Amanda answers your “search terms”


Ah, yes. Those “search terms” that every blogger is so familiar with. You know, those “search terms” that people type into their search engines which then leads them to your blog? Over the course of years that I’ve been a blogger here, I’ve seen so many and some have left me blushing, curious but mostly confused. I’m here to answer some of the most common “search engine” questions or statements I constantly see almost everyday on my blog search engine stats. Just so you know, I don’t see or can see where these search engines are coming from, so go ahead and amuse me and type in a weird search engine question and see if it brings you to my blog. I do realize my tags do bring people to my blog, but you’ll see what I mean by what I see almost everyday.

1. “thank you for being part of my 2012
-Amanda: You’re welcome. This exact wording has come up 56 times since 2012. 2012 must’ve been a great year for it to keep coming up even this year.

2. “how many boxes do you see answer
-Amanda: This one is pretty popular because I had posted a blog about a box and how many miniature boxes you can see inside of it. I tend to like riddles and quizzes, but I also find it fun to quiz my readers too. My readers are very smart, I must keep them on their toes!

3. “you’re sick jesse sick sick sick
-Amanda: I laugh every time I see this. Gotta love Far Side! I posted a blog about Far Side. Good thing my name isn’t Jesse!

4. “gilbert blythe anne of green gables
-Amanda: Gilbert Blythe and Anne of Green Gables will always be popular worldwide by those who appreciate that great piece of literary work.

5. “Jonathan Crombie
-Amanda: This man and the two main characters from the search term above have brought people here due to a post I wrote about a fictional character I would bring to life which was Gilbert Blythe. The post is now bittersweet to me whenever I see it come up because I had to update earlier this year due to Jonathan Crombie passing away.

6. “نقاشی
-Amanda: What?! I’ve gotten this a lot on my stats. What does it say? I guess I could translate it, but frankly I’m too lazy to do that right now.

7. “dating a radio personality
-Amanda: In my early 20’s I did date a radio personality. I suppose I wrote a post about it or mentioned it briefly, but apparently it brings people to my posts. I guess there are people out there who are wanting or just curious to date a radio personality or want to know what it’s like to date a radio personality? All I can say is that if you are wanting to date a radio personality, date the person for who he/she is and not for his job. Yes, they get amazing perks which comes with the job, but it’s only fair you date him/her for their personality, not their job. The radio dude I dated was never my boyfriend, we just dated casually for a year. Oh and be prepared for clingy, stalker, stalkers, obsessed and very excited fans of your radio man. Hope you’re not the jealous or insecure/needy/immature/possessive type because he will no doubt be popular with the women when he does his “appearances” at events.

8. “Unknown search terms
-Amanda: There have been 48,414 terms that are not named on my stats. I call them “ghost search terms”.

9. “happy new year thanks for being part of my life
-Amanda: You’re welcome? 🙂

10. “thank you for being part of my 2013, thanks for being part of my 2014
-Amanda: I usually see a spike in these around December and January.

11. “i have seen such beauty as one man has seldom seen; therefore will i be grateful to die in this little room
-Amanda: Love this search term. However, it has to do with a post I wrote about Edward James, a very cool guy who built sculptures in Mexico. If I’m not correct, I believe it’s from a poem he wrote.

12. “enough of snow i’m done
-Amanda: What was this person looking for when they typed this in? A meme perhaps?


13. “is it possible to go to will rogers shrine of the sun without paying?
-Amanda: No. You have to pay.

14. “i love walking in the rain with u
-Amanda: Once again, I wonder if they are looking for a poem to express how they are feeling. I might have mentioned I like walking in the rain for my “Midnight in Paris” movie review.

15. “lay’s potato chips commercial “but, you’re a potato
-Amanda: Suddenly I want potato chips now. I don’t remember writing about potatoes, but hey. Amusing nevertheless!


16. “what happened to rhema marvanne?”
-Amanda: Who?

17. “man you are one sick rabbit cartoon
-Amanda: I’m not making this up. This turned up on my search terms stats. Rabbits? Cartoon? Are ya saying I look like Jessica Rabbit? I do have long black gloves and a red dress. Probably a meme or quote.

18. “what does the tea scene in karate kid 2 mean
-Amanda: I see this search term almost everyday, but I must answer. The tea scene is very important in the Japanese culture when a guest comes over. The tea ceremony is a lovely demonstration of preparation and serving the green tea to the guest. This ceremony can take up to 3-5 hours and by the time you are drinking the tea, you have seen the intricate and delicate hand maneuvers the host had to do just to prepare it for you. It takes years to master this art. I think it’s a beautiful ritual and one that had made me write a short post about it. I love the Japanese culture as I have been brought up eating Japanese food (other than Brazilian foods) and knowing several Japanese people growing up and appreciating their culture. I think in the movie, Kumiko invited Daniel-san over for tea to show him how much she liked him and I think that’s a mighty sweet gesture to do for someone. Who knew tea could be so romantic?

19. “this could be you but you too busy twerking
-Amanda: Lol…ah you guys. Smh.


20. “my man loves my cooking
-Amanda: I’m sure he does!

Would you like that extra spicy?”

21. “whats the tea they drink in karate kid part 2
-Amanda: It’s a green tea called “Matcha”.

22. “thanks for walking out of my life
-Amanda: Awkward. I doubt this has to do with me.

And that’s it! There are many more, but I have to stop here. I need sleep. Until next time my darlings.


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