Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers


This picture was taken a few years ago when we went to the Animal Kingdom down in Florida. Where we sat, there was this Tibetan garden setting near us. I thought it looked so authentic and pretty. The window and bricks were high up near the trees, so it towered over us. What I love about this picture is that the top left leaves are the closest to the eyes. The main focus here is the window on the top left hand corner. The window has several things surrounding it that incorporates layers before it leads into the room inside. It’s not your typical “layer” look, but I found the different dimensional aspects for the eyes as one looks all over it, serves a good example of layers in a photograph. I fell in love with the carvings in the wood on the right hand side of the photo. So intricate and lovely. This is as close as I come to making one of my photos look like a National Geographic photograph. Tibet seems like a very interesting place to travel to.


We went to Baltimore one Sunday and next to the harbor is one of those “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” museums. Outside one of the doors, you see this metal rhino. I love looking at the many layers it took to create this animal. Imagine this thing coming to life? It has a story of its own, I’m guessing.

**I can’t make these pictures any bigger, so feel free to click on the photos to get a better view of them in a bigger format. Thanks.**

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


The picture above was taken during a Light House tour along the shores of New Jersey. If you’ve been a long time subscriber, you’ll probably remember the blog I wrote about where during this boat trip, we got caught between three terrible storms. Looking left of the horizon, you can see a storm brewing. There was lightening everywhere and the boat was rocking side to side whilst battling the huge waves. It certainly was an adventure; even the captain of the small boat said he never seen anything quite like that during any of his outings. I was positive we were going to become a real life “Gilligan’s Island” crew after that day. It was nice to sleep in my warm bed that same night because I was soaked from head to toe for several hours.


This was taken at a park by my house. You get pretty nice sunsets there.


This little tree just happened to capture my attention.


Oh, look! It’s a random photo that has nothing to do with Horizon! I wanted to include this picture anyways in spirit of the “Gravity” movie review I did earlier. This was taken at the Kennedy Space Center down in Florida. You can see this astronaut when you enter the facility.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You


I took this picture of the waters down at the Bahamas. We were at the Blue Lagoon island where we were going to interact with a dolphin. To this day, I am amazed by the blue waters of the Bahamas. Blue is my favorite color, but aquamarine is my favorite to be specific. Nevertheless, shades of blue always captures my attention and imagination.

Water has always been part of my life. When I was younger and I’d be swimming in our pool in Brazil surrounded by palm trees, my mom would say I spent a majority of my time underneath the water. My real name sounds similar to what a mermaid is called in Portuguese. When I’d say my name to Brazilians, they’d say, “Oh, like the word ‘mermaid’!!” My middle name should have been Ariel. Why do you think I became a lifeguard many, many years ago for the summers? To save people and be near water.

Dear Bahamas,

I will return back to you. I miss you too much!

Love always,

JavaGirl xoxoxo

Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated


I’m a huge Thomas Kinkade fan and I wanted to take a photo that was somewhat of an “ode” to him. His paintings have inspired me by how the light in all his paintings saturated the colors of the entire picture. I even wrote a blog about how I wanted to live in many of his paintings because they seem safe, full of peace and serenity. You can read it here, I want to live in your paintings blog. I discovered I could do that with my photos too. The great part is, that even though this photo is not a painting, my mom does live in this area (to the far, far right of the picture but not seen) and it is indeed a….safe, peaceful and serene place.

You can also see that this is the same spot I took a picture of for another Photo Challenge called “The Golden Hour” in the link below. I have waited patiently for several months for those same trees to change color because I loved how the sun reflected off of them along with the shadows on the ground. I thought, “This will be fun to come back to in the Fall.” I was right. Took the Saturated Photo Challenge yesterday around 4:30 pm.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour


These are a close up of the leaves from the picture above. The branch to the bottom left near the bush is what I captured up close. Isn’t Fall amazing? I love it. Hope you do too.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual POV


I took this photo a while back. This lamp is beside my mom’s bed where I slept last night. I miss her. This photo reflects her because of the colors and the subdued mood of it. It’s an usual POV for me because it’s not everyday I take close up pictures of her lampshade.


This picture was taken earlier this year in January at the lobby of the DuPont Hotel in Delaware. It’s an unusual POV for me because seeing those lamps were unusual (at least to me). I love the soft reflection of the light of the left lamp on the wooden table. The mood of the picture strikes me where maybe Frank Sinatra should be singing in the background, perhaps the song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. I listened to the Frank Sinatra, looked at this picture and guess what? The picture came alive!

Blogger’s Note: Music is such a vital part of my daily life that even music inspires what kind of pictures I take.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


This photo was taken when we went to the beautiful Bahamas two years ago. On our way back to the cruise ship, we passed this mermaid hanging out on a stone. The waters in Bahamas are so blue and aqua in color, it still astounds me at how blue the waters were there. The sea to me represents so much in metaphoric ways and only adds to my imagination.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece


This was an anniversary cake made for the DuPont Hotel in Wilmington, Delaware back in early January of this year. We had just come from the beautiful dining room after celebrating my mom’s late birthday when we came across this edible gorgeous cake out in the lobby. A masterpiece at its best.

This was in the same lobby that I took another Weekly Photo Challenge of “Background”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic


I am recycling this photo from last year because many of my subscribers have not seen it. This was taken at my mom’s old house. My mom would fill these old shoes with flowers and put them on her step. Since she has moved, I don’t know where those shoes have gone to. I should ask her later today. Makes you wonder, who wore those shoes and what many places they took the owner to. Hm. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about those shoes now.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes


How do I see the world?

The world may seem confusing and blurry at times, but I try to focus on what is in front of me.

I see the world as a dream world many times because I am still a dreamer.

I try to see the best in people and things.

I want things to be brighter and better than what they may appear to be. Sometimes to a fault.

I find the beauty in the smallest things. With childlike wonder.

I like finding vitality and color in small things, that maybe no one else may notice.

I see a world filled with life and mysteries.

To explore.