Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


The picture above was taken during a Light House tour along the shores of New Jersey. If you’ve been a long time subscriber, you’ll probably remember the blog I wrote about where during this boat trip, we got caught between three terrible storms. Looking left of the horizon, you can see a storm brewing. There was lightening everywhere and the boat was rocking side to side whilst battling the huge waves. It certainly was an adventure; even the captain of the small boat said he never seen anything quite like that during any of his outings. I was positive we were going to become a real life “Gilligan’s Island” crew after that day. It was nice to sleep in my warm bed that same night because I was soaked from head to toe for several hours.


This was taken at a park by my house. You get pretty nice sunsets there.


This little tree just happened to capture my attention.


Oh, look! It’s a random photo that has nothing to do with Horizon! I wanted to include this picture anyways in spirit of the “Gravity” movie review I did earlier. This was taken at the Kennedy Space Center down in Florida. You can see this astronaut when you enter the facility.