What is happening?!

Hi guys!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve last wrote on here. I haven’t had the time to sit down and compose a well thought out blog. Surgery for my knee is set for next month if all things fall into place and everything looks good. I’m both excited and nervous, but trying my best to not get further stressed with the coronavirus or should I say covid-19?

So, we are all being told to stay indoors to stop the spread of the virus. You would THINK after all the virus, zombie, monsters & alien invasion movies we all love (hello “Independence Day & War of the Worlds” two of my favorites) that we’d be prepared for such global catastrophic events, but we’re not. Instead we see people going out buying toilet paper and hoarding them. Why? This isn’t a diarrhea type of disease. Doesn’t make sense. I’ve been sitting here analyzing society as a whole and how we deal with things. This is new and something we haven’t experienced at this level. Thankfully, we have technology that allows us to communicate instantly. Imagine how people in towns 30 or 40 years ago would be able to deal with this? People in the past were just as panicked as we are today in the year 2020. Can you imagine someone from this year talking to someone in NYC in the year 1832 when cholera brought the city to a standstill? Same panic albeit we have technology now, which has pros and cons about it. What have we learned? Have we improved our way of dealings with this? I’m not taking this subject lightly as I have asthma and am concerned as I want to be healthy for my surgery. However, the more I think about situations that run around in my head that haven’t happened or will probably never happen, I have learned to control those thoughts. This crisis is not just a physical situation, but also an emotional, mental and financial state of affairs for everyone. I feel like we’ll be going through another phase of panic of financial sorts when people can’t buy food due to not being able to work. Hopefully we won’t reach that point where it will become complete lawlessness.

I like to self motivate myself when I get stressed and I found this lovely video a few days ago. It deals with depression (I don’t have depression) and anxiety. I hope you find it useful! I know I definitely benefited from the counting backwards from 5 for anxiety. It worked for me and will continue to use it.

Credit: Motivation2Study

On a positive note, I have seen compassion and humanity though the mess of greediness and selfishness of society. I love hearing stories of people helping others. Like my favorite quote says, “Where there is life, there is hope“.

Credit: GuardianNews

We do need to find humor though! We need to laugh, we need to smile.

I’ll be jumping back on WordPress soon. I don’t know when, hopefully when everything has settled down and post surgery. Thank you to my readers and stay strong! A huge welcome to my newest subscribers! Where ever you are, be safe and take care of yourself!

Much love. xoxo

JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 16-20


It’s been a very tough few weeks with the demands of work. Luckily, things are back to normal and I am not stressing out anymore. I have more time to relax in the evenings and catch up on blog posts from all you wonderful bloggers out there. Thank you to my newest subscribers-you are great and so talented in what you share on your blogs! Keep up the great job!


Oop. Forgot about that period at the end of the explanation point! Doh. Anyways, so I’m so proud of my baby. He’s growing up so fast. I’m entering a new territory of the teen years with chaperoning and taking a girl to the movies with my son. He invited her, but they are just bestfriends. So, it was not really a date.

He probably doesn’t want me to tell you this, but when we picked her up, he opened the car door for her (I can’t remember the last time a guy did that for me). They sat in the back and giggled and talked the entire way to the movie theater. Of course, being the ever careful mom that I am, I would sneak a peek in the rear view mirror at a red light to observe them. They acted like brother and sister. So impressed by him opening the car door for her (he’s only 13), I gently asked him to walk her to the door when we dropped her off. He did. Even if he might have let out a huge sigh, at least his friend will get a taste of what it should be like to have a guy safely walk a girl to the door. I need to go on dates again. Now that I am single. I love having the car door opened for me, although I have been known to dash to my side of the car before a guy can open the car door. Haha. I’m Miss Independent.


This happens everyday. It’s always good to listen to how my son’s day was. Sometimes he has some funny stories or he just likes to make me laugh and will embellish a bit.


And….other times I just get entertainment.


The past few weeks we have been painting my mom’s house. I chose a neutral color and it looks very nice! It gives me an excuse to be down at her house and spruce up her home. I think she would have liked the painting. I’m still hoping someone buys it very soon so I can just go on with my life.



I know everybody and their dog is obsessed with that (shudder) Frozen song “Let it Go’, but not I! I am instead obsessed with that Once Upon a Dream song. Guitar? Check. Know how to play a single note on it? Uh. Nope. My mom was teaching me, but alas she is no longer here. So…. I just have to teach myself. I want to be able to play like this guy below. In fact, it was him playing this song that got me inspired to pick up my guitar. If I can’t learn to play this song on my guitar, I hope someone can play it for me. Would be nice. And romantic.

Video credit: Adrian Holovaty


In other news, next Wednesday is my birthday! I’m hoping to take the day off from work.


I think someone will bake me a cake.


Hopefully, from all the candles on my cake, we won’t need a fire extinguisher.


Finally, we both have been doing a 30 day planking challenge this month. I ordered a 10 pound kettlebell from Amazon and am looking forward to using it. I’ve heard great things about it and have chosen a workout that I think is best suited for me.

Until next time my darlings. xoxo

JavaGirl’s Life in the comics

image_1 (2)

This happens a lot during the week. My keys somehow always find themselves elsewhere, making my morning life difficult…especially since I am always still waking up.

image_1 (4)

This actually happened last Wednesday. My alarm didn’t go off and I woke up 2 hours late. I did lay in bed thinking how nice it was to finally sleep in during the weekend. Then fear filled my mind when I realized it was only the middle of the week!

image_1 (8)

Busy, busy, busy!

image_1 (11)

The storage I am renting was just big enough for everything I needed to store. I had to calculate how big of a storage I needed. Hopefully my cousin will come and pick up her stuff that she inherited alleviating the room to drop off more stuff. Most of it is furniture and my mom’s boxes.

image_1 (12)

I’m looking forward to getting away. To refresh my soul.

image_1 (13)

image_1 (15)

image_1 (17)

image_1 (20)

image_1 (25)

The potential buyers for my mom’s house decided yesterday that they didn’t want to buy the house anymore due to the living room being “too small” for family gatherings. Yes, I was very disappointed and still am.

image_1 (22)


I am trying. I try to water them everyday. So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Not much.

JavaGirl’s Life in the comics.

*Just a quick message to my new subscribers*

Hello darlings,

A great big hug to you! Thanks for wanting to know what is happening in my life and subscribing. Usually I post a lot more than you see here, but I’ve been extremely busy getting things done (watch my last blog post of December 2013 and you’ll understand why). Believe me, I’ve got great things planned for this blog, so just hang in there for me just a bit longer. It would mean a lot to me. Trust me.




The snow keeps coming and coming. I love seeing all the tulips and green grass-rabbits running freely through the fields….butterflies decorating the sky and overall warm air. (Sarcasm). Oh well. Que sera, sera.



My reaction at the black dress I just bought for the show “Phantom of the Opera”. So in love with it.


Had my yearly physical with my doctor. I actually spent more time waiting to be seen (or even signing in the sheet) than I did seeing my doctor. Overall, I’m actually normal. In good health. Yay.


We continue to box up things at my mom’s house every weekend. I’ve missed sleeping in on Saturdays.


At the end of the day, I am so sore and my back hurts. 😦


Remind me not to go into Pier 1 Imports after working 5 hours straight packing and moving boxes. It’s so easy to fall asleep on their sofas. Pier 1 Imports is my wonderland. I get easily lost in the labyrinth of bright colors, mirrors and exotic looking candles.


The buyer of my mom’s house will be paying in cash!


Me, just trying to outdo Godzilla. Adventure Boy and I are waiting for this movie.


Senor Pizza always has to be so dramatic about everything. Especially on nights when I don’t feel like cooking.


I got a new camera! I got it for my vacation coming up in July where we will be seeing 4 countries. I also got it because it’s waterproof and I’ll be filming underwater as much as I can. It doesn’t hurt either if it starts raining and I don’t have to worry about my camera getting soaked. Although I must admit, this camera does need special attention just airing out after it’s been in salt water. It’s very detailed, but I can live with it. Slim, small, but packed with what all the other cameras can do too. It’s a powerhouse! I originally wanted a GoPro Hero, but remembered I had wanted this camera for a lot longer and the movie mode isn’t too shabby.


So, that’s basically what has been happening with me lately. Just busy and doing a lot of grown up things. Not necessarily fun, but they must be done. Thanks for reading. Talk soon!


Amanda xoxo

JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 9


Hello my name is Amanda and welcome to my “weekly” life in comics. Yes, you saw right. I got my hair back to its brown color once again. Sorry, for my absence, but not much has happened enough to put comics up on here. But I thought it was time since I’m bored!


The snow just won’t let up! How is everyone else out there? I’m hoping it will dump much more snow Sunday night so we get another “inclement” day off from work. Lol.


Adventure Boy has been playing pranks on me lately and it’s been fun! You can also see he got his haircut too. He got a “faux hawk” cut which he can wear spiked up or as a flip (my favorite). When he’s feeling adventureous, he adds blue hair chalk to the front and it looks cool. His grandmom used to think it was rad because she was rad and seeing her grandson with blue hair didn’t phase her. So, no more calling Adventure Boy John Oliver anymore, woo! Yeah, you know who you are, hehe! 😉


Haha. Well. I tried…


Guess which film I’m rooting for? A movie I have yet to see! Perhaps tomorrow will be my lucky day?!


So my neighbor upstairs has a new boyfriend…with 2 dogs. He’s too lazy to walk them downstairs like a normal human being to let them do their business, so he lets them have their way on her patio. Their “way” then drips down to MY patio and has splashed into my back glass door! This has infuriated me so much I wrote a complaint letter to the office because it’s making my patio smell! Who does this?


Urrgggggghhhh! I can’t wait to have my own place without any upstairs neighbors!!!


Thankfully on days like these, I have friends who calm me down and show their love to me. It’s not been easy these past few months, but I sure do love the support and ways my friends make me laugh and gently guide me along. I’ve recently reconnected with a childhood friend of mine from Brazil and it’s been great! She’s amazing and we’re still catching up on things. She also lost her mom several years ago and is helping me deal with my loss. It’s always nice to pick up from where you left off with someone. I’m able to do that with many of my friends. When people leave your life and then return, there is always a reason and I clearly see why she entered my life again. I’m planning on sending her a big gift for her birthday in a few weeks! I love sending my friends gifts! I told her her daughters will like it as well.


When I’m not working or getting irritated by my upstairs neighbors, I do some super hero stuff. I’m all about being clean! Really. I am. I can’t stand the smell of sweat. I don’t care how hot you are, if you smell of sweat, it’s a huge turnoff. The smell of soap and cleanliness is super sexy to me. This is my office, by the way. I’m a nontraditionalist.


My cool ride. Eat your heart out Batman!


The rubber duck! This is a serious mission I have to do!


Good grief! I hate chasing sweaty men! This one is a total joke!


There is a game on my phone that I get so caught up with. It keeps me up later than I want. It’s called “Jewels Saga”. Basically, it’s like Candy Crush. At least it’s not Flappy Bird. Ugh. What losers play that game? Lol.


Later my loves! Oh. A big welcome to my latest subscribers!


JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 5


Hi, my name is Amanda and welcome to my weekly life in comics. Yes, this is truly how happy I was Sunday!


So yesterday there was this game called the Super bowl that happens every year. Guess which team I was rooting for? Take a wild guess.



Earlier in the day, we went food shopping and got some munchies to snack on. I think I had plenty to satisfy my hunger. Even made a fort with it. Got to be creative these days.


I would imagine what it would be like to be a quarterback out in the field.


Then reality set in. Ooops. But the Seahawks won with a crazy score of 43-8!!!!!!!


Nothing else new. Adventure Boy went to his two doctors and everything looked fine.


Guess we have six more weeks of c-c-c-c-hilly weather.


Had my usual dose of Cadbury chocolates this week. My favorite. Oh, if my wild and imaginative mind would come to life, I’d be swimming in a lake of chocolate.


(Look at my eyes in this strip. I look so devious and cunning. Hehe.) Made Adventure Boy my French inspired chicken that he loves. My secret is White Wine for Cooking (not the actual bottle of white wine, albeit it would taste fancier), tons of herbs like sage, dill, thyme, butter, salt, pepper, onions and garlic salt. I add my own ingredients and he loves it. I serve it with homemade mashed potatoes and veggies. I was inspired by my friend, Joseph, who wrote a blog dedicated to his friend of how to roast a chicken. The recipe looked so amazing I had to try it out. Click the link below and it will take you to his blog.


I also make Adventure Boy French Hot Chocolate, which he also loves! It’s a complex process to make, but it’s so worth it.

Did I mention that the Seahawks won the Super bowl? Ok. Just making sure!


So, in other news. Looking forward to some cool shows coming up this week. The Winter Olympics will be starting too! I will be watching and rooting for the Jamaican Bobsled Team! I like the ice skating and ski competitions. Oh and the speed skating. That’s always fun to watch!


Some of you may wonder why I stopped writing my weekly journal, it’s because (for those who are new subscribers) my mom passed away on Thanksgiving day and my emotions are still fragile. It’s been extremely hard, so when I’m feeling better and have more things to write, I’ll do it again. But for now, I am doing my comic bitstrips because they are silly and fun. Feel free to ask me anything though! You can always contact me privately on my contact email address on the right hand side of my blog and I’ll respond back to you. If you are from Nigeria and are trying to scam me with your stupid “You inherited gazillion dollars”, your email will be forwarded to the FBI scam department. Just a warning! Anyone else normal and being a sweetheart, I’d love to hear from you.

Much love,


JavaGirl’s life in the comics: Week 4


Hi, my name is Amanda and welcome to my weekly life in comics. This is truly how I feel about lima beans and asparagus.


So, as most of you know by now, the East Coast and the surrounding areas have been slammed with a bunch of cold white stuff which shall remain nameless. Just kidding. Monday was a holiday which was nice to be totally lazy sleep in.


Tueday, word on the street (phone) was that Adventure Boy had half a day of school and my supervisor told us to all go home by 12 pm. So it all worked out and we were both very happy.


We got to have fun in the snow! All 16 inches of it!


The next day (Wednesdsay) due to our Governor stating we were under a State of Emergency (all the schools were closed and most of businesses were too), we were hunkered down for the next 24 hours. Which was fine with me. I kept myself busy as not to get too much of cabin fever. I did for a wee bit, but quickly found something to do.


I read somewhere that the Jamaican Bobsled team had qualified to go to Sochi, Russia for the Winter Olympics (starting February 2nd I believe) and they were in need of much needed money to be able to afford going there. At the time of their fundraising efforts, they only had accumulated $10,000 dollars. I made a donation because I wanted to see them go there! Who doesn’t want to see a team that comes from a hot and tropical island bobsled their way to gold? I do! Plus, it’s been a while since the original Cool Runnings atheletes have been to the Olympics. Anyways, so they had a week and I knew without a doubt that they would make the money. And guess what? They did. Within 24 hours, not only did they reach their goal of 80,000 dollars, but they surpassed it to getting $129,000 dollars! They had to eventually close their fundraising because it was getting ridiculous. They had more than enough and they were going to use it to buy jackets and anything related to the team. I’m so excited! I was so excited I ran and told Adventure Boy. We watched “Cool Runnings” and enjoyed the movie. Not many people know this, but I love listening to reggae. After our trip to the Bahamas 2 years ago, we felt nostalgic of our trip. We sure do miss the accents and music. Hopefully, Bermuda is next on our trip.


I’m a huge fan of the show “Undercover Boss” here in the USA. I’m still watching all the episodes, but decided recently this week that I wanted to watch “Undercover Boss: Australia”. I’ve learned so much from watching the show that I would have never seen or heard about from a typical tourist video. I’m learning about new stores and how the companies work down there. I’m on Season 2 Episode 2. The last episode with a guy named Tony (I think) who is the CEO of a train company in Australia made me cry! All the episodes make me tear up, but this one had me reaching for the tissue box. It was so touching. I’ve been impressed with all the shows. This one I particularly liked because the CEO did exactly what I would have done with my company (if I ran one). He made ALL his directors/managers go on different shifts to experience what he experienced. I don’t remember any other CEO doing that in the USA episodes. If they did, I don’t remember. Anyways, that’s what I’ve been watching lately on Netflix. I love it! I’m learning a lot about Australia. Speaking of Australia, I was at my local store and walking around when I suddenly heard 3 guys talking to each other. I heard the accent. I moved ever so closely, but gingerly of a tigress as not to be too suspicious. It was 3 Australian guys working at my local food store! They were joking around and laughing. I so badly wanted to approach them and tell them about how I love Australia and how I am watching Undercover Boss: Australia blah, blah, blah. But I didn’t. They would think I was some crazy girl. They just looked at me and smiled. Suddenly being shy I acted like I wanted to buy something on the other side of the aisle. I might have given them a quick smile. I love their accents. Drives me crazy. Anyways!


Any bugs, ants or insect that enters my home is doomed. I can’t stand any sight of bugs in my home. Drives me nuts. Therefore, my home is very clean and you don’t ever see those things called insects around my place. However, recently there has been this annoying little bugger mosquito that refuses to DIE no matter how much I chase it around the house. Ugh! Amazing how a tiny little annoying thing can drive me up the wall.


My first full day back at work on Thursday was ok, but the roads were a different story. Some roads were not shoveled or taken care of and my car was slippin’ and slidin’ everywhere. It took me twice as long to get anywhere. While driving one day, I came across a car that said “Geese Chasers”. Since my last comic life blog, you know how I feel about geese. Oddly enough, this car was coming from the direction from that ill fated event that I wrote about from last week regarding that goose. I later googled this site to find out what it was all about.


Remember those days when you would find toys in your cereal box? Yeah. Whatever happened to that? As a child and surviving those years of waiting to see what awesome toy was hidden in my cereal box, why in the year 2014 you can’t find that anymore? I remember sending for those glass Star Wars cups. I’m sure people are selling them on Ebay for a pretty penny. I’d buy one. Just for the mere sake of waking up on a Saturday and drinking orange juice from them. Takes me back to those lazy Saturday morning kid days. Bliss.

So that was my week. A lot of snow. Holiday. Half of a work day, a full day of no work and two full days of work. It’s been a crazy month for sure. This coming week should be interesting. Actually, the entire month of February should be interesting. You’ll see.

Later loves! xoxo

JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 3

Hello my name is Amanda and this is my weekly life in comics. This is my resting face.


Hey guys! So I finally found out I can change my outfits via my little Avatar closet. I thought I only had 4 choices, hence my black cocktail dress I wore last week. No wonder I was freezing during the polar vortex. Anyways, so I am dressed appropriately now for the weather, long sleeves and jeans!


My week was super busy as usual, but something happened on Thursday that made me furious! On January 16th between 2:30 pm and 2:45pm on Park Avenue (in Haddonfield) between Longwood Avenue and Pyle Avenue (before Crystal Lake Avenue) I passed a car flying by me as I turned a slight corner. This street only has a speed limit of 25 miles. Not 65 or 75, but 25 miles. I didn’t pay much attention to the make or color of the car, but I should have. Next thing I see as I slowly drive past the corner are feathers flying everywhere. I see a line of about 20 geese all stunned and looking at one goose flopping around. I couldn’t drive forward because all of them were blocking the entire road. This is a slow road and there weren’t any cars around. This is not a busy road at all. All I could do was sit helplessly in my car as I watched this poor goose try to lift up its head and try to walk. Its neck was broken and all it could do was flop up and down. The look on the other geese was heartbreaking as they just watched and wondered what to do. Why would someone hit a goose in a 25 mile speed limit road when there weren’t any cars around? Couldn’t they have driven around the goose? Were they paying attention? Were they on their phone? Are they so effin blind they can’t see a goose cross the road? Geese waddle across the road. They are NOT deer who dart out in front of you! I know you don’t have much of a choice if it’s a very busy road and there are cars behind you, but this is one of the slowest roads in South Jersey. Most people stop for the geese and let them cross. But not this douche bag!! What a total mother effin jerk! Geese are protected under the Wildlife protection act. I feel as if this goose was intentionally hit!


The next time I see someone hit a goose on purpose, I will physically pick up their stupid car and throw it to the side of the road. I will get your license plate number, call the police and report you!


Good thing I’m not a judge or else I’d make anyone who kills geese on purpose wear a huge sign around their neck by the side of the road where they killed a goose. The sign would say, “Honk if you think I’ve evil for killing a goose at this spot!” Or I just hope everyone who kills an innocent animal reincarnates as that animal that they purposefully killed with their car. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I did…


Twerking. Seriously the dumbest word and action ever evented. Just the mere thought of it makes me want to throw up.


If you dare twerk in front of my face, I will seriously dragonball you! I’m not kidding! Here I am practicing on my friends. Haha.


I wished that this week had been all rainbows and unicorns, but it wasn’t. Maybe next week will be better and hopefully someone won’t make me mad like what happened on Thursday.


Tomorrow I’m going to the movies to see one of the Oscar contenders. I think I’ll see 12 Years a Slave. I wrote a blog about it last year stating it looked like an Oscar contender. I was right. I know a good movie when I see one. I’m looking forward to the cinematography and story. Remind me not to wear mascara as I feel I will cry at this one. Slavery is such a sad, sad issue. Anyways, I might just live tweet it. If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know if I do or will.

Here is my blog about “12 Years a Slave” from back in September.
12 Years a Slave Blog Post
Until next time my loves!


JavaGirl’s Life in the comics: Week 2

bitstripavatarprofilepic Hey, welcome to my weekly life in comics. This is my Avatar profile pic and my relaxed face.


So on Sunday (last week), I woke up coughing and feeling weak. By now, I thought I had developed bronchitis or even worse, the flu. I thought maybe by Monday I would be feeling better, but tis was not meant to be. I called out sick Monday and went to the doctor. The doctor seemed to ignore my weakness, but was more concerned about my asthma because my oxygen level was down to 92 percent. I was given a nebulizer treatment with a proper mouthpiece. I had accidentally melted my original nebulizer mouthpiece in my pot. I was just trying to sterilize it and completely forgot about it until the smoke alarm went off. Anyways, my nice doctor gave me a new mouthpiece and some medicine. My achy muscles and whatever flu type symptoms soon disappeared the next day.


Then this “artic vortex” showed up and provided me to finally understand what -15 degrees felt like. To this Brazilian girl who grew up in the tropics, it just confirmed that I am not made for ever living near the Artic Circle. I’d need blubber or be a whale in order to survive such frigid weather. Nevertheless, we kept warm and bundled up in many layers. It was so refreshing to hit the 20’s though! Thought I’d never say that. Then today, it went up to 60 degrees and it felt like a heatwave. Haha.


Even though I had just finished my two week vacation (plus one sick day), I had an enormous amount of deadlines to finish up at work. I was feeling the pressure, big time! I didn’t have time to eat lunch, text anyone, return phone calls or much of anything for the next 72 hours. I had a lot of running around to do when I was off of work regarding documents for the Surrogates Office pertaining to my son’s inheritance from his grandmother, getting my mom’s cable boxes and router-just a lot of things.


I felt like everyone wanted me to do things or I needed to be somewhere all at once. Being pulled in a thousand different directions is not fun.


Eventually, I put on my big girl pants and knew I had no choice, but to do my best and do what is expected of me. I accomplished all that was needed from me from work and my boss and supervisor were pleased. So was I. And surprised. Especially since I had to take 3 days off for bereavement, one day for a seminar and vacation after Christmas for two weeks and still get a great quota for the month of December. Unfortunately, for me I work very well under extreme pressure. I get things done-I’m cool as a cucumber and whip it!

bitstripconquerStill high with being able to get things done and all my work deadlines, I got a bit overconfident and secretly started plotting my world domination. Come here all my pretties!

bitstriplollipop This is so off topic, but let’s go down memory lane again with this lollipop. Doesn’t this lollipop look vaguely familiar from a picture I took of myself last year? Hm…


Oh my goodness. My hair was much shorter. How time flies. bitstripsecretingredientI finally had time to make amazing spaghetti using ground turkey instead of beef. As I tell everyone, it feels much lighter in your stomach and it’s healthier. Mmm. I love spaghetti!


Nom, nom, nom!


As you may know, I am looking for a more reliable car because my car is old and it’s just time for a change. I saw this incredible red car that I really wanted, but as of yesterday, it no longer available. Its fun looking, but I do realize cars like that get snatched up quickly. When I’m ready to buy, I must act quickly! Even IF it looks like a swan car!

bitstripawwTo relax I am trying to read all your posts when I can. I have a backlog of posts I have to check out, but the ones I have been able to see I am so blown away by them. The photos, personal experiences, movie reviews, comedy write ups and poetry are simply amazing.


But what has really made my heart melt and has given me fuzzy feelings are the sweet comments and support from my fellow bloggers. You know I’m going through a real tough time now, but you always come through and gently nudge me on to keep on blogging. I’ll always blog, but some days it’s difficult. Things will get better. I know. Thanks for hanging in there for me.

I love you all!