That’s your house?!

Always looking to saturate my curiousity of this world we live in, why not take a look at some unusual homes from around the world? Let’s begin with this one.

Cactus House (or apartments). This cool building is located in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Everyone’s patio gets plenty of sunlight so they can grow their flowers or gardens. I’d live here! Why not?

This is called Habitat 67 in Montreal, Canada. I think it’s pretty interesting as well, but that is just me. It would be fun to try to explain which floor I lived in!

This treehouse is located in Irian Jaya, Indonesia. I’m sure the sunsets are nice to watch. I’d just be a bit worried when a storm came. Maybe a jetpack would be fun to use to get up to the top.

Hm. Somebody loves their stuffed animals a little too much!

Ha! I knew Spongebobsquarepants had a house on land besides “under the sea”!

Of course you can come to dinner! Just make sure you give yourself oh…about 1-2 hours from our front gate to get to our doorbell!

This Crooked House is located in Poland. It really does look like that!

These cute storybook houses are located in Olalla, Washington. A perfect place for anyone who wants to live in a fairytale setting.

Not to be outdone by any other house in the world, this $6 million dollar home in South Korea belongs to a man who owns a toilet business.

This house is located in Switzerland.

This mirror house is located in Amsterdam. Technically, it’s a studio. If there ever was a house made out mirrors and I lived in it, it would take me forever to see it. I’d drive by 12 times each day trying to locate my house. Just kidding. My unmirrored mailbox by the road would let me know where I lived.

I know what you’re thinking- Hobbits! Yes, me too! I love it! This cute and eco friendly hobbit looking home is located in Wales, England.

4 thoughts on “That’s your house?!

  1. beautiful houses, I thought that house was on the tree in the Amazon, Well I’m kind of suspicious to comment here on your blog, and I can not go without comment!
    The last house is cute, reminds me of the movie ogre!

  2. I know, right?! It looks abandoned, but at one point, someone lived up there! I’m scared of heights, so that would be a nightmare for me living up there. Yes, the hobbit home is my favorite AND it’s eco friendly! I like it when you comment, it’s nice! I love interaction! Sabe! Abracos!

  3. kim

    These unusual and weird homes are absolutely amazing and charming! Actually, those cute storybook houses from Olalla, Washington are my favorites! I would want to live in a fairytale setting. Another interesting and fantastic home is The Witch’s House from Beverly Hills, California! It really looks like the house of Hansel and Gretel! Its owner, Michael J. Libow wants to preserve it for the historical society. You can’t miss this awesome home!

    1. Hi! I also like the storybook houses too! You would definately feel in a fairytale mood everyday! I checked out the “Witch’s House” that you mentioned and it does look like where a real witch would live! Too bad it’s not close to the storybook houses! I guess it’s spooky during Halloween! 😀

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