Day 8. March Blog Challenge

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you own & why

Hey ohhhh….

I’ve recently shopped for some clothes and I am in love with my Ralph Lauren grey turtleneck. It’s so comfy & soft! It’s a bit too big on me, so I’m basically swimming in it.

It’s just comfortable. I feel secure in it and it just makes me feel good. Everyone has a piece of clothing we love to wear that makes us feel extra good.

Anyways, sorry this is so short today!

xoxo 💋💋

Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday!

Day 7. March Blog Challenge

What is one thing you can do tonight to prepare you for tomorrow.

Hello you

I’ve been cleaning & organizing my home lately. I have a list made up of things I can do now, which I won’t be able to do after surgery for several weeks.

We have 2-3 bags to fill of unwanted clothes to donate. Out of my big list of things to do before surgery, sorting & filling the bags will be the most time consuming. I’ve been somewhat procrastinating about doing it, but I guess tomorrow is a good day to do it. I will get the bags ready tonight. Goodbye clothes!

Here’s a little video I made off the cuff last year. Too bad it was a grey & damp day. But the flowers in the garden made up for it. My client and I visited this beautiful garden one day & we were sitting down under this rose shelter type of thing.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 6. March Blog Challenge

Name a place that has recently captured your heart

Hello darlings!

Yes, I did modify today’s challenge for two reasons. One I totally forgot about my blog & second I didn’t like the challenge for today according to the challenge sheet I’m following. I felt it was dry, stale, boring and well uninspiring. So taking matters into my own hands as bloggers love to do when coming upon a situation where we are free to reign in our own creativity, I decided to make my own challenge. However, due to time constraints & getting ready for dinner, I made today’s challenge super easy.

I am in love…

Yes. It was love at first sight. Like, jaw dropping reaction. Like, the sound of heavenly angels singing. Like, I can’t stop thinking about it.

It happened one day by accident, as most things happen when you fall in love for the first time. I was watching a YouTube video about France when another video was referred to me on the right side of my screen. I clicked on it.

What is this place? Holy crap. It’s called St. Paul de Vence. It’s a little medieval town. The guy touring the place was super informative. The more he walked around, the more I fell in love with the place. I love medieval castles & towns. I would love to visit this place one day. It’s a place where poets, artists & writers have gone to & you can see why. The place is drowning in inspirations for a novel, paintings, movies and beautiful or tragic poems.

So, yes. St. Paul de Vence has captured my heart recently & I wanted to share with everyone what a beautiful place it is & why I can’t stop thinking about it.

Credit: DennisCallan

Day 5. March Blog Challenge

If you had to listen to one song everyday for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hi there,

So I had a bit of a challenge for this one. The song I chose is not man made. I chose the song of nature. I found a loophole in the question because technically it didn’t state artist or music. The song of nature includes the sound of water & birds. Maybe the wind. Basically anything that nature produces. My reasoning is, if I had chosen a song that was near & dear to me, I’d get tired of it. It would lose its luster, it’s meaning of why it was special to begin with. If I heard my man made song every day, I know I’d get tired of it. Eventually it would turn tortuous to my ears. With the song of nature, I could hear that everyday. The songs of birds at 5 am in the morning reminds me that there’s life & hope out there. I can survive without ever hearing Mozart’s amazing music for the rest of my life, but don’t you dare take the song of nature away. I have a deep connection with nature. The sound of nature calms one’s soul & enlightens one’s awareness, bringing forth the capability of responding faster to things. Studies have shown your awareness & responsiveness is slowed down when noise pollution or loud music is heard.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 4. March Blog Challenge

Whats your over beauty philosophy?

Hi guys!

Munch, munch. Please excuse me as I’m eating my late lunch. What are you having at this hour you may ask. Bean humus, grape tomatoes, pita chips, red grapes & V8 Berry Splash to wash it down. No, I’m not vegetarian. I am for this hour though. It’s good. Especially the grapes!

My beauty philosophy is “beauty comes from within”. It’s plain & simple, right to the point. I honestly believe this from all my heart. I’ve said & written a billion times that how you treat & see yourself is reflected outwards. Are you happy with yourself? If you are, it shows by the way you smile, treat others with kindness & how you look at people. You may have the most beautiful eyes in the world, but if you are sad, those pretty eyes will show it. A happy heart will spark and physically make your eyes brighter and sparkly.

I feel sorry for mothers who don’t love themselves. It’s those mothers who end up raising their kids in unhappy homes where there’s a lot of anger & unhappy memories for those kids. Either those kids grow up & find partners that reflect their mothers and continue the cycle or they decide early on they will be happy in their own hearts which then will help them find a positive partner for themselves. A happy parent makes a happy child which then makes a happy home. Not every home is perfect just because everyone is happy, what I’m saying is despite an imperfect home, it just makes it easier to get through problems that may arise.

It’s been wonderful being outside! I miss it. The roads are getting clearer, but what beauty the snow brings to the trees. The sky is blue & the Colorado air is freaking pure.

Today I had an appointment with an orthopedist. Turns out after reviewing my MRI results, I have a torn meniscus, stretched ligament & strechted out nerve around my knee. Thats why I have felt so much pain & numbness in my right leg. I was able to see 3 doctors today since everyone was at the office. The spine specialist saw me & told the two orthopedist his opinion so they could proceed with the surgery. They were on the ball. I met the orthopedist surgeon who will be taking my case & his name is Tyler. He’s a sub specialist since my knee situation is a bit more complex. So, I go and see him in 3 weeks to discuss the final procedure and get ready for surgery which may be the first week of April. A knee replacement. I’m nervous, but it’s necessary. They said if I don’t do it I may lose the function of my leg, it’s that serious. How long is recovery I asked. Dr. Tyler said 6-12 weeks. He said it in a way coming from doing a lot of those procedures so it made me feel better. Usually I have tons of questions for doctors, but they answered all my questions basically. I’m an extrovert so I enjoy conversing with people. I’m assertive too so I was able to get the ball started with getting temporary disability while I’m out of work. The doctors all agreed that I should be able to get it without any problems. Yay! This gives me hope, but I’ll be more assured once it’s official.

That is all. It was a good day. At least I know the timeline of everything. I’m also glad I know in detail what’s been wrong with my knee pain & the cause of the numbness in my leg & foot. I’m happy the doctors are eager to help and make me feel better.

Everything’s going to work out. My mantra.

xoxo 💋💋

Day 3. March Blog Challenge

Find a poem, verse or quote to inspire you for the month ahead.

Hey you….

So I had several quotes ready & posted on here, but I deleted them. My heart felt like there was another quote meant for me, I just had to find it. Some quotes I found were good for the entire year, but I just needed one real good quote for this month. Being that I don’t know what will happen this month, I liked this quote. Other months would be easier because I’d know that month is surgery month, the next month is physical therapy etc.

This month I’m taking day by day. Patience is a virtue. I’m having a lot of down time, so it has given me plenty to think about. I’m a thinker, so having more time alone has made thinking go into overdrive! I’m not thinking about the meaning of life or anything deep, it’s more of how much I can save per month, boring and dry grown up bleh budgeting crap. I’m restless to work again, so I’m already thinking about fast I’ll recover & heal. But I have to listen to my body and not push myself. I do have to be realistic about being gentle to myself and not force getting from point A to point B.

So I thought this quote to do list was appropriate for this month. I like the “focus” one. “Take chances” is something I’m not sure how I’ll use this month, but I’m sure life will throw a curve ball which will make me think I’ll take a chance. Why not? Maybe I’ll win the lottery or something!

Eating a broccoli salad at the moment. It’s my dinner. Guess what I’m having for dessert? That’s right! Cake & icecream. The snow is falling gently outside and it looks lovely. In an hour, we’ll watch the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Make some hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.

I love Sundays.

Xoxo 💋

Come here. Shhhh. I want to tell you a secret. My favorite quotes in the world come from people I care about the most. When they encourage me via text, email, phone or in person, I grab something valuable they said and really relish in their wisdom. Maybe in the future I’ll show you some of the sweet things they’ve said to me.

Day 2. March Blog Challenge

How do you refresh?

Financial stress. Emotional stress. Family stress. Work related stress. I could go on and on about all the different kinds of stress one experiences on a daily basis. Do we step away from it & tell oneself to chill out for just a second?

Ever since I had to leave a job I loved back in mid December, I’ve been stressing. I didn’t have a choice, my knee pain was getting worse. I didn’t know how I was going to pay rent, or if I could buy food & other expenses. I thought I was going to lose everything in storage in New Jersey which includes pictures of my mom and son.

It was too much. I was tired of refreshing. It was like pressing the refresh button on your life so much, all the refreshes weren’t making a difference. I had to tell myself, “it’s going to be ok, it’s going to be ok” until I actually believed it.

Everything worked out and I’m doing alright. The only thing I’m stressing just a little bit is how much pain I’ll experience after surgery. I don’t have high tolerance of pain, but like all my friends have been telling me, it will be better for me on the long run.

In saying that, how was I able to refresh myself during these past stressful months? I listen to music & do those pixel number art things. There’s like over a thousand boxes with numbers & you fill them in. It takes me about 4 days with 45 minutes each to complete a picture! It has distressed me a lot. I’ve completed several pictures already! Lol!

A dolphin that I’m working on now is almost completed (not shown) and another I’m working on is Godzilla’s eye or something. Looks pretty cool.

I watch travel & food videos on YouTube. I try to learn new things. I was watching a travel video of Dracula’s castle which then lead me to research more in depth things about him.

I take naps to refresh. I call up friends. I write long emails to my close friends on Twitter & I’m always encouraged by their long emails back to me. I love how they support me & understand my little rants & thoughts.

But my favorite way of refreshing is spending time with my son & hearing about his day at school & after school activities. We laugh & just talk.


Day 1: March Blog Challenge

When’s one time in your life when you have felt especially beautiful.

I would have to be honest & say the day my son was born until present time. There is no one time. The love I’ve felt holding my newborn over my shoulder as he slept whilst gently patting his back, to getting my first “mama” has made me feel beautiful. To getting my first of many goodbye kisses before going to school when he was in preschool (he’s 17 now and I still give him a kiss on the cheek before he runs off to school) to receiving a dandelion from his chubby little hands. I’ve felt beautiful the first time he told me I was beautiful to when he’d snuggle next to me when thunderstorms scared him. I have felt beautiful when my son discovered photography was his passion, especially flowers and would admire their beauty. I love seeing nature through his eyes & the wonderment he displays in seeing it. Feeling beautiful is a sensation your child brings to your soul. It makes me feel good.

March 2019 Blog Challenge

Wait…so the last time I wrote on here was January 8th of this year? Whaaaat? Well, that’s going to change this month! I used to do these blogging challenges and I must admit, they are fun to do. Here are the topics yours truly will be responding to.

I’ll try to post them around 4 pm Mountain time. Warm greetings to my latest subscribers.


You’re making a difference!

Hi guys,

How are you? During a staff meeting last month, our supervisor showed us this clip. It relates to anyone working with people. As I sat there and watched this video clip, I must admit I got a lump in my throat. It was my last day at my job. Rita talks about working with children in this video, but it also applied to my job where I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities. We also had to deal with the same struggles of wondering if we’re doing enough, if we’re getting through to them or even making a difference after weeks, months or years. I felt like my supervisor gave me some of the most challenging ones, but it turned out the most challenging ones were the ones who picked me. In my job, you rarely choose who you want to work with (like a teacher), the clients choose you. So I’d get their files and read up about their protocals & ways to help them calm down. I had good days and other days I wanted to quit. The best part was when they’d tell you why they enjoyed working with you. My supervisor always encouraged me & made sure I was appreciated. When I watched this video clip, I knew I had been doing my job right & I was leaving knowing I did my best and had put the greatest effort in making a difference in their lives. People will come to you broken, help them.

You may be the glue they need. You’re their super glue. They’ll go out in the world looking put together, but it’s satisfying to know you had a little part in improving their life, even if it was just for a little while.

Enjoy the video!

Video credit: Ted