How many boxes do you see?

Hey everyone!

I am back and have something for all my smart subscribers! I found this on Facebook and had to present it here on my blog. Average thinkers say they see only 25 squares. I see 44 squares (I found the last 4 today). Originally, I found 40. How many do you see? I’ll give you a hint. It’s all on how you focus on the squares. It can be tricky on the eyes, but that’s the fun part. I’ll give you another clue which helped me. Focus on all 4 corners and make equal squares from each corner to get extra squares until they get bigger. Another clue (yes, I’m giving out secrets, but who cares!) is to make perfect squares from the center as an equal “cross”. Believe me, you’ll see lots of squares pop up.

Other than that, things are fine. We were going to Toronto, but we’ll do that another time. My mother hasn’t been feeling well lately so it was not a good time for a long drive up there, unfortunately. I was really looking forward to going to another country. So, my vacation plans are up in the air as to what I’ll be doing. I know half of it will be spent down at our old beach house by the ocean. The other half will be filled with fun activities too. I’m thinking caves…….the kind where you sit on a boat and go through caves. But that is weeks from now. How have you been?

I have two awards to give out to certain bloggers. I just have to go their links and profiles to copy down their names. I’ll be posting them via a video. I’m behind in giving them out as some bloggers were nice enough to nominate me a few months ago and it has taken me this long to finally do this. So, I will have time hopefully to do that very soon.

17 thoughts on “How many boxes do you see?

  1. Sorry to hear that your mother currently isn’t doing well. Blessings to her … and to you, be strong!

    Love the puzzle! Being aware how many don’t look beyond the obvious, I got them. BTW – Toronto is a wonderful city!


    1. Thank you. She is feeling much better now. Now, she said she wants to go to Canada, but I had just yesterday put in a different week. I can always change it. The person in Canada who we were going to visit for one day told us she “doesn’t like going to Toronto” and that is there is nothing there. I know there is awesome things to do there, so you can’t really go by someone else’s opinion. Plans are still up in the air. I’m trying to convince my mom for us to go to Martha’s Vineyard or Prince Edward Island. We shall see! Good to see you here!!! How have you been my dear friend??


    1. She’s feeling better now. She’s been feeling tired lately and moves around slower these days. She wants to travel, just not that far, I suppose. Contact me via I have this interview I have to do for a documentary I want to talk to you about. It’s in the works and will be shown in LA December of this year.


      1. Robert

        what is the answer??? I am pulling my hair out here. i count 54 but then you say 40 plus 4 more doesn’t 54 now does it? i have to know please? thanx from Nor california


  2. Anna

    Going mad! I only see 36. I dont see any link to a video or anything, but heres what i got:
    16base squares, 1external (entire box), 2small boxes in middle, with 8 squares in those. Then theres 4 big 2×2, and 2 big 2×2 down middle, another 2big 2×2 side by side in middle, and the final one i see is another 2×2 smack dab in the middle.
    My original guess was 19 because the 2 smaller squares create a knocked out corner in every other square scenerio, but im guessing that is wrong. Looking at it differently, where are the final 4. Ahhh!


    1. I like your enthusiasm in solving this puzzle! Yes, you’ve got the 36 correctly.
      1 box is the ENTIRE box as a whole.
      All the smaller boxes within the big box so… 1+16 (small boxes)=17 boxes.
      Two smaller boxes in the middle so…17+2 (boxes)= 19 boxes
      Inside the two middle boxes are 8 smaller boxes so… 19+8 boxes=27 boxes.
      then “4” 2×2 boxes within the entire box so…27+4 boxes=31 boxes
      2 big boxes made out of 2×2 boxes ON TOP of each other of the entire box. 31+2=33
      2 big boxes made out of 2×2 boxes SIDE to SIDE of the entire box.
      33+2=35 boxes.
      The middle box made out of 2×2 boxes in the middle of the entire box so… 35+1 (middle box)=36 boxes.

      Ok. So, here is the tricky part. Remember you were counting all 2×2 boxes to count as boxes.
      Go to EACH CORNER of the big box (as a whole). Count 3×3 boxes from each corner. You’ll see a 3×3 box showing from all four corners. So that gives you “4” perfect boxes to count for.
      So… 36 boxes + 4 (boxes made out of 3×3 boxes from the four corners) so… 36+4=40 boxes.

      Hope that helped! 🙂


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