Denver Botanic Gardens

Walking around Denver Botanic Gardens was very beautiful and I’m happy to share some of what we saw. Now that we are in the Spring season, the trees are in full bloom. That Colorado blue sky though!


I came across a very angry orchid flower. It was screaming! Beautiful, but sassy orchids in the tropical room.


Gorg plant, but I’m not sure the name of it. I love the tones in this particular plant.

This stretches a long way and I just thought this angle was just so pretty. When I edited my name at the bottom of this picture, it came out huge here on WordPress. Sorry about that. But let’s take a moment and notice how all the little blue flowers look like they are yelling. Nature has a sense of humor and I’m bound to find it!


If pink is your favorite color you would be in your glory walking around here.


I like to find ugly or things that would normally be overlooked and make it spectacular. Here we have reeds sticking out of the water. They have nothing to offer. However, I loved how the sky reflected on the water. I was mesmerized.


Blue flowers melt my heart-just like I fell in love with these flowers when I saw them.


This reminded me of my childhood growing up in the Amazon jungle. Be still my beating heart.


Growing up seeing these plants all your life isn’t too shabby. I felt right at home when I saw these.




I might blow up this photo in size and hang it in my bathroom. It’s got that organic, fresh and zen feel to it. I was literally standing over this plant to get this shot.


My mom would have loved these flowers.


I love sculptures and this certainly caught my eyes!


One of my favorite spots at the Denver Botanic Gardens! You can walk around the pond or sit on one of the benches facing the gazebo. To the far left is where we sat at the restaurant (not seen in the photo) where the service is friendly, the views are amazing and the food is delicious! I was raving about their fries and their pulled pork sandwich for days!


Japanese garden.








This bridal gown was up on the second floor of one of the plant rooms showcasing local artists work. Actually, it was in the same level as the tropical plant room. I love the skirt!


If I lived closer to Denver (I live an hour away) I’d become a member to come sit here everyday. It’s amazing how so many plants can replenish your inner soul. This woman was just sitting there enjoying the atmosphere and I don’t blame her. This particular walkway reminded me of a park by my house down in Brazil called “The Bosque”. It was here that I’d go there and run around with my friends or have picnics with my mom, exploring and hiking around the trails. Here is a short video of what the park looks like. It literally is one of my favorite places in my hometown, I have so many great memories from there. One day I’d love to show my teen Adventure Boy this park, so he can get a feel (other than the humid air) of what kind of things I did as a teen. The video is here. Check it out!


Behold a tree house! We were heading up to the top, but there were cones in the way in one of the stairs. By then, I had looked at the time and realized they were going to be closing soon so we forgot to head up the other way to go up. Maybe this coming Saturday we’ll head up to the top. Anyways, this tree house was epic! If you live near Denver, definitely check out the tree house in the tropical plant room. This is one of my favorite pictures even though it seems like any other picture. I like it!


I love this house! Nothing brings out the romantic in me to see vines climbing up an old house with so much character. I could have sat there and come up with a short love story just by looking at this house. Yes, this is in the Denver Botanic Gardens park.



So there ya go. Just a few pictures that I took whilst visiting Denver Botanic Gardens. This probably is thee longest post I’ve ever done in the past 5 years I’ve been blogging here on WordPress.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Today was a Good Day


It was a good day because I found this app and I could frame these flowers! I love taking pictures, but I also enjoy framing my photos too. This elegant frame seemed appropriate for these flowers. What is the app? It’s called “Photo Studio” and you can find this exact frame for your photos on there. I’m still discovering all it has, so that’s always fun. I did use Picasa to do a quick green border around the frame.

This picture suggests romance, elegance and perhaps a little wish for the future in my humble opinion. I like to interpret things I see and photograph them, but I also like to see if my viewers also see what I see. Maybe if I take a dreamy picture, does it mean I’m in a dreamy state of mood? Yes! Very much so. I show my emotions through my photography.

So do you have plans this weekend? If you know me well by now, you will probably know that I love theater! In saying that, I’m going to a theatrical dance play called The Warriors: A Love Story. The main characters of said play is about a philosopher and a dancer who were truly in love and survived the war. My kind of play! Those are my plans for Friday night this week, just another excuse to dress up; besides the play is free. Then this weekend it’s off to see the Hot Air Balloon festival here in Colorado Springs!

It’s September already, can you believe it? I hope this month treats everyone of you very kindly.

Until next time my darlings. xoxo

Amanda’s Journal: Getting great news


Dear Journal,

I’ve been riding a wave of euphoria since Sunday night at 8 PM. I can’t stop smiling, I am filled with happiness. I received news from a woman who knows my biological mom down in Brazil. She said my mom is doing well despite having had a stroke and is currently living with my older sister. She sent me a recent picture of my mother and as I stared at her lovely face, I was filled with love and pure joy. In the picture, my mom has the biggest smile and looks like she is about to break out in a huge laugh-it’s fantastic! She has more grey hair since I last saw her, but still retains that very youthful look. My mom (my adoptive mom who raised me) said out of all my sisters, I look the most like my biological mom. So, now that we have a middle woman between us, I can get her address and be more in contact with her. I had lost contact with her, so I wasn’t sure if she was still alive or not. I’m happy as a clam right now! Knowing she is alive and well makes me want to do the best in everything I do; I want her to be proud of me.

So that’s my great news!

As a way to show how news can affect how great news like this affects a blogger as myself, I thought it was the perfect time to change my blog name from JavaGirl’s Life to Amanda’s Camelot. I have my google alerts set for my own blog name and there are some other JavaGirl(s) with questionable intentions that I didn’t want to be associated with. I had wanted to change my blog name since last year anyways, I just didn’t know to what or when. Amanda is my middle name which I love very much. I chose using my middle name because I have a very unique first name and as far as I know I am the only one in the State of Colorado who has this name and one of 6 people in the entire USA who shares this name. So, for privacy reasons, I wanted to use my middle name. Camelot comes from the second definition of the word in the Webster dictionary: a time, place, or atmosphere of idyllic happiness. I like the name camelot because I have a romantic view of life. I love all things royal, castles, old world love and art. Colorado is my camelot. I love this place! I love the mountains, the wild flowers, the air and it truly represents where I live right now. It’s my camelot; where my dreams will come true whatever they may be. Everyday will not be perfect, but they will be better and easier.

Oh and I just got myself a new business partner or is it the other way around? We’re at the beginning phase, but things will move along fast because most of the research and bare bones of the website/store is already laid out.



Photo Challenge: Flower

Hello everyone!

This past Sunday we went to Wheaton Arts Village and they had a little Medieval Festival going on. We only got to see the last 45 minutes of it, so I didn’t catch too many photo opportunities, but it was enough to convince my mom to go to the huge Renaissaance Faire in Pa this summer. I’ll definitely take photos for that, so be in the lookout for it. I love taking photos of flowers as you can tell below.

This flower was literally standing all alone as we walked past it. How can one ignore such beauty and not immortalize it? The sun was shining on it just perfectly.

This is an old concept of growing flowers. It was started in France as stated by a sign near the plants.

This was it looked like with many more glass encased plants. I stooped very low for this picture- I might have just laid flat on the concrete-but I wasn’t having none of it. I love low angle shots.

Gandalf! Whatever happened to you? You are wood! This wood carving was by a little store and caught my attention. The more I looked at it, the more I kept thinking of Tolkien books. If all trees had faces, I doubt we’d cut them as much as we do. They would scream in pain as we see here. What a captivating face that you can interpret in so many ways.

Time travelers. You see them now and then.

This was a great play put on by the very talented actors. I love how everyone speaks with a British accent.

As we were walking to our next destination, we passed these flowers in the sunlight on a roof! I had to stop and capture it because the sun was just making the flowers glow.

Out in the country

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day yesterday. I know I sure did. In fact, it was probably the best one I’ve had in a very long time. We had gone to visit my mom who is staying with friends who live out in the country as she recovers from her medical issues about an hour and a half South of where I live. Luckily, I followed another person going there through all the twists and curves on the roads to finally arrive at a 100-year-old farm house next to a very old cemetery. I love being in the country and eating homemade dinner made from scratch. After helping the host in the kitchen for a while, I sat down and massaged my mom’s legs and foot as they were hurting her. She loves it when I massage her legs and continues to tell me I should have been a masseuse. I spoil my mom everyday, it doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day for me to paint her toenails or make a homemade meal for her. It was my day too, so it was nice not having to cook. Here are some photographs I took because my camera is finally cooperating with me for once. It’s been quite a while since I last posted my photographs and it feels good to do it again. Have a nice Monday!

These little flowers were next to her back door. They were so tiny you would almost miss their tiny beauty. But I captured it.

Texture is what I love about this photograph.

I just liked how they decorated this. If you look closely you’ll see the tip of the picture above.

Sparky put his paw on Adventure Boy and had it there for a good 5 minutes. It was so cute I had to capture it!

Enchanted by Fuji Matsuri

From mid April to mid May every year in Japan, there is a beautiful flower festival called Fuji Matsuri or the Wisteria Festival. Walking through this beautiful flower garden would inspire poets, writers, musicians, artists and photographers. These pictures are so enchanting and magical-can you picture a wedding here? I can. The beauty this earth presents to us continues to capture my imagination. Hope everyone has a nice Earth Day tomorrow!

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