Cilantro, I love you!

Hey. The above is what I had for dinner tonight. My mom came over so I made a little special dinner. I made pork chops, mashed potatoes and some vegetables. I’m crazy about these frozen vegetables that I can heat up and add some olive oil to it. My mom is an expert in making a cilanto sauce which we put on top of the porkchops. Mmm! You have to understand that Cilantro and I have a special bond. It’s true. Don’t laugh! In Brazil, the Brazilians use cilantro in the most common Brazilian food. I grew up with it in my food, so the mere smell and taste of it takes me back to my hometown and all the good memories that go with it. Without the Cilantro in it, it would’ve been just another good dinner, but with the Cilantro sauce, it made the dinner absolutely heavenly.

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