger days. But you have a true sense of adventure within you πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I do cherish my childhood very much and that sense of adventure is still with me. I’m trying to earn my boating safety certificate (boating license) to be able to go out on the lake or river here. I’ve always loved sailing or being out in the water. As for mountains, I’m hiking more now since moving to Colorado Springs. Now YOU have to go to the Amazon. If you want, I can give you some ideas of where to go that isn’t so touristy where you can find a peaceful, authentic, organic jungle tour in the Amazon. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I do and I always will. πŸ™‚ Once a traveler, always a traveler. Been to several countries and hopefully will make my way to Europe. I’m eyeballing Ireland, UK and France to start off. There are so many countries in Europe I do want to see maybe via a train. Who knows. πŸ™‚

          Liked by 1 person

  13. Hey Amanda, I was surprised and amazed after reading the article on this page. As it turns out you are smart and adventurous. You also make friends with people from different cultures from around the world.Wow .. I think it was good, and I believe you really know about the consequences of this all for you. Really enjoyed reading your article and salute you, great, and thank you to let me know

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Your wonderful and sweet comment really made my morning. I feel most comfortable around international people because my classmates were from around the world. I love learning about other cultures too!


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