When your heart & brain are at war!


I was watching the latest episode of The Bachelorette yesterday and I had to share my opinion about it like everyone on the planet! Watch this clip…

Credit: Bachelor Nation on ABC

What did you notice? A textbook example of when one has a terrible war within themselves of the heart & mind. Clearly we all see what Hannah doesn’t. Luke is a master manipulator and has Hannah in his web. Hannah does want to see the good in him & has given him a million chances to prove to her how he feels. However, he hasn’t. All Hannah needs is for him to clearly explain how he feels about her.

The last statement made me wonder how deep she truly is confused. “What if I let him go & he’s the one I’m supposed to be with?!”

NO! Anyone who leaves you that confused is not worth your time! A guy who leaves you confused during the time you’re getting to know him so early on is a red flag. Her heart knew what she needed to do thus telling her brain, but her emotions were clouding her reasoning.

I was learning recently the interesting connection of how the heart & brain work together. It may sound incredibly simple & an easy formula for love, but it’s very complex.

When Hannah was around the other guys, she was excited to see them, she was hopping & her voice got higher as a result of a natural connection. That’s normal & how it’s supposed to be when you like someone.

Yes, I know. It’s a reality show. I watch it for character study and to relax.

In other news, I had a fantastic appointment with my neurosurgeon today. I had a follow up at his northern office near Denver so he could see how well my surgery site was healing. The neurosurgeon took one look, stated it looked “beautiful”. It made me giggle because the past month that’s all I’ve heard from all the nurses, doctors, Physical & Occupational Therapists. The neurosurgeon was the last person to see it and clearly was pleased. The surgical scar is thin as a thread. I thought it would be a 6 inch scar with 1 inch in width, but it’s actually very, very thin! Eventually it will fade, but I’ll proudly show it off! I don’t care! Battle scars is in vogue according to me! I also no longer have restrictions (bending, lifting or twisting) and have been cleared to do strength exercises from my PT who has been coming to my house the past 3 weeks. I do need one more MRI (not STAT) for the neurosurgeon to see how the spinal cord is healing. He just wants to make sure it hasn’t shifted or anything, but overall says he has no concern of how I’m healing or walking. Everyday I see little improvements and it gets me so excited! After the knee surgery next year, cleared by my orthopaedic surgeon to do physical activities & am walking fine, I will try indoor sky diving up in Denver. I’m not going to go crazy with doing things, I’ll still behave and take precautions. The thirst is real to being the adventurous & free spirited girl I’ve always been. For several months I wondered why this was happening, but I think I know why now & I’m at peace with it. It makes sense & it’s a beautiful thing.

xoxo 💋



4 thoughts on “When your heart & brain are at war!

  1. Helen Houser-Van Pelt

    So glad you are healing well. Keep up the good work. I’m sure it was a scary time for you, but God is good and watches over you!


    1. Thanks Aunt Helen! Unexpected back surgery is definitely scary, it was needed so all I could do was face fear right in the eye. Now I have a battle scar to prove I faced it. 🙂


  2. SkeLo

    My dear… fantastic to hear your on the mends… as you continue on this current path of your life-journey as you learn to understand where you are going as a destination, life tends to help you open your eyes to better understand yourself…

    Without going on… May the Father continually watch over, keep you and heal you in Jesus name!

    As you continue to push forward, from glory to glory you will overcome!

    Kia kaha my friend!

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