Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

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This past Sunday we went up to Woodland Park, a cozy mountain town 30-45 minutes from Colorado Springs. As we drove down one of the roads away from civilization, we came upon a long and windy road that snaked up and down fields and trees. The Aspen trees are already showing off their colors, which got me even more excited for Autumn to come. In Colorado Springs, the trees are just taking their time turning colors, but soon and one day, I’ll be blown away by the massive yellows and oranges that will suddenly appear overnight. Anyways, I whipped out my camera and took some shots. In 10 ten days, it will be exactly a year since we arrived to visit Colorado. Now I live here. Welcome to Autumn in my Camelot…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy


This was taken on our way to Aspen, Colorado. It was one of the most amazing and beautiful rides I have ever been on. Every turn on the highway was decorated by rows and rows of incredible hues of yellow and oranges. It was like being in a dream. Beyond the trees were snow capped mountains and valleys below.

I took a video of our drive and hope you enjoy it! Watch video in 480p.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object


I like this simple picture. This is a glimpse of my table in my dining room. Just a simple glass of iced water. It’s a subdued picture and intimate…..which is what I was going for. More like it’s just you and me type of setting. Sitting at my table. With just water to drink. Ha. I think I had roast beef in the oven. So there you go. My awesome glass of iced water. The object of this challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings




My first Photo Challenge of this year! Beginnings is the theme and I thought I’d let you all see some plants that are budding. These new buds are being born in a new home and I am loving every minute of it. These little buds did not exist about 4 weeks ago when they were at my mom’s house,  so I wait with anticipation of what they will turn into. It’s fun to watch them grow as I tenderly take care of them and make sure they are always watered and getting plenty of sunlight. As I sit and admire them, I hope I am able to blossom a little this year too. Plants are a metaphor for me as everything in life is. For my new subscribers, you’ll notice I use a lot of metaphors in my blogs. I was playing around with different editing styles to capture a soft, gentle mood for my little buds as new beginnings always start off that way. The cycle of life.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie


We were driving back from a wonderful and perfect day when I looked across to my right and saw this building. It was in an odd location, but it captured my imagination and I had to pay a quick visit. I stepped out of the car and took about 10 shots. During the few minutes, I swore I heard some noises coming from inside the building and perhaps a voice. Those things didn’t bother me at all. This picture reminds me of one of my favorite shows, The Walking Dead. I can only imagine Rick and his crew running around this place or scouting it out since (according to their latest episode) the zombies are becoming herds and being a nuisance. This would be a good temporary hiding spot for them.