What kind of person are you attracting?

Hey everyone!

How’s everyone been? So yesterday I was going through my feed on YouTube of recommended videos and I came across something that really opened my eyes.

I usually don’t watch dating videos, but I thought, why not?

I was pleasantly surprised of what I discovered! It now all makes sense why certain past relationships ended badly and others ended amicably. You will discover that there are woundmates & soulmates that you will encounter in life. I must admit, after watching this video, I was a woundmate. I also had relationships with guys who were woundmates as well, which now makes total sense of why it was just drama with them. My last real relationship was 5 years ago, that’s when we broke up on May 2014. We had a 5 year long distance relationship. He was a woundmate and I was in the process of becoming my own soulmate.

I’m now my own soulmate and I now completely understand the differences of wanting to be with someone and the need to be with someone. Once you feel whole within yourself, it becomes easier to choose others who are whole themselves and avoid a disastrous relationship. The older you get, you just want to be happy with yourself, your partner and in general. You don’t want to deal with drama. Relationships aren’t perfect, but this does give a clearer understanding of how to identify a woundmate and why things are going the way they are in your relationship or marriage.

This also will make it quite clear why your partner and yourself are having the easiest relationship you’ve ever had and why the communication is better than you’ve had with anyone else. Congratulations, you’ve met another soulmate.

Here I am summarizing what I learned from the video.

Here is the video explaining in detail the difference between a woundmate & a soulmate.

Credit: Mark Rosenfeld

11 thoughts on “What kind of person are you attracting?

    1. Yes, very true. I had heard this saying many times before, but when it involves a woundmate and a soulmate it makes sense to me. To feel whole as a person and to be able to say you want to be with someone to grow a healthy and happy relationship is beautiful. But to see two people who are not whole think they desperately need each other is a recipe for disaster. It’s great to see the difference and either make a wise choice for a partner or avoid a devastating relationship. Thanks for your comment!


    1. Thank you my friend! That means so much. There are hard days, but I do persevere on through the day. By hard, I mean in regards to my back still healing and my knee pain. Now that we have a new car, my son and I go out much more, but for the past 7 months, I’ve stayed home like a hermit. It really affected my spirit because I’m so used to doing things like hiking. Now, we take drives and it’s getting me out of the home more. Nevertheless, since July I’ve decided to have a great month no matter what happens. I did it again with August. I believe if you start off the month declaring it will be great, when bad days happen, it is not that bad. I mean, everybody has bad days. Even me and I’m a happy, cheerful and positive person normally. That’s just life, but to mentally stay positive makes the bad days easier to recover from. 😁

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