A drive up through a park

Hello my loves!

My niece in Brazil wanted to see photos of what I was doing yesterday as I told her we were out and about. I didn’t do much because it started to rain. I felt bad so instead I made her a short video of a previous drive we took up on June 8th to one of my favorite town parks. After she watched it, she said it was very beautiful! She rewarded me this morning of some new photos of her newborn daughter who is cute as a button! This park is literally in the middle of town, but it feels like you’re in the foothills of the mountains. On the left you can see the homes & buildings below the road. The park is wide, but there’s a very quick break in the road where you can see the homes & buildings on the right side of the road. After you park, there’s a little cement path that takes you to an open area where you can look down at the town. It’s so beautiful, but I didn’t record that that day because it was too hot. Oh and about that sudden stop to the video at the end, haha. I was playing around with my iphone video editing and I liked that white noise ending, but forgot to take it off when editing for my niece. Oh well! Might use it in the future for something else, but sorry about the sudden white noise ending! Lol…

Enjoy the video! Until next time!


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