My Saturday


Today we strolled through Old Colorado City because it was a festival of sorts and all the stores were showcasing their products on the sidewalk. I bought another cool Mayan calendar to hang on my wall, some homemade soaps (I’m really into natural/organic soaps made with goats milk and beautiful scents) and some local honey. I go through honey pretty quickly, so I was thrilled to get my honey bear! There are many days I just want to just change my blog name from JavaGirl to HoneyGirl, because it just fits me better. I also got to check out some Tibetan sculptures and artifacts as I’ve always been a fan of Tibetan art. I want my living room to have some international flair to it; a bohemian eclectic feel to it if you will. I also noticed a few hookah stores too walking down the blocks. No, I don’t smoke, I like to keep my lungs pure of smoke and because I have allergies to smoke.

With camera in hand, I’m constantly looking at my surroundings and enjoying the atmosphere, waiting to see if anything captures my attention. Something did. This. I stepped aside and snapped a few pictures of this cute window with fake flowers. As I was taking this picture, two elderly ladies stopped and said, “Oh! Well, isn’t that so pretty! We would’ve never seen that up there if you hadn’t been standing there taking that picture!” I smiled and told them I just found it pretty cute. Nothing earthshattering in explanation.


People in Colorado Springs are so friendly. I had several people come up to me just making conversation, it was nice. I’m feeling more and more comfortable adapting to my new home. Living by the mountains is so new to me. I’ve lived most of my life in a tropical paradise with swaying palm trees, ocean and constant sunshine and to move to a place where it’s mountains and forests, it’s just new, but a good “new”. I’m also still telling myself not to rush to do lots of things all at once because I live here, I’m not just visiting anymore. There is so much to do and see, it will take a long time to see all.


I’ve been to this little spot a few times, but I never get tired of it. This is just a small picnic area in Garden of the Gods. However, I had never gone beyond a certain point to see the whole “rock”. Seeing that the sun was quickly setting and I’d have little time to get the photo I wanted, I raced down the hiking trail to the area where perhaps I could get a better view. Everywhere we looked, we saw people hiking up and down the trails of the rocks and taking pictures. Garden of the Gods truly was busy with activity and tourists today! There were a few girls hanging around the smaller rocks and they were friendly and chatted to me for a bit. Even a cute toddler came up to me and said, “Hi!” as she waved her chubby hands up at me. I love children so I talked a bit to the toddler. With camera in hand and racing against time, I turned the corner and exclaimed, “Whoa! It’s so beautiful!”. There are times when you are just so captured by something that you can’t immediately snap a picture. You want to step back and allow your mind to mentally capture it first. The rock (of many there) reminded me of the one in Australia for some reason. The way the sun was setting giving out warm tones was just spectacular.

I’ve been through a heck of a lot in the past 17 months, I’ve found Colorado to be my sanctuary. Colorado has been good to me and I need it.


I love living here. It was a good day.

JavaGirl’s Journal: Week 3

The moon before it decided to become a ‘super’ moon.

Dear Journal,

I’m tired. This week has been difficult trying to sleep due to my allergies. I’ll be taking an allergy medicine to hopefully calm down my coughing and relax my lungs. I’ve never had to use my nebulizer as much as I have in the past 3 weeks. It’s gotten me a little down in regards to my streak of not having any allergy problems for the past two years. How weird is it that I took Claritin and I had an allergic reaction to it? So, now I have to take Allegra, which doesn’t give me any side effects. The joys of seasonal allergies. This one got me good this year and my body is in its mercy until I get full control of my allergies once again.

This week hasn’t been good to my car either. Monday I was driving into the inner city of Camden and at the traffic light, my car died. I couldn’t even put my flashers on to warn the angry cars behind me. Probably 15 cars went around me and I sat there like a sitting duck. It was hot and my phone was about to die. As I was dialing up Triple A to come rescue me, an older gentleman appeared out of nowhere and asked me if I needed help. I said yes and he pushed me out of traffic. I was not concerned for my safety because I felt safe. Was he my guardian angel that suddenly transformed himself into a human being? I’d like to think so. Regardless, he was an angel to me. So, this older man fixed a few wires on my battery and I was up and running once again. He had all the tools he needed to fix my battery and seemed to know right away what was wrong. Other things made this week go bad, but the topper was what happened yesterday. Saturday, I noticed my wheel of my car was stiff and turning around corners took more effort than usual. I did some errands despite that with a lot of left and right hand turns with my semi stiff steering wheel. Returning home on Saturday, I stopped by a store to pick up some power steering fluid and as I lifted up the hood, I found out some bad news. The top belt of the engine had snapped and was dangling. No wonder I was having problems steering my wheel. I could have gotten into an accident because of my steering wheel not turning. Earlier that day, I had driven about 60 miles an hour down Route 55 to my mom’s house, but that is just a straight road with very few turns. Tomorrow, my car is getting fixed; just in time for my State inspection by the end of the month.

These things have put a little damper in my spirits, but I’ve learned to be grateful nevertheless. All things work out at the end. I’ve been feeling quite ambitious lately and when I think about my future goals, it helps the week go by faster and help me not to feel so bad about having bad days, like Monday through Wednesday. I’m glad at this point of my life I know what I want to do with my life, I have goals, I’m ambitious and determined to achieve them. The only thing I’m working on right now is putting the puzzle pieces together in order to get the full picture. It’s not so much if the puzzle pieces fit (they do), it’s just when they go in their appropriate place. Am I ready for the pieces to fit in my life now? Of course. One of the pieces is moving to a different State that I was not even thinking of moving to, but I would need to in order to achieve one of my goals. I only found that out earlier this week. I would only live there for a year or two, then move somewhere else. As life has it, plans change and I have to go with the flow. Having goals in life is good, but sometimes change will throw a curve ball a you. I’ve learned to still keep dreaming and pursuing my dreams regardless.

National and International News: Brazil has begun protesting against the Government. I’m not surprised. I hope they resolve their issues soon because the world is watching. A former CIA man was hiding out in Hong Kong, but is heading to Ecuador seeking asylum. Nelson Mandela continues to be in critical condition. There is a supermoon. Monster U beat out World War Z this weekend. Twinkies have returned back to the shelves!! I saw the craziest video of a huge yellow python snake opening a door. It was something you would see out of a horror movie; the only thing missing was the creepy music.

Song of the Week: Queen. I love Queen! Gallileo! Figaro! Magnifico !