Artist of the Month: Isaac Hou, 胡啟志 Lord of the Ring


This month I present you the artist and performer, 胡啟志. I came upon his video today and had to share his amazing performance. The big ring he uses is called a Cyr Wheel which is an acrobatic device. I had to do a tiny bit of detective work to find out what his name was since it was written in a different language as well as finding his Facebook page. I admire people who can maneuver in such beautiful movements and be one with the ring. Personally, if I tried it, I’d have ten broken fingers and toes and fall flat on my back or face. Or perhaps with some practice, I could maybe conquer a little spin. I mean, I used to be a gymnast when I was in middle school, how hard could it be? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m quite happy to be standing on the sidelines and watching experts such as 胡啟志 to awe us with their talent.

I’m curious to know if he’s been to Brazil or when he plans to come to Colorado. I think the mountain backdrop would be stunning. I know anyone who loves taking pictures would say he’s a dream to photograph in regards to subject moving in fluid motions-those moments captured on film would be breathless.

Isaac Hou has a zen like way of spinning and just watching him relaxes you-truly a fascinating man. I watched his video two times in a row, I truly enjoyed it. I know you will too and that is why I chose Isaac Hou as my Artist of the Month!

Check out the video below and his Facebook page. While at his Facebook page, check out his other video. Don’t forget to enlarge the video full screen to really capture the beauty of his performance.

To find his Facebook Page, copy and paste his name: 胡啟志 Artist