Day 28. March Blog Challenge

What is your favorite quality in a person?

Hello my loves!

The month is coming to a close in a few days. I can’t believe April is already around the corner! March has been kind to me for the most part. Some days when I feel disappointed in how slow everything is progressing towards surgery, I remind myself to stay positive. Today I went to my doctor to get a referral to see a Neurosurgeon. Looks like I might need a little nerve decompression surgery to fix a pinched nerve in my lower back. This has to be taken care of before my knee surgery. So that means 1-3 weeks of recovery from that before the knee replacement. So, now I wait to hear from the Neurosurgeon in a few days to go meet him. But even before that, I need another MRI. This will be my 3rd time since last August. I actually like getting an MRI. It’s relaxing despite the loud clicking sounds. Thank God for headphones & listening to 80’s music.

One of the qualities I love about a person, but takes time to discover is consistency. Why is consistency such a hard quality to find in anyone? I’m not just talking in relationships, but in coworkers, family, potential friends etc. Consistancy is like the holy grail.

I’m the type of person who needs consistency. Consistency means a feeling of knowing I can depend on someone to be there for me, trust in their judgment & advice as well as companionship. I don’t care if you travel the world every week, but as long as I know you’re there for me via phone, skype that’s all that matters. In a chaotic world, it is nice to know someone will be there for you. I’ve had people say to me that they will be there for me, but they only end up ghosting me for whatever reason. That just shows me their true character. But I’ve also had friends who have remained consistent throughout my life & that truly is something to celebrate about. I do regularly tell those friends thank you. I never take their friendship for granted.

xoxo 🍕

2 thoughts on “Day 28. March Blog Challenge

  1. Sorry you have to go through all that. Surgeries are a bummer. I hope it heals you to NO pain! I don’t really have a constant friend. I’m mostly enjoying my kids right now. Hubby does a good job being my best friend but I do miss that female friend once in awhile. 🙂

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    1. Awww, thank you! I’m replying to comments I didn’t see. I went and looked at my “unseen comments” tab and was horrified I hadn’t replied to some people! I apologize!!! 😭 I know what you mean. I haven’t had a female bestfriend in many, many years. The females here already have established friendships and it’s hard to find anyone who truly displays a genuine heart to want to get to know you. They are all comfortable with who they are already friends with, so I’m by myself a lot of the times. Which is fine. I’m a loner by nature, but it would be great to go out and do girly things. My close friends live far away. I truly believe the one you marry is your bestfriend. I’m still single, so who knows if my time will ever come. Miracles can happen! 😉

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