Beyond the leaves


Another inverted photograph. Looks like a small waterfall inside a deep cave just beyond those leaves. In our imagination, it could another world. But in reality, it’s just a concrete wall. Sometimes the most simple things we see in everyday life are actually magical, if we just stop and appreciate it once in a while.

Going to bed now. It’s 12:32 AM. I’ll be dreaming of my upcoming vacation in a few weeks to 4 different lands. Exotic waters, plants, culture, music, people…I can’t wait.

13 thoughts on “Beyond the leaves

    1. Me too! I love seeing new countries and taking it all in. I miss traveling and I’m thrilled I’ll be giving a taste of the travel bug to Adventure Boy. I think traveling outside of the States will be good for AB in that it will open his eyes in culture and way of life.

      1. No, not Montreal. I’m sure it’s a beautiful city. 🙂 We will be exploring Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Saint Maarten (the one with the crazy airplanes landing by the beach) and Haiti. My mind is already on vacation mode. I’m not interested in going to the beach in Puerto Rico. Seeing the city and culture will be more interesting. Bermuda, haven’t decided what to do yet (beach?), Saint Maarten (haven’t decided) and Haiti I definitely can’t wait to see. I just miss the crystal blue waters and the sunlight on my face. Once you go to the Caribbean, you always want to return. That’s how much power those waters have. LOL.

      2. I haven’t been to the Carribean, but just found out that for my parents 50th anniversary they are taking all of their kids and families to a Carribean Disney Cruise. I can’t wait to be lazy and not explore!

      3. I think your bitter heart will soften once you see the Caribbean waters. Allow the sun to bring forth rays and rays of warm love into your soul…hehe. Like that? I’m feeling zen today. Sounds fun, your cruise. But I do warn you that there are loads and loads of kids on that Disney cruise. My cousin and his wife went on it (sans kids) and enjoyed it, but said there were “too many kids on it”. Lol. Nevertheless, the ship is beautiful and gorgeous. Enjoy the buffet on it!

  1. I’m glad you are getting out and going somewhere. Actually, I thought maybe you would return to Brazil with AB for a vacation. Please take plenty of pictures. That is the only way I will be going to the beach this summer.

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