Photo Challenge: Flower

Hello everyone!

This past Sunday we went to Wheaton Arts Village and they had a little Medieval Festival going on. We only got to see the last 45 minutes of it, so I didn’t catch too many photo opportunities, but it was enough to convince my mom to go to the huge Renaissaance Faire in Pa this summer. I’ll definitely take photos for that, so be in the lookout for it. I love taking photos of flowers as you can tell below.

This flower was literally standing all alone as we walked past it. How can one ignore such beauty and not immortalize it? The sun was shining on it just perfectly.

This is an old concept of growing flowers. It was started in France as stated by a sign near the plants.

This was it looked like with many more glass encased plants. I stooped very low for this picture- I might have just laid flat on the concrete-but I wasn’t having none of it. I love low angle shots.

Gandalf! Whatever happened to you? You are wood! This wood carving was by a little store and caught my attention. The more I looked at it, the more I kept thinking of Tolkien books. If all trees had faces, I doubt we’d cut them as much as we do. They would scream in pain as we see here. What a captivating face that you can interpret in so many ways.

Time travelers. You see them now and then.

This was a great play put on by the very talented actors. I love how everyone speaks with a British accent.

As we were walking to our next destination, we passed these flowers in the sunlight on a roof! I had to stop and capture it because the sun was just making the flowers glow.

Enchanted by Fuji Matsuri

From mid April to mid May every year in Japan, there is a beautiful flower festival called Fuji Matsuri or the Wisteria Festival. Walking through this beautiful flower garden would inspire poets, writers, musicians, artists and photographers. These pictures are so enchanting and magical-can you picture a wedding here? I can. The beauty this earth presents to us continues to capture my imagination. Hope everyone has a nice Earth Day tomorrow!

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My plant was an alien

I was at my other social site where I have a lot of photos and I was quietly deleting some of my photos. Cleaning “house” if you will. Eventually, I”ll close that account, but for now I’m determined to beat this one score on a game and I’m more than half way there. Who knows, I might still keep it. Anyways, so I came across this photo I took two years ago. I decided to show you my white orchid plant that I got from Ikea. I got it as a house warming gift for myself because I thought it would add a touch of sophistication to my living room. My orchid died eventually, but I remember I enjoyed it while it lasted. I must’ve taken at least 12 pictures from all angles to get the shot I wanted. Someone commented on my other social site that it reminded them of an alien! Orchids are very mysterious, no? Mysterious yet beautiful!