Fun with Far Side!

After a very busy and stressful week, it’s time to let go and let loose! I was thinking of funny things when I remembered how much I love the cartoons “Far Side”. Here are some of my favorites! If you don’t know what “Far Side” is, it’s basically a tongue in cheek and sarcastic (and twisted) sense of humor. I couldn’t help laughing as I picked some of my favorite ones.

Haha! I thought it was the other way around! We girls think more of YOU guys then you probably think of us! Hm…

I love dogs, but this just makes me laugh the more I look at it! Poor Fifi!

Those crazy chickens! It was actually another chicken, relax! Or was it?

Sometimes dancing can get a little out of hand!


Awkward yes, but I still want to see documentaries of this period the “Awkward Age”–would be funny, no?

The first time I saw this particular cartoon of the cows pretending to “graze”, I never saw them the same way. I would secretly hope they stood on two feet in the Amish farms in Pennsylvania after we passed them .

I seriously think that’s how they think–especially my mom’s dog Kibbles! I swear I see her roll her eyes at me too!


Mr. Larson definately had a warped sense of humor! Brick aliens from outer space invading the earth? It’s a dream come true for Karate schools all over! (Pssst!) Did you see the one with the alien palm trees? Yeh. It’s pretty funny too!

Awww man! Don’t ya hate that when you mess up a dance step and get the wrong element coming from the skies above? How embarrassing!

This one is probably my favorite one of Mr. Larson! An oblivious cannibalistic cow eating a burger! Perhaps it was a veggie burger? 😉 If you can’t read it, it says, “You’re sick, Jesse!…Sick, sick,sick!” because he’s supposedly eating one of the other cows and his two cow friends are mad at him!

I love this one too! Maybe not so “gifted” afterall!! He’s “pushing” the door in, instead of “pulling” the door open. Haha!

Alright. Off to bed I go. I see my cousins up in North Jersey today for a nice picnic. Maybe I’ll blog and take a video. Something…. until then, have a nice Saturday!