Finding Fukue: “I want to find you”

Hello my dear friends,

As the first day of December presents itself to us, we usually find ourselves thinking of our loved ones as Christmas brings together our loved ones. We think of our loved ones who are still here and those who have passed on. Then there are the ones who continue to think about those loved ones who somehow disappeared from our lives. Those loved ones who made such a difference in our young lives or a huge difference in a short amount of time. For some reason or another, those loved ones somehow disappeared from our lives leaving us confused, sad and missing them a lot. Do you have anyone who you still think about? I do. I have a few people in mind. I think of my friend Amy. I’ve tried to find her on Facebook using two of her last names. She got married twice. I’m hoping she still lives in New Jersey as I lost touch with her when my son was around 2 years old, but we certainly had a kindred spirit and we had a lot in common. Unfortunately, she got into drugs and made bad choices in life as she didn’t choose the best boyfriends or husbands in her early 20’s. I could have sworn I saw her one day taking a smoke break at a corner with her coworker. She looked skinnier, had shallow cheeks and looked worn down. I should have stopped. I just wasn’t sure it was her and I continued driving. My search continues and always will for her. However, I will make an effort to get in contact with my friends who I haven’t been in touch with more starting this month and the year approaching. I want to be more in contact with them then I have been before.

Here’s to all you who are still searching for people of your past. May your search bring you peace, happiness and a connection that has been missing in your great big journey in life. It’s amazing how having a little piece of your past heal and close a gaping hole of uncertainty.

Enjoy this beautiful story. I know I cried when I watched it, it was so beautiful, sentimental and I was cheering for her to find her kindred spirit.

Video credit: CBC Docs

This post is dedicated to my old childhood friends, Martin (who lives in Switzerland with his lovely wife and kids), David my bestfriend from Brazil who is the namesake of my son’s middle name (who lives in the UK with his beautiful wife and kids), Andrea, Misty and Joe (another childhood friend who I plan to reconnect with soon, our mothers were bestfriends).

Enchanted by Fuji Matsuri

From mid April to mid May every year in Japan, there is a beautiful flower festival called Fuji Matsuri or the Wisteria Festival. Walking through this beautiful flower garden would inspire poets, writers, musicians, artists and photographers. These pictures are so enchanting and magical-can you picture a wedding here? I can. The beauty this earth presents to us continues to capture my imagination. Hope everyone has a nice Earth Day tomorrow!

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Hi friends.

I am back! I’m sorry for my absence. I was going through a writer’s funk. Ever since I had to transfer a few of my blogs (out of many that I did write), I felt a bit distant. When a writer writes over three months worth of blogs and tranfers only a few, it’s like choosing from your clothes which to throw away. I know what I did was right because I did talk to several of my friends the reasons why and they all agreed it was the best thing to do. What happened was that my original blog site was being “linked” to another site that I completely do not agree with. I don’t want to be associated with them at all and I do not know what their intentions were for linking my blog site to theirs. All I can think is that somehow through google or whatever, they read my post and used my post as an “example” to whatever they were trying to say to their “readers”. I do not want to be part of them, so I deleted my entire blog page and made another one as close to my original as I could. This time, I know my new blog site is not linked to their site. I keep a daily tab on who links my entire posts to their page.

Ok, so the latest news all around the world has been the earthquake disaster in Japan. When I heard that news, my heart broke into a million pieces. I have friends and subscribers from Japan on YouTube. I even subscribe to bloggers on YouTube who are Japanese.  Which brings me to wonder, there is still one person I subscribe to who hasn’t made a video yet saying how he’s doing. I will have to check out his channel and see if he’s done a video, although I am subscribed so I would know right away when he does upload a video. I have a deep fascination with the country of Japan, especially the past year. I’ve been so fascinated by them lately that that’s the main reason why I researched many vloggers on Youtube to find people who live there and who film life over there. Knowing and meeting  Japanese is nothing new to me. I went to school with a Japanese girl in Brazil and she and I were great friends. I remember one time she shared her seaweed sushi with me during lunch and taught me some Japanese. I do have a soft spot in my  heart for the Japanese culture and people. I also love Japanese food as that was something my mom and I would do every Sunday down in Brazil. My mom and I would hit up this amazing Japanese restaurant across from the Hilton Hotel where I lived in Belem and I loved it. Those lunches still remain one of my favorite Brazilian memories. The food served would be sizzling and steaming on an iron plate.

I am a member of the American Red Cross Psychological First Aid response counselors and I got an email that our team is on “stand by” for any help. If we are needed, I’ll be going out this week to listen and help out any local Japanese people who need us. I have been specifically trained for this for two years now. I hope I can be a little bit of help to these hurting people. It affects us all. With more training, I want to be able to do this Nationally and Internationally for the Red Cross. People who go through traumatic events not only need physical help, but also psychological help as this stays with them much longer in their minds and memories than a bruise or hunger.

The reason why I put “chocolate!” on my title is because we at WordPress who subscribe for blog ideas, get an email asking us questions and we have to answer on our blogs. The question was very simple.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

So, hence my title. I’m a very  happy girl when I just have plain chocolate. I don’t need nuts or any other fancy caramel on my icecream, just chocolate. I don’t eat a lot of icecream, just 2 scoops. My favorite brand is Bryers because it’s purest in it’s ingrediants with nothing too crazy in it like coloring or anything else that is bad for you. When I eat the “normal, fatty” icecream, I can taste it right away! I feel like I gain 1,000 pounds just eating one bite, it’s that noticable! So I stick with Bryers because of it’s simplicity. My picture above is my “three chocolates” from Bryers and brownies. And yes, I did have to excercise a little more tonight after eating to get rid of those calories. I listen to Daft Punk “Harder, Faster, Stronger” as that song always gets me pumped and excercising a lot faster. 🙂

Talk soon! xox