World’s quietest room. You can hear yourself blink.


Credit: Orfield Laboratories

Several things went through my mind when I read this. First of all, if I can hear myself blink in this room, that alone is enough to drive me a bit bananas. What does the sound of blinking sound like? Like an eagle’s flap of wings? What would my blood sound like as it flowed through my veins? A river? The sound of a hungry belly would be funny at first, but perhaps it would then suddenly turn into a horror show of creepy whale and lion sounds.

They say not many people can stay longer than 45 minutes in this room and slowly I am understanding why (blink, blink). This opens up a maze and endless hallways of questions and input of how we as humans are adaptable to sound. Imagine people who already live in a very quiet environment and thrown into the loud sounds of NYC. They would not be able to deal with it. The overstimulation of sounds of honking horns, noise, banging would drive them crazy. Then take a person who has lived in a very noisy environment such as NYC and put them in the bowels of the South Pole where one can hear your heartbeat as loud as a shout.

Does the sound of our environment have connection of how we behave or tolerate noise? I know it emphasizes our senses to someone who lives in an extremely quiet environment compared to another person who lives in a noisy environment. Our brain adjusts itself to bring out the survival senses to live in that environment. How quickly can our brain adjust to levels of noise or lack thereof? Do we need sound to survive? Can one slowly wean themselves to adapt to complete lack of sound? What if they put a deaf person in that room? What would they experience?

I know I’d whistle to just make noise, but I’m sure I’d be quickly banging on the door pleading for someone to let me out.

Would you take the challenge? How long would you last? How would you distract yourself?

What if they turned off the lights in that room?

68 thoughts on “World’s quietest room. You can hear yourself blink.

    1. In that room, silence makes your body the noise coming from within instead of the regular noise coming from the outside. In that case, your whole body is “the sound”. Crazy stuff!!!! :O


      1. Almost creepy. Makes you wonder what it takes to create a minus 9 silence. Sounds like it is almost a “sound vacuum” for lack of a better term.


  1. Never. I would never take that challenge. I have extra ordinary hearing. The slightest noise and I hear it. I am always wishing I couldn’t hear so much…if only I could turn it off when I sleep. I would not want to hear what I would hear in that room.


      1. NEVER!!!! (Shakes fist in the air). Tom seems like a happy and positive person. πŸ™‚ Thou shalt never make him bitter. You can try, but it won’t work. (Shakes finger at you)


      2. Any man that is loved by me is protected. πŸ˜‰ Imagine if Tom read these comments. He’d probably think I’m nuts. Haha. I’m not nuts. If he followed my blog, I’d hope he’d follow under a different name and email or else I wouldn’t know what to do with myself! Anyways!! Big day Saturday Ben! Moving a bunch of things from my mom’s house to a local storage and then the walk through by the buyers is next Monday. Looking forward to closing this chapter in my life since her passing. I’m mentally exhausted. 😦 I need a break. But I have a cruise to go to in a few months! Wooo!


      3. Well, I hope the transition of getting stuff from your mom’s house goes smoothly. It may help you grieve by looking at her stuff and reliving some memories. Who knows? You are mentally tough I know. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be able to date a supervillain. I wish I was going on a cruise soon. Oh well, I guess that I am going to do a bitter Other People Vacation post.


      4. Yeah, I talk about it in my latest journal. I have been looking at her stuff, but I have to do it quickly because everything is on a time limit. I think now I can when I poke around my storage and go through more things. I don’t think she’d want me to be sad all the time, which I’m not. She’d want my son and I to do fun things now that Spring is here as she was always planning adventures with us. I am mentally tough, but at the same time I am super sensitive too. :/ Haha. I’m not “dating” a super villain. You are confusing my fictional love life with Tom. I’m talking about Tom the actor, not Loki the character. So, are you saying I am now “dating” Tom the actor? LOL. I like it! Please continue. I want to see what happens! I want to read about your Bitter vacation spots. Do you have a Bitter Travel Agency where you tell your clients to go to the bitterest places on the planet? πŸ˜›


      5. Eventually, I will have a Bitter Empire where I will do all those things you asked about from the Bitter Agency to the Bitter Cruises, to the Bitter Demusement Parks, to restaurants to Bitter Malls. When I get them all set up, I’m sure you won’t be a customer at all considering you like sparkles and glitter.

        I know you love the actor and not his roles, but don’t you think he has a little villain in him anyways? I think he has a dark side you will find out about when you start “dating” him.


      6. A “Bitter Empire”. What are you trying to become? A dictator? A King? A Demusement Park? Oh yes, I will def be a customer, just to ANNOY you with my entourage of glitter posse.

        I don’t understand how those Brits do it. They nail those Southern accents so well. Look at Andrew Lincoln (from The Walking Dead). I could have sworn he was American, but when he opens his mouth, he’s all proper sounding. Hehe. I love Southern and British accents. I just melt.

        A villain side? Perhaps. I’m also hoping an adventurous side too. Nothing bores me more than a guy who is too scared to try anything different. I’d love to see him in an Indian Jones type of role. He’s usually all dressed up, but to see him in kaki cargo pants and Indie hat running around the world or better the Amazon, would be great! They don’t do much of movies in the jungles like they used to. This comment is long. :O


      7. Yeah I noticed this comment was long. Suffice it to say that I’m sure that whatever movie Tom chooses to do next you will be on board for.
        I am just trying to become CEO of bitterness and try to make some money doing what I do best. Instead of work.


      8. Yeah, yeah I know exactly who you were talking about. You forgot Jeremy Renner too. I can’t compete with the beautiful girlfriend of Ryan. Ryan is talented, indeed. Love to watch him act.


      9. Unless Tom sells his soul, I’ll always support whatever he does. However, once he starts flashing those triangle hand signs and having pictures with one eye and talking about an alter ego, then it’s time to let him go because I don’t play like that. People selling their souls in show business is extremely obvious-they end up in rehab (cough, cough Lindsay Lohan) and get into trouble (cough, cough Justin Bieber).


      10. You’re the most boring, insensitive, unhappiest and most unfriendly person I have EVER met! I can’t stand you Ben!! Get the eff away from me! There. Is that bitter enough for you? Hehe. You know I can never be mean. I’ve got way too much glitter around me for such emotions. πŸ˜›


    1. Imagine the sounds coming from your own body! Wonder how animals would take to that room since they tend to have better hearing and are able to hear higher frequencies than humans.


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