Day 28. March Blog Challenge

What is your favorite quality in a person?

Hello my loves!

The month is coming to a close in a few days. I can’t believe April is already around the corner! March has been kind to me for the most part. Some days when I feel disappointed in how slow everything is progressing towards surgery, I remind myself to stay positive. Today I went to my doctor to get a referral to see a Neurosurgeon. Looks like I might need a little nerve decompression surgery to fix a pinched nerve in my lower back. This has to be taken care of before my knee surgery. So that means 1-3 weeks of recovery from that before the knee replacement. So, now I wait to hear from the Neurosurgeon in a few days to go meet him. But even before that, I need another MRI. This will be my 3rd time since last August. I actually like getting an MRI. It’s relaxing despite the loud clicking sounds. Thank God for headphones & listening to 80’s music.

One of the qualities I love about a person, but takes time to discover is consistency. Why is consistency such a hard quality to find in anyone? I’m not just talking in relationships, but in coworkers, family, potential friends etc. Consistancy is like the holy grail.

I’m the type of person who needs consistency. Consistency means a feeling of knowing I can depend on someone to be there for me, trust in their judgment & advice as well as companionship. I don’t care if you travel the world every week, but as long as I know you’re there for me via phone, skype that’s all that matters. In a chaotic world, it is nice to know someone will be there for you. I’ve had people say to me that they will be there for me, but they only end up ghosting me for whatever reason. That just shows me their true character. But I’ve also had friends who have remained consistent throughout my life & that truly is something to celebrate about. I do regularly tell those friends thank you. I never take their friendship for granted.

xoxo 🍕

Day 25. March Blog Challenge 🤖

What were your favorite childhood toys and shows growing up?

Hi there buttercups!

I’ve been super busy doing things. One of them is organizing about 3,000 photos online in categories so it’s easier to make videos and things like that. Plus, I have 7 USBs I had to go through. This has taken me hours as I’m also uploading them on Onedrive. Ok, so I was going to post pictures of my favorite toys growing up, but I thought it would be easier to show commercials of them instead. Walking down memory lane my loves! Right this way!

Cabbage Patch Kids!

I was a little late to the game in regards to owning one, but I did finally get one as a present.

Credit: AnainCA

Slip’n Slide

This was a lot of fun! Good times!


Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood

Don’t the first few notes of the intro make you feel like a little kid again? You’re suddenly transported to a time in your life where you felt special, even though the man talking to you in that soft spoken voice was in the tv? I really enjoyed his shows. I especially loved the adorable red trolley and King Friday and his court. There was always drama with them! Isn’t it amazing how shows influence your interest as you get older? I still love trains & trolleys to this day & I follow the royal family in England too.

Credit: Christian Michael Corenza

Reading Rainbow

Such a great show! Those days reminded me of the book catalog where you could buy books from. I used to love the magazine for kids called Highlights because they had poetry and drawings of kids from all over the country. I believe this was where my love of poetry stems from.

Credit: Hilbenhousen Industries

My Little Pony

Well, my pony was raised in the tropics! I would braid my pony’s tail and make makeshift boats for my pony to ride in. It rained heavily everyday in Brazil so there were always little streams my pony would sail on or if I was feeling especially adventurous, we’d play in mud. I would make sand castles on the beach for my pony and we’d go swimming together in the ocean & pool.

Credit: 80sCommercialsForever

Snoopy Snowcone Machine

Snoopy is the original gansta, the G. What kid doesn’t love snow cones? I never stopped & when my son was old enough to work the machine on his own, I got one! It’s in storage in New Jersey I believe. We would have a lot of fun making our own snowcones. I’m such a hipster mom!

Credit: Steve Betancourt

Scooby Doo

I was mesmerized by this show! The show was funny, but there were still some parts that scared me! It wasn’t too horrifically scary, but just enough to watch it with a blanket near my chin ready to hide under for the scary parts. Maybe the show was preparing me for when I’d actually end up living in several haunted homes! Surprisingly, my son & I watch horror movies and laugh throughout the movie! We’ve had so many ghostly experiences we shake our heads & think that’s not what happens! My son grew up watching Scooby Doo & wanted shirts with Scooby Doo on them.

Credit: TITRO99

80’s tv toy, cereal commercials

I will leave these commercials as a walk down memory lane. Maybe you’ll see something on this video which will make you say, “Oh yeah! I remember playing with that!”

Credit: 80sCommercialVault

xoxo 🤖

Day 23. March Blog Challenge 🗣👥

Why do people kiss & tell?!

Hi guys!

I’m trying real hard to understand the reasons people feel so free to kiss and tell to complete strangers about their relationships. Not only that, but to complain about their significant others publicly. There’s an exemption, of course, in telling people of maltreatment, abuse and lessons learned from it & how not to get in that situation.

I’m talking about sitting around in a restaurant with all your girlfriends & talking smack about your boyfriend for no reason. He’s not there to defend himself & only puts your girlfriends to hate him even more. It’s ok with a close friend somewhere private where you can seek advice if there’s bumps in the road. It’s just unfair for the boyfriend to be made fun of like he’s some pinata so everyone can have a go at verbally punching him. Then to come home & kiss your boyfriend and tell him you had so much fun out with your girlfriends!

If you’re constantly complaining about your man all the time to your friends and things haven’t improved over several months or years, he is probably not right for you.

Same goes for men. They shouldn’t kiss and tell what they do in private. It’s mortifying for a woman.

Why am I ranting about this? I’m watching this Australian dating show on Netflix about four couples who broke up and they spend 3 weeks together to figure out if they want to give it a go one more time. The episode I just watched has all four couples meeting each other at a bar/restaurant. All the men are together and the women meet up somewhere else. They are all brought together to meet each other, but for the men it turns quickly to how far physically they’ve each gone with with their woman. Remember, these are complete strangers. They’re not bros. A few answered, but they kept it classy. The oldest guy there, much to my surprise, was more vivid in his answers it was cringe for me. Not surprisingly, when his woman found out she was mad!

As for the women, half of them were verbally expressing their adoration for their men. They only said positive and loving things about their man.

Call me crazy, but when I do have a boyfriend I tend to gush about how sweet and wonderful they are. Even in group settings, I like to say positive things about him because that’s how I truly feel in my heart when he’s away from me. I like to think of all the amazing things he has done for me. No one is perfect, obviously, and everybody has bad days where they are grumpy & in a bad mood. I just think if you truly care about someone why the eff are you constantly complaining about him? Especially in public? Even in social media! Doesn’t make sense and shows immaturity.

In other news, I watched the first season of Lookalikes on Netflix and never laughed so hard! I literally had amazing belly laughs and it was wonderful! British humor is just hilarious!

xoxo 💕💕

Day 21. March Blog Challenge 🎉🎊

What is one goal you can achieve before the month is over to better yourself?

Hello all you buttercups!

Today is a special day. Today is the day a precious little baby was born to me 18 years ago. 18 years old?!? Oh my. Time does fly. To celebrate I’m making steak, with mash potatoes and broccoli. I’m still going to make him a cake too. This year will increase his independence more & hopefully he can practice everything I’ve taught him to be a good citizen of the community. I can only imagine how stressed my mom was when I started driving on my own. It was the taste of freedom like no other, attached with friends riding along to go down to the shore for the day, hanging out in Philly etc. Right now we are looking at cars. It will be so nice when my son can drive so we won’t need Uber to take us to doctor appointments.

Credit: Shutterstock

One thing I remind myself, especially this month, is to take my time. What I mean by this is to not feel like I need to complete everything on my to do list. If my knee swells up or starts hurting, it’s ok to just stop and rest my knee for the remainder of the day. Some days I don’t do anything on my list & I shouldn’t feel guilty if I do. It’s ok to go in my own pace. The last thing I need is to worsen my condition. My son already does a lot around the house & is extremely helpful. So, to better myself, I’m just reminding myself to take my time. I’m not used to that as I am the type of person who gets things done in a certain time frame. That’s why my supervisor liked me. I always got things done & had my work completed, but I’m at a point where I need to surrender to what my body says and that’s ok.

We’re all trying to better ourselves in some shape or form.

No one should strive for perfection. Just strive to be excellent!

xoxo 💕💕

Day 20. March Blog Challenge

Make a list of 5 simple delights that brighten your day.

Hey you…

Feeling much better today. I did sleep in much more, however. Woke up close to noon. Yesterday was a great day in other ways. Watched an amazing movie that reminded me of Avatar.

Simple delights for me are as follows.

1. Discovering new songs like this one. I like her voice & how she sounds so haunting. I was on Instagram & someone used this song as a background. I had to go online to see who sang this song. Apparently she’s a new artist. This song would sound just as amazing without any music as well, that’s how you know the singer is truly talented. The singer, Billie, was inspired by the movie “Roma”. I watched “Roma” back in early January & thought it was really good. I knew it would get an Oscar and it did. Roma is an independent movie and many of you know that I’m an independent movie buff. Simply love this song.

Credit: Billie Eilish

2. Kissing my son on the cheek goodbye before he goes off to school. He gets a ride with a friend & he’ll text me when he arrives at school safely. I text him to have a great day and that I love him. He writes the same. We do this every day. You can never take life for granted. He’s my only child.

3. Watching a movie. I’m going to be watching a lot of movies in the future with my down time, especially when I’m limited physically. If you know any great independent movies, let me know. Getting lost in a story for a few hours is mesmerizing.

4. Interacting with my niece. I have a wonderful niece on Facebook who is native indian like myself. Her mom was my youngest sister who passed away. My older sister has been raising her like her own daughter. My niece is a delight in my life, I love her so much! She’s a year older than my son. We’ll communicate via messenger and we’ll just catch up on my biological mom, who is obviously my son’s & her grandmother. My son has always known he has a biological grandmother. It will be very special for my son to meet his native indian grandmother as he is half native himself. The only one of his kind with American & Brazilian native kayapo blood. Hopefully in the future, we can meet her & I can meet my niece for the first time. I won’t stop hugging her, she truly is special as is everyone else who is my biological relative in Brazil.

5. Eating a sundae. I think the last time I had a sundae was 2 years ago. I’m thinking it’s time to have another one. I have to make my own sundaes from now on because I’m lactose intolerant. Most places don’t serve non dairy icecream. Same with milkshakes. I have to make my own. I’m a simple girl when it comes to icecream. I don’t need the fuss of a thousand nuts, gummy bears, cookies, sprinkles or whatever else that completely hides the actual icecream! Just give me Breyer’s dairy free vanilla icecream with Smucker’s fudge and some whipped cream & I’m the happiest girl on the block.

xoxo 💕💕

Separated from the one you love!

Hello friends,

Not doing a challenge today. My stomach hasn’t been feeling well all day. Been icing my knee & drinking ginger tea. That feeling where your mind says a nice delicious dinner would be great, but your body says “no way”!

This is a great story of love between two animals. Who says dogs don’t show emotions with their eyes? This dog is so sweet & expressive when he misses his cow mom.

Anyways, talk tomorrow!

xoxo ❤

Credit: karthik

Day 18. March Blog Challenge

What is one thing you’re looking forward to.

Credit: Slate

Hi guys!

I’m really looking forward to a visit from my Aunt Debby. She’s technically not my aunt, but she’s a close family friend. After my mom passed away, she took it upon herself to take my son & I under her wing. Even though we moved to Colorado a few years ago, she calls, sends letters & packages to us which is incredibly sweet of her. We do that as well for her. She’ll be coming to my son’s graduation & sight seeing my new home town. It will be nice to have her as my plus 1. I thought it was going to be just me sitting there alone. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time since moving here, I’ve gone to several school functions by myself. The important thing is just to be there. That’s all that matters. Hopefully I’ll be walking around a lot better then I am now. So that is something I’m looking forward to very much in May.

Credit: Sarah Jorino

Even though it’s from the class of ’97, I still like this speech.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 17. March Blog Challenge ☘

Clear your head: make a list of things you’re anxious about and a declaration as to why you don’t have to be!

Well first of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish subscribers! Here’s a kiss from me to you! 💋

My anxious list:

1. Anesthesia.

2. Pain

Those basically are the two things I’m anxious about. I just have specific questions for the anesthesiologist about it. I’m sensitive to things like that. Last time I had it, I was shaking like a leaf, cold and extremely nauseous I almost threw up while lying down. Maybe it was a combination of other things I was on. It’s just scary when they ask you if you have a will etc & tell you all the risks.

Pain. No one likes physical pain. It’s normal to feel nervous & I know it’s expected after surgery.

Credit: Shutterstock

My declaration, with the comforting words of my friends, is that God is in control & that these are the same surgeons that work on Olympians & professional athletes. So I’m pretty much in good hands with the anesthesiologist & the medical team is there to make sure you are comfortable. I’m glad my friends are being so comforting because I feel like I’m acting like a chicken. Lol. They don’t judge. They’re just there for me & it means the world to me.

Tomorrow I’ll find out the day of surgery. Will be nice to finally get out of the house again!

xoxo 💕💕

Day 16. March Blog Challenge

Name your 5 favorite songs & why.

Hello lovely,

Today’s original challenge looked boring, so I decided to make up my own for today. I made it easy for myself because I love music. Ok let’s begin shall we?

Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21- Adante

Why: I love Mozart. Simple as that! My mom brought me up listening to the world’s greatest composers & I took a liken to Mozart because of the way his music made me feel. This particular song just is so moving & beautiful.

Credit: Poloshia

I was Glad- Parry

Why: What girl doesn’t dream about getting married one day? Over the years I’ve had several on mind, but until recently I finally decided this is the song. I decided about a month ago & I’m sticking to it. I love the singing & orchestra sound to it, everything flows so beautifully. When I hear this song, I picture everyone I care about there, most of all God blessing the union. If you follow me on Twitter you’d have seen my wedding dress. It’s a gorgeous regal bohemian dress. No, I’m not getting married. Lol. Calm down. Wedding might be in a forest, botanical garden, beach or at Glen Eyrie Castle here in Colorado Springs. Yes, we have castles here.

Credit: SuperMickeyMouse1

Globe Trekker Theme Song- Lonely Planet

Why: If you’ve been a traveler like myself, you get wander lust just hearing this song. I have this song as one of my ring tones. If I hear this song too much I’ll seriously book a flight somewhere which isn’t good. I’m trying to save for a nice getaway. This song brings back a lot of memories of watching this travel show! I always thought Ian had the dream job of traveling all over the world.

Credit: Ian Richie

A Fifth of Beethoven- Walter Murphy

Why: There’s nothing not to like about this song! Walter did an excellent job adding some major groove to this famous piece.

Credit: Frank

Summertime Is In Our Hands- Michael Franti

Why: The first time I watched this video I cried. I had heard this song many times, but I never saw the video to it. The song just sounded so happy & it made me smile and feel good. I love this song because it reminds me of my mom before she passed away. She had gone on a trip with a friend of hers to the Grand Canyon. She telephoned me & said she wished we were there with her & that she’d like us to go with her someday back to see the Grand Canyon. She said it was so beautiful. We were also supposed to go visit Prince Edward’s Island as well. Those two places are still on my travel bucket list to go to! My mom was always encouraging me to explore and enjoy life & I know she wouldn’t want me to stop just because she’s gone. My son wears one of her rings (it looks like a King’s ring) and I also wear one of her rings. So in a way, my mom is always with us in all our adventures. The end scene where she is lying face up in the water with her eyes closed is exactly what I did in Bermuda. That inner piece & connection with the one you love in heaven for that sacred moment is precious. You just want to keep floating… but! Then you realize there might be sharks nearby like you encountered in the Bahamas and you snap back to reality and swim back to everyone on the beach. Lol.

Credit: Michael Franti

xoxo 💕💕

Day 15. March Blog Challenge

Describe your perfect breakfast

Well hello there!

I’m a breakfast girl! I’ve always loved the continental breakfast because it has the cheese, meats, breads and juices. In Brazil, you get several choices of fruit juices other than orange juice. I grew up with freshly squeezed orange juice with lots of pulp in it. I need extra pulp or else breakfast isn’t breakfast! Lol! But I can’t make continental breakfasts everyday, that’s a lot of food.

Credit: Google

A perfect breakfast includes everything in that picture. I don’t have that everyday, obviously. I definitely love fruits like bananas & papaya. I’ve cut down on coffee, so I have tea or almond milk. Toasted wheat bread is amazing in the morning!

This morning I only had a cinnamon roll and English tea. Tomorrow I’ll probably have Muesli. Cheerios with cut up bananas is also a favorite. Other days I have oatmeal with brown sugar, almond milk and cinnamon. I get easily bored with breakfast so I switch it up.

I never had an English breakfast so I made it myself last year. It was fun to make and very delicious! It was approved by all my English friends. I must make it again soon.


Cheers to the weekend!

xoxo 💋💋