Grounds for Sculpture: Part 4


In the 42 acre fantasy land, you will come across many sculptured couples enjoying the outdoors. I couldn’t capture every single one, but they have many interesting people you can interact with (via photographs).


This boat is part of a famous painting.


Captured this man in a secret room/garden by the Peacock Café. There is a chair across from him so you can pretend to play along. All the sculptures are interactive which makes it fun for photos.


Just another view.


Who doesn’t like to hop across a small stream on these rocks?


Just an organic picture. I wanted it to look like something I would hang in my own home.


My son took some pictures and he wanted me to include this one on my blog.


How fun was this frame? I took some good shots of Adventure Boy with this sculpture.


I had a good time taking pictures of this artist.


You can see here what he is painting.


Love this view!


Another view of what he was painting.



I had seen these bright pink flowers on these branches and initially thought they were fake. Looking at them closer, I realized they were real. Maybe I’m sheltered, but I had never seen these types of flowers or blooms on a branch before…at least in clusters. It was fascinating to me!


Breaking up or just saying goodbye before a long travel destination?


A pretty setting. A lot of women sat around the table and had their pictures taken at this one.


A secret garden brought us to this little trail which lead us to this interesting, yet colorful sculpture.


Another trail led us towards this couple in an alley.


I was looking forward to this sculpture all day and was relieve we finally came across it. The map we had had so many dots of sculptures, I didn’t have the patience to look this one up. But I love surprises so that’s what ended up being to us as we turned out heads to the left and noticed another entrance to another garden.


Another view of the men.


This place right here took my breath away. I had seen it on the brochure and vowed to see it in person. This is something you see in movies or some magical mythical place. This garden is cleverly hidden from the rest of the area, but once you enter it you are transported to another world. There were three people in there, but once they left it was only Adventure Boy and I. It was like time stopped. We were in own little world and I first took a few minutes to just enjoy it. I turned around and took everything in. They have many weddings here and from the pictures I’ve seen, it is very magical.




This was hidden and could only be found by a trail.



The Scream is a famous painting and I had taken a picture earlier of one inside a building, but this one was outside of the building (notice the branches). This is the one I posted on instagram on the right side of my blog. Instagram crops everything in sight, so you can’t see the entire picture on there as you can here.


We came across a giant who appeared to be in the process of being swallowed up by New Jersey grass. Poor dude.


If you would like to see this place in person, go to Grounds for Sculpture Official Site

Here are some tips:

If you take a camera that only takes batteries, make sure to take at least 8 batteries, especially if you are a shutterbug like myself.

At the Peacock Café, the food is great! Adventure Boy got a cheeseburger and gave a big thumbs up for it (kid approved). I got a grilled cheese and it was delicious! However, if you want to enjoy the outdoors, you can ask for a picnic basket and take your food outside to eat on one of the many spacious lawns. There are many picnic tables scattered everywhere and plenty of shade too.

Come early because the crowds start coming at 11 AM. We arrived at 10:15 AM and it allowed us to walk around in the quiet and cool air.

It will take all day to see most of the place. We walked around for 7 hours and still didn’t get to see all of it!

If you can’t walk for that long, they have tours on tram cars which are nice, but you have to call ahead of time to reserve a spot. The only downside of those is that you wouldn’t be able to explore the tiny gardens up the hills, down the hills and enter secret passages here and there.

Other than that, just have fun!

Grounds for Sculpture: Part 3


A sculpture from a famous photograph.


That awesome moment when one of your photographs looks like a painting. This picture has inspired me to pick up my paint brushes and gather my oils to paint once again. We stared at this fish for a while from the Monet bridge we were standing on. They have duplicated the famous Monet Bridge painting in real life, so that line you see in the pond is from the bridge. Anyways, so this crazy fish was head butting the plants in front of it. You’ll see it in my video.


We took a breather in this secret garden to enjoy nature and listen to the sounds around us. You’ll also see the right chair in my video. It was such a breezy day and the trees around us were in full dance mode.


Stalking tulips is a fun thing to do. They are, afterall, my favorite flower.


Oh look! I went to Asgard and lived to tell about it. Very Thor-ish.


Another view of the Vikings.


Plants surrounding this sculpture really made it pop out.


A famous landmark. Everybody takes this picture.


They have 12 peacocks running around the 42 acre property. I couldn’t make it spread its feathers, but it did allow me to come up to its face to take a picture. We weren’t sure how to call them to come to us, but Adventure Boy did say to me, “Mom. That lady next to us is calling the peacock like a cat and clicking her tongue!!” It took all my acting skills to keep from laughing my head off. How do you call a peacock?

Grounds for Sculpture: Part One

This blog post is dedicated to my mom. This is my first Mother’s Day without her and I wanted to post some pictures in honor of her and end it on Mother’s Day with a video of my day. I took three cameras with me today and they eventually all died after 7 hours of walking around looking at all the sculptures.

My mom was an artist, singer and musician. We both loved sculptures and classic art including some that you see in the photographs below. She taught me the beauty of the world and I wanted to capture it. Here is part 1. By the way, I took about 500 pictures today and will post everyday some that I find worth posting until Mother’s Day.


This sculpture was huge!


I love the colors and mood this picture holds.


Just a cool metal dude.


I absolutely love this sculpture! I was looking forward to seeing this in person and it didn’t disappoint. This is just cool to look at. For this blog, I had to heavily edit it to make it darker to make it “family friendly” if you know what I mean.


Who doesn’t like the terra cotta color? I love the open space and door that gives you a peek. I love this place!


Optical illusion.


Adventure Boy and I really liked this one. We just stood and watched her. She was mesmerizing. The mist added a mystery about her.


Loved this one. Silver and black always go nice together.


This was a fun little waterfall. Very relaxing just listening to the water rush down. So peaceful.


One of my favorite classic oil painting ever. She was in 3 D inside the museum next to the water garden.



This garden was set with many tables where you could eat your lunch. This is next to The Peacock Café. Thought this was a good picture of a couple. They have 12 peacocks running around and they would go up the tables coyly making their presence.


Cardinals were everywhere. This one didn’t escape my lenses. Or my admiration.


Came across this old man who reminded me of my grandfather.GroundsforSculptureTwoFingersJavaGirlsLife

This piece of art was so soft and peaceful. Would love to have this one in my garden once I buy a house.


The Scream! Exactly how I’ve felt the past six months.


This man has the right idea. Just stop once in a while and reflect out in nature. They have all these realistic sculptures all over the place, I initially thought it was someone off in the distance sitting by the lake. I almost said “excuse me” to a sculpture when I came around a bend.


This is from a famous oil painting I believe. Quite eye catching, yes? This couple can be found on the way to the Rat’s Restaurant in a small pond garden.

I’ll be uploading some more tomorrow. Hopefully. If you are curious to see where I went, please go to the link below. It is called Grounds for Sculpture and I’ve been wanting to go there for 4 years and was so excited to go. We were suppose to go with my mother this year, but sadly that never happened. She was there in spirit. This place is very romantic with hundreds of benches and secret gardens with chairs in them. I saw many couples holding hands and you can even marry at a special place there. More on that in the future with my camera! Next time I’m going to request a picnic basket so I can take it out on the grounds to eat.

You can find out more about Grounds for Sculpture at the link below:

Grounds For Sculpture Official Website


Icy Wonderland in China

Hello everyone!

How is everyone out there? I want to warmly welcome my newest subscribers! I am so excited and humbled at the same time you want to follow my blogs. I’m not sure about everyone else, but I was having problems uploading my blogs for some reason. It must have been some type of glitch because I noticed other blogs were not showing up on the blogs I’m following as well. I would see the title of their blogs, but once I would click on their post, it would give me the blank page. Very strange. I’m hurrying up on this blog so I can post it right after midnight.

I’ve been busy at work lately. I meant to take a nap for a few minutes, but ended up taking an hour nap. It’s tax time here in the US and the IRS has been suspiciously withholding a lot of the refunds. They claim it has to do with a new installment of identity theft prevention into their computer system, but they’ve had since last October 2011 to fix this. Luckily, after waiting close to a month to receive my refund (which normally takes 5 days most years), I got them this week. I hope everyone else has received theirs by now. I know a lot of people count on that extra money for bills or just to save for something in the future.

Speaking of future, have I told you I’m thinking of moving to Delaware? New Jersey is crazy expensive and the property taxes are insane. I’ve been eyeballing some really nice, clean and spacious townhouses that I want to buy eventually either this summer or early next year. I’m excited about the move and I’ll still be an hour away from my mother. When searching for a home in a State I am not familiar with, it’s hard to know which neighborhoods are unsafe. After googling and searching “best neighborhoods in Delaware”, I know where to look. I’ve also got that handy dandy little tool called “street view” which helps a lot. Nothing amuses me more than to use that “street view” from the townhouse I like to go “around the block” with it. It’s like taking a ride around the area without really driving there. I know one townhouse looked so rockin’ cool, I had to check out the neighborhood to see if I could walk my (future) dog. Turns out, the neighborhood was run down and there was even a police car in front of the house across the street (on google street views!). I also check out the “crime” stats in the neighborhoods. One condo was so cute and spacious, but upon looking at the “crime stats” of the area, I found out that there has been a lot of shootings lately! Now, I know which neighborhoods are nice and safe, so I’ve been looking there. I’m only looking for spacious, renovated, clean condos or townhouses with large windows and a fireplace. My ideal are “loft style” homes. I want to be near the museums, downtown theatre, restaurants and cafes. I don’t know anyone in Delaware, so I’m going about this as best as I can. I use “Trulia” if anyone is curious. I love that site!

Anyways, did anyone go to the Harbin International Ice and Sculpture Festival in China this year? It’s been going on since 1963 and is the fourth largest one of its kind in the world. Don’t worry, if you’ve missed it, I have some pictures of past snow and ice sculptures from years ago and this year. All the pictures are beautiful, but the one with the carriage ride is my favorite. Enjoy!

Photo credits: Bangordaily, Cronpic, Magazineoftheworld, Designyoutrust, Escapenormal, Freebiesno1, TheAsiaN, Travelocafe, TheFrame

Edward James and his garden of dreams

In celebrating the last day of November 2011, I wanted to introduce you to a very special man who I admire. His name is Edward James. I’ve known about Edward for several years now since I love the unique artists of the world and was immediately gravitated to him. As you may know, I love surreal art and especially sculptures. Edward was even friends with one of my other favorite artist, Salvador Dali. When sculptures and garden are combined, it does wonders to one’s imagination. Gardens represent a place to reflect, walk around or just be one with nature. Edward James was able to create a dream garden that was expelled from his imagination in the deep jungles of Mexico which is now called “Las Pozas”. It is here that he felt at peace and tranquility from the hurried life of the outside world. Edward James was able to walk around his massive garden and enjoy the waterfalls and pools in his compound. Neighbors were allowed to come in and splash around in the pool with the “big eye”. If you have never heard of him, I would suggest reading up on his interesting and eccentric life and watch one of his documentaries of his garden. I’m still so fascinated by his works of art and his love for nature. Most of his work reminds of scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But as nature has it, it consumes whatever gets in her way. If his garden is not taken care of, the jungle that has so gently nestled his artwork will disappear into the heart of the Mexican jungle. A man after my own heart; I would have loved to talk poetry, art and nature with him. I leave you with this poem he wrote.

I have seen such beauty as one man has seldom seen;

therefore will I be grateful to die in this little room,

surrounded by the forests, the great green gloom

of trees my only gloom – and the sound, the sound of green.

Here amid the warmth of the rain, what might have been

is resolved into the tenderness of a tall doom

who says: ‘You did your best, rest’ – and after you the bloom

of what you loved and planted still will whisper what you mean.

And the ghosts of the birds I loved, will attend me each a friend;

like them shall I have flown beyond the realm of words.

You, through the trees, shall hear them, long after the end

calling me beyond the river. For the cries of birds

continue, as – defended by the cortege of their wings –

my soul among strange silences yet sings.

—Edward James, Poet 1907 – 1984

Credit: Nowness