SKY ANGELS: Flying over the Rocky Mountains

Hello sweet friends.

I am saddened by the horrific accident that occurred at the Dallas Air Show yesterday. 6 lives were lost of those who served our country by doing what they loved best. Many of them were volunteers to fly vintage airplanes around the country and I know they were skilled pilots who only wanted to share their passion of planes to others. Vintage planes are few and far between; not many exist anymore so to see them in person is incredible as they are a piece of our history. May they rest in peace in the skies above where they probably felt at home and happiest at.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a deep connection to airplanes. I have been flying in them since I was a toddler. My first incredible memory of flying in an airplane was when I was about 4 years old and my mom and I had flown in a seaplane. We landed on the Amazon river surrounded by the deep Amazonian jungle. I just thought it was so fun to land on the water. To a 4-year-old’s imagination, it opened my mind to adventure. Thanks to that pilot, he set the bar very high for me from that day on. Since then, I have flown in a cargo plane sitting on a side seat with others. I remember we weren’t able to get on the plane we wanted, so we caught a cargo plane. Sometimes, at least at the time when I was young in Brazil, passengers were able to get on a cargo plane to travel short distances to remote towns. I’ve flown in numerous single-engine planes & 747s. There is nothing quite like flying over the Amazonian jungle. The jungle is extremely dense and the snake-like rivers you see are fascinating. I never had a fear of flying as a child or teenager because my mind was not corrupted. I had trust in all the pilots. One time during my teen years in the United States in New Jersey, my friends and I were invited to go on a plane ride with an acrobatic pilot. He did 2 loops in the sky, but my favorite was when we experienced the loss of gravity and our hair stood straight up. My stomach turned a bit and I felt like I was floating. My dream of feeling like an astronaut came true for a few seconds. It was an experience I will never forget. He brought us safely back to the ground and we lived to talk about it. Again. I was not afraid of flying.

All my life I have known pilots. I know how they are and their passion for flying. Pilots are a special breed, that’s for sure. Some pilots serve our country other pilots fly as a hobby. Either way, it’s their passion and the sky is their playground.

It was not until after September 11th that I suddenly felt a fear of flying. I did not get on a plane for years because I was so traumatized by that day. Watching the second airplane hit the Twin Towers (which I had been inside on the top floor) was scary and then later find out I knew the copilot as my friend’s cousin. Flying in planes was not what it used to be for me and I had flown in over 55 airplane rides since I was young. My innocent view of flying was destroyed and with it came anxiety. I later flew in an airplane back to NJ (not by choice, I had to do something important) and I was okay. I think as time passes, I might eventually relax and enjoy my flight. But if I had a choice between flying or taking a train somewhere, I’d hop on a train in a heartbeat!

This brings me to this amazing video of Adventure Boy going on his first one-engine plane ride! This was last year and one of his close friends is a pilot. His friend’s mother was sitting in the backseat of the plane while the two boys sat up front. They took a 2 hour flight to a town and stayed there for 3 hours to sight see and shop. At the time Adventure Boy was 20 and his pilot friend, was 19. I was so glad to watch the small video clips Adventure Boy took whilst on his flight to capture the memory. As a mother who grew up flying in small planes as a young child in Brazil, I was delighted my son could experience the same as I did. Obviously, his views were incredible of the majestic Rocky Mountains instead of the jungle. But one day, I’m hoping he’ll see the dense Amazonian jungle as we land in the city of Belem where I grew up. I’ve shown these clips to personal friends, but I felt compelled today to share it publicly. I have many videos on my phone, I just haven’t gotten around to sewing the clips together and posting them on WordPress. I am hoping to share more videos in the future here on WordPress. Enjoy the video!

Be well and take care of yourself & each other.


4 thoughts on “SKY ANGELS: Flying over the Rocky Mountains

  1. Thank you for sharing. It is sad about the plane accident. I’ve only flown twice. Hawaii and Chicago after 911. A rain would be awesome, I’m with you on that. I can not imagine the amazon so thrilling. I love your stories and memories.

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    1. Wow! I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii. There’s many Hawaiians who live here in Colorado. They always think I’m from Hawaii! 🥰I’ve never been to Chicago either. I’ve been on smaller trains, but not the kind that travels across the country.

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      1. We went when hubby was stationed out there. My two kids and left the littles here with a good friend, they were 1 and 6 mo old. They are mad, I said you wouldn’t remember it anyway. Was 2003, war broke out while we were there. Good thing we didn’t get locked down on base. lol Chicago was with the art club in 2006 i believe. Only trip without hubby and kids. 🙂

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