I finally belong to you.



I absolutely love this quote. I know I’m going to fall in love with Bermuda. I’ve been wanting to go this country for a majority of my life and it’s finally coming true. The color of the water on the beaches especially is what has been tantalizing me for years, being more vivid in my imagination and dreams. To me, Bermuda was always a touch of paradise of heaven as a child and I knew I would go there someday. Do you know what it’s like to dream something beautiful, a place, and then to actually stand there in person? It’s like dreaming of someone from your imagination or real life and then to see them a few feet away for the first time. Pretty unreal. Not that I would know. I would hope it was the same feeling. I always pictured my soul mate standing before me with tousled wind blown hair, barefoot with pants slightly rolled up and the most charming smile ever- meant just for me presenting me with an aquamarine stone surrounded by diamonds. He would then ask me that very important question. Sorry, I got carried away. I want to dig my feet in the sands of Bermuda and immerse myself completely in the waters, allowing the sun to caress my face with her warmth. I am, afterall, a beach girl and always will be. The ocean calls……

Pictures and posts coming soon of Bermuda. I will be visiting 3 other countries as well.

I’ll be reporting back from Bermuda, so stay tuned!

Lots of love to all of you!

JavaGirl aka Beach Girl

P.S. Here is one of my favorite blog posts which goes well with this post.


23 thoughts on “I finally belong to you.

      1. Thank you so much! I most certainly will. I’ll be sharing it with all my lovely subscribers! Everyone is coming along too (vicariously). 😀

    1. Not only do you choose amazing songs, you also bring in great quotes too! Thanks! I heard this one before and it’s pretty cool. Btw. What was the name of that song you told me about? The one about the girl traveling the world and the song is like the country is singing to her? It’s such a gorgeous song. Thinking of using that as one of my songs for my trip video. I could look at my twitter, but I’m too lazy right now. LOL. 😛

      1. Yes!!!!!That’s the one. 😉 You had sent that song to me a while ago and I loved it so much I posted it on Twitter. I’m def using this song for background music for my vacation video. Thanks Phillip!!

      2. I’ve heard a few songs from Muse, but never heard this one before. Pretty cool song. My post’s title bopped your head? Are you ok? Do you need a nurse for that head? Hehe. Just teasin’ ya. Thanks for the video!

      1. I’m NOT in the Bermuda TRIANGLE anymore Ben!! Lol! But I did have two strange dreams when we passed through them. It was very strange….

  1. I’m sorry I am so far behind. I’ve had a difficult month and have been quite ill. So now I am catching up and it looks like you are off on your adventure. You know I would wish you only the best as you make your dreams come true.

    1. It’s ok. I hope you feel better Michelle! Remind me to tell you more about my trip. Things I can’t discuss on my public blog regarding my travels. It was eye opening and made me realize my heart can still skip a beat. Hehe. 😉

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