Tell me about your storybook town….

Dear subscribers,

I was browsing online and came across some breathtaking villages that have stirred up my imagination. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to see a photograph of a place and wonder what many stories have made up that little village? It’s like time froze and these places were not affected by the fast paced society. I’d love think that perhaps in some parts of this big world, there still remains an innocence of how one sees life and the pace of life is only affected by one’s eagerness to get home for a home cooked dinner.



Look at that waterfall! How far is the next town? Do they have a little hospital? Anyone famous come from that island? Has any movie been filmed there? If you are from there, let me know. If not, have you taken a trip to that village? I think someone has looked at my blog from the Faroe Islands. I’ll have to check.



Oi gente! Mais que cidade linda! I’ve been to many beach towns, but this one is very different. Most beach towns have a road between the houses and the beach. This one does not, which makes it extra quaint and special. You don’t see many small beach towns like this, but trust me, they are a gem once you find them. Nice little place for a weekend getaway.



I’m afraid to even pronounce this village’s name. Does anyone know? What a charming little place. I like the way the houses are spaced out and it seems fairly easy to find anyone’s house. Look at the view every single house has of the mountains! If you live here or have visited, what is it like during the summers? Do you get many tourists here?



This place is also known as “The Underground City”. I have a feeling I would get lost in this place. I like this picture because it reminds me of that book called “Where’s Waldo”. If I ever went there, I’d wear a striped red and white scarf and situate myself somewhere and have my subscribers try to find me in a photograph. Where would you hide in this picture? Anyways, what a fascinating place. So many details, yet it all blends in together. I also get the sense that those rocks hide many secrets. Indiana Jones would totally love this place.



Austria is one of my favorite countries in the world. I’ve known of Hallstatt for many years, but I wanted to include it here because it’s just a rad place. I look at this picture and a huge feeling of silence envelopes me. Can you feel it too? Out of all the villages, this one seems like it is the most quiet of them all. But we all know my favorite composer was from this country, Mozart, and his music would fill the air and live on forever. Look at those balconies. Imagine waking up every morning with a cup of tea, still in your robe to be greeted by the morning sun! Bliss.

Heading to bed now. Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’ve been to any of these place or if you live here in one of these villages. Goodnight! xoxo

28 thoughts on “Tell me about your storybook town….

    1. It is very beautiful! Btw. I haven’t forgotten about you my dear friend. I get notices on my email when you upload a video on YouTube, so I shall run over there and thumbs up your vids as soon as I can. 😀


  1. GASADALUR VILLAGE, FAROE ISLANDS–stormy days are a welcome sight there! I would love waking up to cloudy days. It’d be like ‘sunshine’ every day.

    ITTOQQORTOORMIIT, GREENLAND–reminds me of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Beautiful sceneries in that film.


    1. Phillip!!!!!!! I’ve missed you! 😛 Where have you been? Yeah, that cute little village has a cool black cloud hovering in the background. I normally don’t like cloudy days, but it seems to make sense there on Faroe Islands. TSLOWM was one of my favorite movies of 2013 (besides Thor 2). That view thought, outstanding…and it screams simplicity. Would love to check out that village. Just not if there was ever an avalanche. Yikes. 😛


    1. Haha, I’m afraid I won’t be able to avoid it at all. So, if I disappear, you can take over my blog for me. Just talk about travel places, your life and add your own photography and you should be good. As a kid, I was obsessed about the Bermuda Triangle. When everyone else were reading books about Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys, I was quietly learning about the Bermuda Triangle and it’s mysteries. Fast forward many years later and I’m going into a childhood dream/nightmare. Lol. I’ll be on the cruise when TWD season teaser/premiere comes out! I’ll have to run to the ship library and get wifi and check it out! I don’t care if I’m in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, I WILL watch that premiere/teaser of TWD. I’m so excited!! Those guys have been in that train car for too long! Thoughts?


      1. How long is the grand trip again? How do you think the premiere will start? Is it gonna be straight to where we left off, like a to be continued, or will it begin something like ‘3 months later…’? Don’t forget your comic.


        1. The grand trip is 9 days, but my vacation is actually 12 days total. I have no clue how it will start. I’m guessing some clips of what is to come of the rest of the crew and the rest coming up the road (Glen). I think maybe directly from where it left off. Believe me, I’ll be reading that heavy 4 pound book while waiting to embark. Are you on Instagram? I think I’ll be uploading a lot on there. I haven’t decided yet. I’m slowly warming up to it. I hated Instagram initially, but now since I follow certain people, it’s quite lovely and fun! :p I’d like to add some vacation pics on there to share, while I work on the other pictures I’ll be taking with my amazing Sony waterproof camera.


            1. I already have Instagram. 😛 I’m waiting for YOU to create an account. Even if you don’t upload, at least you can see instantly when I upload something. I’m still figuring out all the privacy issues. I know you can post private pictures too, just for friends. Let me know…. You know my email. 😛 Cereal?


            2. It might take a bit more time to view TWD preview! 😦 We are so excited, but the internet costs a bazillion dollars for just one hour on the boat. But we are having a blast on here!


              1. About that cereal thing…Instagram ‘get your gram of protein in an instant…Instagram!’ lol. I’m not aware of TWD preview. Read a glimpse of what to expect headline on Yahoo, but that’s it. Unless if you know something I don’t?

                Good you’re having a blast there!


                1. Back in the USA now. It took us 3 hours to get back home due to an accident. Usually we are only 1 hour 48 minutes from port. Oh well. :/ I seriously wanted to turn around and get back on the ship again. They were going on a five day cruise to Bermuda. Haha. Instagram!


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