Le Petit Chef – Watch your miniature chef on your table

One might not know that the movie Ratatouille is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. I love France, I love food and the creation of such and anything miniature, but rats, not so much. Remy, does get a pass as this movie has a cute story line to it. In saying that, wouldn’t it be great to see something miniature like Remy make your dinner?

Blague à part, let me introduce to you a fun restaurant where one can watch their meal being made, sort of. This fun 3D projective grill show will make you forget you are even waiting for your meal. Based in Cambrai, France you will be treated for a feast for your eyes. Check out the two creation videos below created by SkullMapping. How cute is it when the chef gets on a jet ski and rides around your plate?

Le Petit Chef
1 Rue des Docks, 59400 Cambrai, France
+33 3 27 81 47 46

Au fait, could you bring this restaurant to Colorado Springs/Denver asap? Merci. I should check out local French restaurants. I usually don’t go to fancy restaurants, but when I do, it’s usually French. I’ve been learning to cook French foods this past year anyways, so when I heard about this restaurant, I had to blog about it and share it with my subscribers.

Vive la France! Bon appétit!

12 thoughts on “Le Petit Chef – Watch your miniature chef on your table

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    1. I would try their chicken cooked in white wine, butter, onions and lemon. I’m lookin for the recipe one of my subscribers posted. It’s amazing and the smell, omg!!!!

  2. I see you had a nice Thanksgiving, Cid =]]

    LOL, my Dad found a rat living in his car’s behind the air filter compartment the other day. There was a weird ruckus as he was driving. Threw that live rat like Tony Romo =]]

    1. Indeed, it was extremely relaxing, just the way I like it. Behind the air filter; that’s the worst place for a rat to be! Good thing it wasn’t a NYC ratzilla.

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