My summer song for 2015

24 May

Hey everybody!

I know I’ve been MIA, but I’ve actually been quietly enjoying my life here in Colorado the past months. My car has been showing its elderly age, so I’ve had to stay close to home until things are fixed and the unpredictable weather hasn’t been cooperative on the weekends either to be able to go out. I’ll be out and about hopefully soon with new videos and pictures. Believe me! I know what I’m doing for my birthday, so hopefully that will fall into place next month. I’m so happy about it I can’t contain my excitement! If you follow my twitter page, you might have seen a clue I posted on there of what I’d like to do for my birthday.

Every year around this time I choose a song that I think may capture my summer adventures and this time, I chose a song. It is called “Heart & Soul” by Built By Titan. Fun little song and just hearing it makes me very excited for my first summer here in Colorado. This place is gorgeous and so much to explore for someone like myself. Everyday I can’t believe I’m so lucky to live here and the Pikes Peak mountain so close to home is like living in a postcard. I can’t wait to start showing my friends around here who live out of State. I’m slowly making new friends here and they are so sweet and kind. Perhaps they’ll show up in future blogs and videos. We shall see.

A huge welcome to all my new subscribers since the last time I blogged! I’ll be making my rounds of people who have stopped by my page, I haven’t had the time and my email alerts are sending all my blogs I follow into my spam folder, so I never end up seeing any new posts from you guys. WP glitch? Anyone else having that problem?

Have a great weekend and be safe! I’ll be back soon! Remember the true meaning of Memorial Day this weekend. I salute all that serve and have served this country.

We’ll be shining, we’ll be shining, we’ll be shining tonight!”

I am because we are….

9 May


Fascinating story and one I saw on Facebook by my friend who posted it. I love how these children look out for one another, are selfless and know the meaning of unity. In a society where there is an insane amount of things to fill our every need, it’s great to see these children learn at such a young age that when you do things together, there is a greater leverage of happiness to be shared.

I love sharing. If I find something interesting or read about an interesting place, I have to share it on my blog. This also occurs in my real life too. I absolutely love sharing things with people. It’s fun and there is that moment of bonding over it. Why keep it to myself for my own satisfaction? I want others to see it too and if it made me smile or happy, then of course, I want everyone else to share in that happiness too. That’s the main reason I started this blog. I wanted to share and I will continue to share.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

9 May


I got this Mayan calendar at Old Colorado City. Remember how I wrote the first one crashed the first night I brought it home? Well, this is the second one I bought and it’s been behaving on the wall and not broken into pieces. I like decorating my home with small eclectic things and I found this piece to be one that starts conversations. Or so I hope because the dude sticking out his tongue is just too funny to me because that’s pretty much what I do when I eat asparagus and lima beans!

JavaGirl’s Craft of the Month

30 Apr

CraftForJavaGirlsLifeBlog2015pic2You’ll need:

– 20-60 clothes pin for 3 plant or candle holders.

– A small plant.

-Wood Stainer color of your choice.

– A tuna or cat food can.


It takes about 20 clothes pin to complete a cat food can.



Insert the small plant inside the can and viola, you’ve got the cutest little plant holder on the block!


Or you may want to just use them (au natural without the wood stainer) as so and put two small tea candles inside instead.


Like so and you’ve got a romantic candle holder for the table or wherever you want a small glow.


If you want variety with a plant and candle, here ya go!


I went even further and stained the holders with a red mahogany wood stain to go with my dining room table and added a sophisticated orchid for a touch of elegance.


You can do so much with this craft idea. For kids, you could even paint the clothes pin with a variety of colors or just a solid color for plant holders. I would highly caution to not use any flammable wood stain or paint to use for the candle holders. Safety first!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

30 Apr


This picture is from a video I took 4 years ago on the boardwalk in New Jersey. Sorry this picture is so small, but the picture from the video wouldn’t upload any bigger.

Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

7 Apr

This past Saturday was spent at the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun up in the Cheyenne Mountains. Originally, we were supposed to go elsewhere much higher, but we missed our train! I’ve wanted to come here for a long time anyways, so it wasn’t a major disappointment. Will Rogers Shrine was quite delightful and very peaceful. If there ever was a place that I’ve ever been to that made me feel like a princess overlooking my kingdom down below, it’s this place. I can only imagine a fantastic and beautiful wedding photograph up in the balcony. It does look like a castle, no? The day was windy yet sunny, but the lens flares were all over the places. Sorry about that.

In order to get up to this beautiful place, you must pay the zoo entrance fee and get specific instructions by someone by the gate to drive up there. The ride is about 10 minutes long and the road snakes up the mountain. From below, you wonder how you could possibly get up there without rock climbing, but once you drive, you realize that the roads have several hairpin turns with dizzying views below of how high you actually are from the zoo. Once you arrive, there is a nice parking area where you can also have a picnic at. The shady walkway leading up the shrine is gorgeous and to hear nature all around you is just so relaxing.

You may notice in the video I was zooming in the lakes a lot, that is only because it was my first time up there and I didn’t realize how many small lakes there were in Colorado Springs. You might have thought I never saw a lake before in my life, but I just got carried away-as usual. I’m always interested in discovering lakes were we can picnic and relax by, so this gave me an idea of where the lakes were. Most of them were on golf courses and hotel areas.

There are several security cameras all around and a nice older man who will answer any questions you may have regarding the shrine. Inside the shrine, there are floors with rooms that have pictures of Will Rogers. It is believed that some of his remains are buried there. I missed the chapel, but I’ll take a picture of that next time I go up there. It’s only a few miles away from where I live anyways so coming back is just a short car ride down the highway.






One more thing I wanted to add about the music. The two songs I used were put in my video for specific reasons. The first song is called “Romantic Love” and I thought I’d add it because it’s one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard and this place, the shrine, is pretty romantic. I wasn’t on a date with anyone, but I can imagine how special it would have been if I was on one up here, hence the song. The second song is more about the mood of the place and how special it is. I take a long time choosing the right songs for each of my videos because I want to reflect in the video what I’m also feeling about where I’m at.

Hope you like the video! Just showing interesting places of my new home. Have a great day everyone!

Blogger’s Note: You can find more information here: Information of Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun

Will Roger’s Shrine of the Sun from JavaGirl on Vimeo.

My Saturday

29 Mar


Today we strolled through Old Colorado City because it was a festival of sorts and all the stores were showcasing their products on the sidewalk. I bought another cool Mayan calendar to hang on my wall, some homemade soaps (I’m really into natural/organic soaps made with goats milk and beautiful scents) and some local honey. I go through honey pretty quickly, so I was thrilled to get my honey bear! There are many days I just want to just change my blog name from JavaGirl to HoneyGirl, because it just fits me better. I also got to check out some Tibetan sculptures and artifacts as I’ve always been a fan of Tibetan art. I want my living room to have some international flair to it; a bohemian eclectic feel to it if you will. I also noticed a few hookah stores too walking down the blocks. No, I don’t smoke, I like to keep my lungs pure of smoke and because I have allergies to smoke.

With camera in hand, I’m constantly looking at my surroundings and enjoying the atmosphere, waiting to see if anything captures my attention. Something did. This. I stepped aside and snapped a few pictures of this cute window with fake flowers. As I was taking this picture, two elderly ladies stopped and said, “Oh! Well, isn’t that so pretty! We would’ve never seen that up there if you hadn’t been standing there taking that picture!” I smiled and told them I just found it pretty cute. Nothing earthshattering in explanation.


People in Colorado Springs are so friendly. I had several people come up to me just making conversation, it was nice. I’m feeling more and more comfortable adapting to my new home. Living by the mountains is so new to me. I’ve lived most of my life in a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees, ocean and constant sunshine and to move to a place where it’s mountains and forests, it’s just new, but a good “new”. I’m also still telling myself not to rush to do lots of things all at once because I live here, I’m not just visiting anymore. There is so much to do and see, it will take a long time to see all.


I’ve been to this little spot a few times, but I never get tired of it. This is just a small picnic area in Garden of the Gods. However, I had never gone beyond a certain point to see the whole “rock”. Seeing that the sun was quickly setting and I’d have little time to get the photo I wanted, I raced down the hiking trail to the area where perhaps I could get a better view. Everywhere we looked, we saw people hiking up and down the trails of the rocks and taking pictures. Garden of the Gods truly was busy with activity and tourists today! There were a few girls hanging around the smaller rocks and they were friendly and chatted to me for a bit. Even a cute toddler came up to me and said, “Hi!” as she waved her chubby hands up at me. I love children so I talked a bit to the toddler. With camera in hand and racing against time, I turned the corner and exclaimed, “Whoa! It’s so beautiful!”. There are times when you are just so captured by something that you can’t immediately snap a picture. You want to step back and allow your mind to mentally capture it first. The rock (of many there) reminded me of the one in Australia for some reason. The way the sun was setting giving out warm tones was just spectacular.

I’ve been through a heck of a lot in the past 17 months, I’ve found Colorado to be my sanctuary. Colorado has been good to me and I need it.


I love living here. It was a good day.

Artist of the Month: Isaac Hou, 胡啟志 Lord of the Ring

26 Mar


This month I present you the artist and performer, 胡啟志. I came upon his video today and had to share his amazing performance. The big ring he uses is called a Cyr Wheel which is an acrobatic device. I had to do a tiny bit of detective work to find out what his name was since it was written in a different language as well as finding his Facebook page. I admire people who can maneuver in such beautiful movements and be one with the ring. Personally, if I tried it, I’d have ten broken fingers and toes and fall flat on my back or face. Or perhaps with some practice, I could maybe conquer a little spin. I mean, I used to be a gymnast when I was in middle school, how hard could it be? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m quite happy to be standing on the sidelines and watching experts such as 胡啟志 to awe us with their talent.

I’m curious to know if he’s been to Brazil or when he plans to come to Colorado. I think the mountain backdrop would be stunning. I know anyone who loves taking pictures would say he’s a dream to photograph in regards to subject moving in fluid motions-those moments captured on film would be breathless.

Isaac Hou has a zen like way of spinning and just watching him relaxes you-truly a fascinating man. I watched his video two times in a row, I truly enjoyed it. I know you will too and that is why I chose Isaac Hou as my Artist of the Month!

Check out the video below and his Facebook page. While at his Facebook page, check out his other video. Don’t forget to enlarge the video full screen to really capture the beauty of his performance.

To find his Facebook Page, copy and paste his name: 胡啟志 Artist

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

22 Mar


Hello friends!

I felt like I stepped into an Avatar garden when I stumbled into this little spot whilst walking through the bamboo forest at the Grounds for Sculptures last year in New Jersey. I don’t think I’ve ever posted this picture before here on this blog, but it’s definitely one of my favorites. The wall is just amazing with the art and textured designs on it; it is only complimented by the sculptures out on front of it. If you’ve ever been in a bamboo forest with the wind blowing, it’s one of the most amazing and peaceful sounds you’ll ever hear.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Orange

10 Mar


Oh look at that! It’s a self portrait of myself after drinking too much carrot juice. I took this picture a few weeks ago with my Sony camera when we went to Old Colorado City and have wanted to post it on WordPress for the longest time. I’m so behind on my Weekly Photo Challenges, I feel as though I am running behind the Weekly Photo Challenge bus and waving my camera shouting, “Wait for me! I’ve got pictures to share! Let me catch up!”

One of the first stores we visited had the coolest sculptures and Mexican artwork. This was a garden wonderland of weird shaped animals with a hint of Picasso deformity in their anatomy and South Western Indian art craft. I did take several videos of it, but I have to put it together. I saw this face and admired the paintwork on it; there were others, but this was a bit spooky, but beautiful at the same time. We did end up buying a handmade circular Mayan calendar and hung it up on our wall, but during the night, it fell and smashed into four parts. Gluing it together did no justice to it, so this means another lovely trip through the Garden of the Gods (a lot of orange there) to this cool and quirky store to pick up another Mayan calendar.

Bloggers Note: If you’ve noticed I haven’t been around to your blog for the past weeks, it’s because my email notifications of hundreds of bloggers I follow were being sent to my bulk folder and not my regular inbox.  I only was getting 8 notifications a day when in reality I follow several hundred bloggers. I think it’s fixed because my inbox is back to overflowing with notifications once again. Another blogger mentioned to me that with WP always updating, perhaps it was a glitch. I seriously thought the unthinkable happed; the Blog apocalypse happened and everyone I was following simply just vanished due to no notifications of new posts. And that, my friends, would reflect a very orange face!


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