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Hey guys!

Sorry I’ve been away for a minute! I’m trying to adjust to my new schedule and still make time for blogging. I come home and I’m pretty tired from work. I’m also training/taking a course for my dream job which is time constraining and intellectually draining with terms, case studies etc. It’s an exciting course no doubt, but I have to balance my life and have fun too. Speaking of fun, I want to give a very warm welcome to my latest subscribers! You guys subscribe even when I’m not blogging and that makes my heart sing. I think it’s very sweet that you want to know what I’m up to and are welcoming my little humble blog posts into your feed or inbox. I don’t really have a theme for my blogging, I just basically like to write about places (unusual or ones that people never hear about), my digital journal which I haven’t done in a while, WordPress Photography Challenges (which I’ve been slacking on lately) or just funny things. I try my best to return the favor with likes or subs, but I’ve noticed that my latest subscribers aren’t from WordPress which makes it hard for me to just easily follow back. If you have an email link or something I can follow you back if you’re on another web platform, let me know or else I’ll just to hunt for it on your website. I have down time now, so I’m reading some posts from you all. Just finished reading about a blog specifically about relationships. I always find that interesting, how bloggers manage their relationships online. Your photos are amazing too, so I like to see the talents of the photographers out there. Keep up the great job everybody! You all are stars to me. Don’t forget that either. 🙂

I’m working on putting together a little video of my time up in the Garden of the Gods this past Sunday. It’s taking longer than expected, but I’m trying. It’s a lovely place near my home and I wanted to share the experience with you guys. There is one clip where I am standing on the edge of a cliff thing and the camera is focused down into the little alley way, it looks incredibly frightening but I was pretty safe where I was and the camera just makes it look 1000 times scarier. Lol. It’s not really high, but the depth perception is what makes it scary, haha. Ok. Time for a late night shower and heading to bed.

One more thing. See below. That’s for you, my amazing subscribers!


Day 11 Writing Challenge: Write about anything that’s currently on your mind

Are you kidding me? Right now, this very second Star Wars is on my mind! This goliath of a movie release and the enormous anticipation is everywhere! Remember my post about when I went to the Great Sand Dunes here in Colorado? No? Well, for my newest subscribers, you can click and read it here: Exploring the Great Sand Dunes. One of the reasons why I wanted to go there this year was because of the new Star Wars movie coming out. Not only did I want to see these Great Sand Dunes and their beauty, but because I’m such a Star Wars nerd I wanted to see what it might have felt like running around in the sand which felt like being in the movie itself. First of all, there’s a lot of walking and you’d need a big container of water just to walk 3 hours to just get to one huge dune. Huffing and puffing, I thought, “Ok. Maybe running around in an actual planet full of sand is not as glamorous as it looks onscreen.” Ha. Anyways, seeing this video clip reminded me of my fun day out in the Great Sand Dunes and it just made my little Star Wars nerdy heart so happy! I just hope it’s as good as it looks. I loved seeing Chewy and Harrison Ford. Doesn’t Harrison look amazing? Wow. I mostly want to see the original cast members in the movie; I just think it’s so wonderful they could all be together so many years after the first Star Wars movie. It’s a great time to be alive people!! Back to how good the cast looks, look at Chewy with his fur all combed back looking debonaire and suave baby. Lol… So excited to see this film and I hope you are too!

I give you the behind the scenes of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Video credit: ScreenSlam

Day 10 Writing Challenge: Write your top 10 pet peeves

Ooooh snap! This should be fun! Yes, after yesterday’s post, I wanted to do something a bit more light hearted. When it comes to pet peeves, I can tolerate some things, but others…. No ma’am, nooo ma’am!

1. People who don’t cut their fingernails! Especially men. I’m not big fan of men with claws and if there is (gasp) dirt underneath their nails, then I am running for the hills. A nice clean cut fingernail is attractive to me.

2. People picking their teeth at the table. I just cringe whenever I see this. Please for the love of the world get a toothpick!

3. Don’t call me “babe” if you want to date me! I don’t care if other couples call each other that, but I hate being called babe. It reminds me that pig from the movie “Babe” and I will think I’m a pig if I’m called that. I prefer the much sweeter names like darling, sweety, hon or princess.


4. When I’m concentrating and someone starts to click their pen like crazy!

5. Squeezing the toothpaste from the middle!

6. When you do something for someone and they don’t say thank you. I don’t like the attitude of entitlement. Just show a sign of gratefulness.

7. When someone takes a swig of water from a bottle than hands it to you with all their germs floating around in the backwash! Ew. Just no. Nope. Gross.

8. People who cross a busy road and don’t bother to look both ways! There’s an air of arrogance for people who do this because they think traffic from both directions will stop just to watch them walk across the road like royalty.

9. When you come up with a great idea and someone else takes credit for it in front of your boss! This happened to me once many years ago. Grrr!

10. Eating a Kit Kat like a sandwich! No, you break it in pieces one by one in one long strip. To munch right across the Kit Kat is like death to me! Haha!

Day 8 Writing Challenge: Write about anything

Well…that’s easy. Let’s just take the time to appreciate the folks back in 1906. I saw this posted on Twitter and it hasn’t slipped my mind at all. In fact, I keep thinking about it so I thought I’d finally put it to rest and share it with you. When I watched this clip, I couldn’t get over the funny characters that showed up along the ride. The traffic is normal in the beginning, drivers play chicken in trying to beat the cable car within seconds of crossing it, people stand in the middle of the tracks as if to have a showdown with the cable car, a silly newsboy criss crosses the tracks, two people nearly get run over by cars and someone’s car needs an extra push to get going. By the end of the video, there’s no sense in even having a road, it’s just pretty much anyone’s road! What I also found fascinating was just the way the people acted in general and wondering where they were off to that day. The music is hypnotizing and haunts your mind for a while after watching it. I love the rare glances we have into the past, it’s like looking into a time capsule and the way the people looked into the camera (if they knew they were being filmed) was almost spooky. Oh. Was that a random horse just running the streets at 3:27?

Why I wrote a poem about Tristan…

Tristan is not a person that I wrote about in my poem. In fact, Tristan is a volcanic island and what is called the remotest island in the world. The island officially is called Tristan da Cunha. I sometimes get views from a little island called “Isle of Man” on my blog so I was researching and looking at pictures of Isle of Man yesterday when I stumbled across an article about the most remote island in the world.

My fascination for remote locations around the world and the people who live there has always captured my attention since I was very young. I too feel very comfortable in isolated places such as sand dunes, beaches, isolated towns in the middle of the jungle etc. Usually in these place, you are able to let your cerebral intellect run wild whilst taking in the sounds of nature, the authenticity of old traditions of people and ability to be far away from any modern day stresses. I think that’s why I have always felt so free in such places; these places quench my spirit and allow me to purify my mind, body and soul. Let’s find out a little more about Tristan, shall we?


Tristan is part of a group of volcanic islands, but is the main island where the citizens of Tristan live. Tristan is a British overseas territory but governed by Saint Helena.


The view approaching Tristan from a boat. There are no airports on Tristan.


There’s a population less than 300 people who live on the island. There are 80 families with names like Glass, Green, Swain, Lavarello, Repetto, Rogers and Hagan.

A man sets aside his best potatoes for planting.
A man sets aside his best potatoes for planting.

Currency was not available until recently. Before, potatoes were the main form of currency with the families all bartering with each other. There is a location called “The Patches” 3 miles away from town where everyone goes on the weekend to pick potatoes. In this community, if you needed flowers to put on your loved ones graves, all you would have to do is to ask your neighbors if you could pick some of their flowers in their yard. There isn’t a floral shop, people share here. If someone hunts and catches food, he will share with the community. Here, people talk to one another when they pass their neighbor; to walk by one another with an acknowledgment is considered rude. This is a very tight knit community who love the fact they are isolated from the rest of the world. Many citizens never knew what a television looked like or many of the modern day things we have today. The citizens value their way of life and want to continue with their ways with the next generation of Tristans.

Watch the video below and see if you see what I saw. I saw a group of happy, hard working and charming people who happen to live in the world’s most isolated island. This looks like an amazing place to call home. I wouldn’t mind visiting there as not having much to do than walk around, hike, explore the ponds and interacting with the people would make me just as happy. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, I love simplicity. I know in the past, the citizens of Tristan would only receive mail once a year! But the last I heard, they have internet, so I’m sure communication is much faster now.

Video credit: David MacKenzie

There is another well done documentary that I will add below.
Tristan da Cunha Part 1

Tristan da Cunha Part 2

Now, when you reread my poem about “Tristan”, you’ll understand I was talking about the island the entire time. 🙂


Day 7 Writing Challenge: Write a Poem ( “Tristan”)



Isolated from the world, you stand on your own.
Rough waters surround you, high cliffs abound
Forgotten by the world, this home you’ve always known.
Seagulls calling each other a familiar sound

Sailing to come see you, across the ocean blue
A journey that will take many days
What is this air of mystery that surrounds you,
When I arrive, show me your ways.

Anchor my love, I must be with you soon
Nourish me from the rains from above,
Light my path when I walk under the moon,
Wait for me, welcome me with love.


I had more fun writing this poem than you might expect. Why? Ah, you’ll see why later today. Who is Tristan you may ask? Why haven’t you told us about Tristan? I can only smile and tell you you’ll find out very soon. But I must confess, Tristan did inspire me to write this poem. My next post will be all about Tristan, so please be on the lookout for my next blog because it will explain everything!

Day 4 Writing Challenge: Rant about anything

Yeah! I get to rant with this one! Ok, first of all. Watch the video. What did you think? Do you think the old man was justified for faking his own death? The video above is a German commercial for a store much like Walmart. Based on scanning over the comments below the video, it drives me crazy to read how people just don’t “get it”.

I have spent every Christmas with my mom. Come hell or high water, I would have moved mountains to make sure I spent Christmas with my mom. Yes, I understand people marry/get a new job and move cross country and don’t have the money to visit their parents every Christmas, but a nice Skype call or a long telephone call would be nice….better yet, making it for another major holiday to spend with your parent(s) would be nice. No one should spend Christmas alone…much less your own parents? This man had lots of kids and NOT ONE of them could MAKE it to their father’s home? Really?! I’m not saying all the siblings had to come over (albeit they did at the end), but at least one of the siblings could have made it. Not one of the siblings got together and said to each other, “Listen, who is going to spend Christmas with dad this year? We gotta make sure dad is NOT alone!” Are these siblings that selfish and into themselves that they can’t make it to their father’s home for Christmas? Their father raised them when they were kids. I’m sure he and his wife provided food, a roof over their heads, made sure they got Christmas presents under the tree when they were kids, went to their school events…and they have the audacity to ignore him at his old age?

Unless you know what it’s like to lose a parent (like myself), let me tell you something. You will find many days (other than Christmas or any other holiday) when you will want to just pick up the phone and talk to your parents. Once they are gone, they are gone. No more hearing their voice over the phone when you call them. When something exciting happens or you just need a little advice, you can’t just call up your parents anymore. I spoke to my mom practically everyday. When I felt sick or scared about something, I’d even call her at 3 am and she’d tell me everything was going to be ok.

My point is, you never know when your last time with your parents/grandparents will be. It might be tomorrow. It might be the next few weeks or it even might be this year. Don’t take your family for granted. You will feel good knowing you said “I love you” or had spent a wonderful time with them the last time you saw them. Believe me and trust me on this one, I can’t not stress it enough, when your parents are gone, you will play over and over your mind everything that happened the last time you saw them. You will either cherish the memories or you will forever live with regret thinking, “I wish I had….or I wish I had said…just one last time.” Make your time with your loved ones the best that you can. I think people take their parents/grandparents for granted…sadly.

Anyways, back to my midnight rant! Good thing he was still alive when they walked in and had prepared a lovely meal for them. Hopefully they stayed and helped clean up instead of running into their SUV’s and forgetting about gramps once again. No one should go to extremes to fake their own death just to get their family together, but this was a prime example of desperation from a man who was fed up of eating alone for Christmas! But to be fair too, gramps could have found a neighbor or gone to a local community where they served Christmas dinner and be around others, but I understand he wanted his own kids there with him.

Whew! That felt good. I knew I felt a rant coming when I saw this commercial!


Day 2 Writing Challenge: What is strength to you?

*The original challenge was to write a fan fiction, but I might do that in a future post only because it would take me hours to write and I’m not feeling too well right now. Hopefully this will go away soon.

I think one of the greatest strengths a person can have is to have emotional strength. As I’ve grown older I’ve sadly realized how emotionally fragile many people are. It is not their fault they are that way, everyone is different and everyone deals with things in their own way and time.

There are those who even at a young age are thrown into circumstances that open doors of how to handle traumatic events. I personally have experienced traumatic events, but at a young age you need the support and love of loved ones to help you to lead an emotionally healthy life as an adult. I admire people who despite going through very tough times in their lives are able to forget about themselves and help others.

At my former job, one of our new workers was a woman named “Jan”. Jan was very outgoing, bubbly, sweet, always smiling and very funny. I enjoyed my talks with Jan as she would often stop by my desk and we’d giggle about things and joke around. We had similar personalities so our conversations would turn from work related discussions to out right ridiculous topics. One day Jan was telling me about her life history and I was shocked by what she had gone through. I could not believe all she went through; a divorce, cancer, assault, being homeless etc. As she was talking I just looked at her and my eyes started welling up with tears. Jan spoke about her experiences as if she told many people about it, but I just was thinking what a strong and good head on her shoulders she was showing me. I would have never known all she went through because she always showed such a strong persona. A month later she had to return to Puerto Rico to take care of things because her mother suddenly passed away. I’ll always remember Jan and her incredible emotional strength. With my former job, it was extremely stressful because you were taking care of 25 clients each with their own struggles. Day in and day out, dealing with the clients would make you feel like you were carrying the weight of the world with all their problems. Unfortunately, many of the clients had succumbed to dealing with their struggles with drugs, being in abusive relationships, wanting to commit suicide etc and we were there to help shift their mind and activities to live a more productive life.

Discussing emotional strength has always been a favorite topic of mine that I love to discuss. You can learn so much from people who have this trait. How do they do it? Where do they get it from? Who inspired them to become emotionally strong? How do they recharge when they start break apart? How do they maintain it? What advice would they give to others? What event showed them that they had achieved that point? Such a compelling topic. Resilience can be achieved by how we look at adversity. Being positive is key.

Video Credit: CBS Sunday Morning

Day 1 Writing Challenge: Write your autobiography

I was born in the hot, humid jungle of the Amazon in the lovely country of Brazil. My future adoptive mother was a nurse and became good friends with my biological mother who became her helper/assistant years before I was born. My future adoptive mother helped deliver me as a baby, but had gotten plenty of practice delivering other babies before I came along. Due to certain circumstances for my safety, my biological mother wanted me to have a better life than what she had there and asked my adoptive mother to adopt me. For my biological mother, this was the hardest thing she ever had to do, but she felt in her heart this was what she had to do and wanted the best for me. My adoptive mom began the process of the adoption which was not easy, but eventually after 2 years everything worked out. In an effort to make a better transition into Kindergarten, my adoptive mother taught me English. I still have a tape of myself singing and speaking in broken English to my grandfather. I became fluent in the English language just by playing with other kids in Kindergarten.

Around the age of 3 or 4, the little village I lived in did not have a main water structure for everyone. I’m not sure how it happened, but the days leading up to the “big event”, I knew something important was happening. As a child, I sensed the excitement of the adults and I felt a certain happiness in the air. I just remember a lot of men working for days putting a pipe in the ground and building a structure. The day finally came and we finally had clean running water that everyone in the village could benefit from. I think you now understand why any water charity is so dear to my heart. There were many interesting people I also met as a very young child. Some of the men I met felt larger than life to me. I later found out they were anthropologists, adventurers, archaeologists, pathologists, scientists, American researchers and pilots. I have flown on all types of planes from small one & two engine planes, huge army planes, 747’s but my favorite as a child were the water planes. There is nothing like landing on water on a plane specially designed to gently land on the river, it truly is one of the greatest sensations you can ever feel. Thus began my love for Indiana Jones when the movie came out when I was much older. Indie reminded me of my friends that I met as a young child, even down to the hat. These people I met were literally real life Indiana Jones to me, some world wide known and admired by famous institutions in London and the USA. The picture below is of me relaxing for mom to take a picture before I got up in .013 seconds to go back to playing.


My adoption process was completed when I turned four. I remember we had to fly to Rio to fill out some papers. During our time in Rio we went to a zoo and this gorilla drank a lot of water and spit it through the crowd. I can stand here and brag that a gorilla spat on me as a child and I was terrified yet wondered what I did to deserve such an act. My mom kept for years in her keepsake a little picture of a gorilla that I drew spitting water on the crowd. I think I still have it. If I find it, I’ll post it on here later on, it’s quite cute. Thus began my love for King Kong as I grew older. It’s amazing how the littlest things you experience as a child shape the types of movies you like later on in life; albeit it has to do more with fond memories of childhood of the people/things/animals I met than the actual movies themselves.

I went to an International English speaking school and had classmates from around the world, thus giving me the love of appreciating people from all walks of life. Some days I would hang out with my best bud from Switzerland and we’d go and make crafts at her house after school. Another day, I spent the day with my bestfriend from Trinidad. Other times I’d share lunch with my Japanese friend or hang out with my Dutch friend who later gave me my first and last cat. When I was 8 years old we flew to the USA for me to become an American citizen. We usually spent a year in the States before returning back for another 4 years in Brazil, so we took advantage this time to complete that process. Before going to court, I was so scared I’d forget how to say the Pledge of Allegiance and that the judge would scowl at me and deny my citizenship. I practiced and practiced the entire ride up to the court. The ride was about 20 minutes long, so you can just imagine the number of times I was reciting in the back seat quietly to myself. In the courtroom, there were many other people there too and we all recited together, so my fears were quickly diminished and I successfully became an American citizen. I still have my little American flag and I proudly display it.

After High School, I went to 2 different colleges here in the USA. If there is one thing I do regret now is that I never took advantage of the “Semester at Sea” program. I had gotten loads of brochures during my Junior and Senior years down in Brazil, but either because I wasn’t ready to be away from my mom or something else, but I never went. I now wish I had. I suppose I later made up for it in a small way by going on 2 cruises and visiting 6 different countries a few years ago, but studying at sea and visiting different ports would have been a dream come true. I’ll always have an eternal thirst for travel. Once you travel, it’s something that will always stay with you. Visiting different countries gives you an appreciation of what you have and a new sense of compassion for those who are less fortunate.

To be continued….

Be Phenomenal: A little motivation for you

To get my blogging writing skills greased ahead for my 30 day writing challenge in January, I’ll be doing a two week writing challenge this month from December 6th-19th. Come check it out, I’m sure you’ll find out some new things about me, especially to my newest subscribers! Hi! I was going to do it this month (the 30 day writing challenge), but decided to move that up to January instead because I just wanted to focus on Christmas photos and writing about my first month here in Colorado Springs during the Christmas season. December is definitely one of my favorite months, despite it being so cold for my little Brazilian heart. Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ll be writing about. And here’s a sneak peak about how I’m feeling about some of the writing challenges…..eeek! Some of those on the list absolutely terrify me, but I’ll do them anyways because I like love challenges even if I’m a chicken about them!


In other news, I’ve been feeling like I just need a little motivation in my life this week. Sometimes life’s stresses can cause one to lose the energy and you just need a little kick in the butt to get back up and be amazeballs! This is one of those weeks. There will be a new routine in my life and meeting new clients this month, so change is in the air for me. I’m excited for this new phase in my life, but I just need a little recharge, that’s all. 🙂 I found this video and it did give me motivation. In saying that, I wanted to share it with you all too.

If you ever feel a little down or need a pick me up video, feel free to come to this post. You are absolutely always welcomed to hang around here.