Day 13. March Blog Challenge

Name something you discovered today

Hello everyone!

The wind is crazy outside! I had my hot chocolate earlier so I’m good. How is everyone? I’m good. Feeling relaxed, happy and chill. I opened my door to see how bad the wind was and shut it closed within seconds. Nope. Apparently we are in the midst of a bomb cyclone. This only happens when the air pressure suddenly drops within 24 hours. Being way up above sea level during this has given me a tiny headache.

Thornback. This is a term given to any single lady not married over the age of 26. The name itself is pretty cool! If you were 23-26 and unmarried you were called a spinster.

So welcome to the return of the word THORNBACK.

I’m still thinking of my oven roasted chicken on this blizzard of a day. Oh well. I guess it will be worth it tomorrow. I think the high winds will stop. The airport down the street was clocking in at 96 miles per hour & no, it was not sustained. It was the gust. I’m learning so much about the weather today! 🤗

xoxo 💋💋

Day 12. March Blog Challenge

What was your favorite thing from yesterday or today?

Hello loves!

I’m getting out this blog a bit late. Sorry! Not sure if anyone cares, but my daily blogs will end this month. If I’ll do it again, I don’t know. I tend to go in hibernation with WordPress and not blog for months. We’ll see. I have more time on my hands, so I’ll write about weird places again. Ok. So here we go.

My favorite part of today was getting a surprise dinner from my son. Yesterday I had told him that ihop was going to be serving free pancakes all day. I know he likes hanging out with his friends after school so I thought they would like this. When my son is out, we are in communication. At one point I asked where he was because it was time to come home. He said he was at ihop & would be coming home soon.

When he came home, he had a grocery bag and 2 containers. He told me he got me pancakes for dinner! 😍 I mean, how much more can I love this kid? I already love him so much! He’s been so good to me during my knee pain by being extremely helpful around the house. I was surprised and so appreciative. He does come home bearing gifts like a candy bar for me, cookies from a party etc. But I’ve done the same too when I’ve gone out. I always make sure to bring him back something from somewhere I’ve been. Many times during my staff meetings, we’d have sandwiches and drinks, so I’d come home with an extra sandwich and desserts.

Plus, it’s a snow day tomorrow! Woo! This mama is happy her son will be home! I ordered from Instacart today, but got an email saying my delivery was canceled for tomorrow. I had wanted to make roast chicken with stuffing tomorrow while hunkering down during the blizzard. Guess it’s egg sandwiches tomorrow! Hey, at least I have hot chocolate with whipped cream!

xoxo 💋💋

Day 11. March Blog Challenge

What is one goal you can accomplish in the week ahead?

Hello my loves.

I would have to say rearranging my living room. Not much has to be done but it’s an achievable goal.

So we’ve been under an avalanche warning for a week now. I don’t live anywhere close to being directly under the path of a potential avalanche. It’s just a very broad warning to the people living in high country and the front range. It’s funny how before moving to Colorado I never had to remind myself exactly how high in elevation I live in. This is important to know once you live here because the weather reports always include the elevations. For example: heavy snow accumulation above 6,100 feet or avalanche potential above 7,100 feet and so on. I live about 6, 300 feet above sea level. Everything is about elevation here. No one cares about the population of your fello Coloradan’s town. It’s about how high your town is. People like going into the high country which means “mountains”. The natives say high country while outsiders say mountains. After living here for 5 years, saying high country has become natural. We also wouldn’t describe living “under the mountain ” of Pikes Peak. We instead say, “front range” which covers all the land in front of a huge mountain. Anyways, this is all lingo I had to learn when moving here.

To give you an idea of how high above sea level I live at, check out this diagram. Compare it to the Freedom Tower in NYC! I’ve been to Leadville, Colorado the highest town in the USA and that’s at 10,000 feet! It’s a cool little town. Reminds me of what maybe Colorado Springs would’ve looked like during the Gold Rush.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 10. March Blog Challenge

The best part of the day is…

Relaxing & spending time with my son. Today is Sunday after all, so I’ve been a bit lazy today. I got to sleep very late, I must confess. 5:45 am. I got caught up researching things online. It’s also when the clocks move an hour ahead?

I’m missing my Brazilian hammock. It doesn’t look like the one shown here, it’s a real hammock. I’ll show everyone once I get it out of storage in NJ. The picture reminds me of St. Martin… beautiful place. For a while I wanted to move to the US Virgin Islands. I don’t know where I’ll end up. I love being close to my son.

I remember relaxing in the hammock at our beach house down in Sea Isle City. It’s a piece of home from Brazil and they are super comfortable to sleep in. I don’t know if they still do this, but long boat trips (consisting of 2-3 days on the boat) would have people hanging up their hammocks to sleep on. There were no beds on the boat! So, there we were. Maybe 80 people sleeping in hammocks? The loud sounds of the engine roaring deep into the Amazon jungle as the boat made its way down the wide Amazon river. Then when it was morning, you just rolled up your hammock at the place you chose & found a place to sit. I was fairly young, so maybe it wasn’t 80 people.

So I went digging around YouTube to find you all what it’s like to travel by boat down the Amazon. I found a great video that just shows that. Here ya go. Check out their channel for other adventures they go on.

Credit: SkateboarderMagazine

Anyways, I got off track, but today’s question was so bland I wanted to make it more interesting.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 9. March Blog Challenge

What is the best gift someone could give you?

Credit: Google


The best gift someone can give me is their time. With time, you get their full attention, care, thoughts, communication & bond.

In a world where people are accustomed to and need instant gratification, spending time or giving of your time is scarce & ingenious.

I know I like it when someone has an incoming call & they ignore it only to tell you who it is & will call them later after they hang up with you. I know I’ve done that before. You feel important!

xoxo 💋💋

Day 8. March Blog Challenge

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own & why

Hey ohhhh….

I’ve recently shopped for some clothes and I am in love with my Ralph Lauren grey turtleneck. It’s so comfy & soft! It’s a bit too big on me, so I’m basically swimming in it.

It’s just comfortable. I feel secure in it and it just makes me feel good. Everyone has a piece of clothing we love to wear that makes us feel extra good.

Anyways, sorry this is so short today!

xoxo 💋💋

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday!

Day 7. March Blog Challenge

What is one thing you can do tonight to prepare you for tomorrow.

Hello you

I’ve been cleaning & organizing my home lately. I have a list made up of things I can do now, which I won’t be able to do after surgery for several weeks.

We have 2-3 bags to fill of unwanted clothes to donate. Out of my big list of things to do before surgery, sorting & filling the bags will be the most time consuming. I’ve been somewhat procrastinating about doing it, but I guess tomorrow is a good day to do it. I will get the bags ready tonight. Goodbye clothes!

Here’s a little video I made off the cuff last year. Too bad it was a grey & damp day. But the flowers in the garden made up for it. My client and I visited this beautiful garden one day & we were sitting down under this rose shelter type of thing.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 6. March Blog Challenge

Name a place that has recently captured your heart

Hello darlings!

Yes, I did modify today’s challenge for two reasons. One I totally forgot about my blog & second I didn’t like the challenge for today according to the challenge sheet I’m following. I felt it was dry, stale, boring and well uninspiring. So taking matters into my own hands as bloggers love to do when coming upon a situation where we are free to reign in our own creativity, I decided to make my own challenge. However, due to time constraints & getting ready for dinner, I made today’s challenge super easy.

I am in love…

Yes. It was love at first sight. Like, jaw dropping reaction. Like, the sound of heavenly angels singing. Like, I can’t stop thinking about it.

It happened one day by accident, as most things happen when you fall in love for the first time. I was watching a YouTube video about France when another video was referred to me on the right side of my screen. I clicked on it.

What is this place? Holy crap. It’s called St. Paul de Vence. It’s a little medieval town. The guy touring the place was super informative. The more he walked around, the more I fell in love with the place. I love medieval castles & towns. I would love to visit this place one day. It’s a place where poets, artists & writers have gone to & you can see why. The place is drowning in inspirations for a novel, paintings, movies and beautiful or tragic poems.

So, yes. St. Paul de Vence has captured my heart recently & I wanted to share with everyone what a beautiful place it is & why I can’t stop thinking about it.

Credit: DennisCallan

Day 5. March Blog Challenge

If you had to listen to one song everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hi there,

So I had a bit of a challenge for this one. The song I chose is not man made. I chose the song of nature. I found a loophole in the question because technically it didn’t state artist or music. The song of nature includes the sound of water & birds. Maybe the wind. Basically anything that nature produces. My reasoning is, if I had chosen a song that was near & dear to me, I’d get tired of it. It would lose its luster, it’s meaning of why it was special to begin with. If I heard my man made song every day, I know I’d get tired of it. Eventually it would turn tortuous to my ears. With the song of nature, I could hear that everyday. The songs of birds at 5 am in the morning reminds me that there’s life & hope out there. I can survive without ever hearing Mozart’s amazing music for the rest of my life, but don’t you dare take the song of nature away. I have a deep connection with nature. The sound of nature calms one’s soul & enlightens one’s awareness, bringing forth the capability of responding faster to things. Studies have shown your awareness & responsiveness is slowed down when noise pollution or loud music is heard.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 4. March Blog Challenge

Whats your over beauty philosophy?

Hi guys!

Munch, munch. Please excuse me as I’m eating my late lunch. What are you having at this hour you may ask. Bean humus, grape tomatoes, pita chips, red grapes & V8 Berry Splash to wash it down. No, I’m not vegetarian. I am for this hour though. It’s good. Especially the grapes!

My beauty philosophy is “beauty comes from within”. It’s plain & simple, right to the point. I honestly believe this from all my heart. I’ve said & written a billion times that how you treat & see yourself is reflected outwards. Are you happy with yourself? If you are, it shows by the way you smile, treat others with kindness & how you look at people. You may have the most beautiful eyes in the world, but if you are sad, those pretty eyes will show it. A happy heart will spark and physically make your eyes brighter and sparkly.

I feel sorry for mothers who don’t love themselves. It’s those mothers who end up raising their kids in unhappy homes where there’s a lot of anger & unhappy memories for those kids. Either those kids grow up & find partners that reflect their mothers and continue the cycle or they decide early on they will be happy in their own hearts which then will help them find a positive partner for themselves. A happy parent makes a happy child which then makes a happy home. Not every home is perfect just because everyone is happy, what I’m saying is despite an imperfect home, it just makes it easier to get through problems that may arise.

It’s been wonderful being outside! I miss it. The roads are getting clearer, but what beauty the snow brings to the trees. The sky is blue & the Colorado air is freaking pure.

Today I had an appointment with an orthopedist. Turns out after reviewing my MRI results, I have a torn meniscus, stretched ligament & strechted out nerve around my knee. Thats why I have felt so much pain & numbness in my right leg. I was able to see 3 doctors today since everyone was at the office. The spine specialist saw me & told the two orthopedist his opinion so they could proceed with the surgery. They were on the ball. I met the orthopedist surgeon who will be taking my case & his name is Tyler. He’s a sub specialist since my knee situation is a bit more complex. So, I go and see him in 3 weeks to discuss the final procedure and get ready for surgery which may be the first week of April. A knee replacement. I’m nervous, but it’s necessary. They said if I don’t do it I may lose the function of my leg, it’s that serious. How long is recovery I asked. Dr. Tyler said 6-12 weeks. He said it in a way coming from doing a lot of those procedures so it made me feel better. Usually I have tons of questions for doctors, but they answered all my questions basically. I’m an extrovert so I enjoy conversing with people. I’m assertive too so I was able to get the ball started with getting temporary disability while I’m out of work. The doctors all agreed that I should be able to get it without any problems. Yay! This gives me hope, but I’ll be more assured once it’s official.

That is all. It was a good day. At least I know the timeline of everything. I’m also glad I know in detail what’s been wrong with my knee pain & the cause of the numbness in my leg & foot. I’m happy the doctors are eager to help and make me feel better.

Everything’s going to work out. My mantra.

xoxo 💋💋