Day 18. March Blog Challenge

What is one thing you’re looking forward to.

Credit: Slate

Hi guys!

I’m really looking forward to a visit from my Aunt Debby. She’s technically not my aunt, but she’s a close family friend. After my mom passed away, she took it upon herself to take my son & I under her wing. Even though we moved to Colorado a few years ago, she calls, sends letters & packages to us which is incredibly sweet of her. We do that as well for her. She’ll be coming to my son’s graduation & sight seeing my new home town. It will be nice to have her as my plus 1. I thought it was going to be just me sitting there alone. I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time since moving here, I’ve gone to several school functions by myself. The important thing is just to be there. That’s all that matters. Hopefully I’ll be walking around a lot better then I am now. So that is something I’m looking forward to very much in May.

Credit: Sarah Jorino

Even though it’s from the class of ’97, I still like this speech.

xoxo 💋💋

3 thoughts on “Day 18. March Blog Challenge

    1. Sadly she wasn’t able to make it. It was the first day after being released from rehab and I was still very weak and in pain. The oxycodone gave me a terrible headache because I didn’t take food with it. My spinal cord was still producing its own fluid so I was also dealing with a terrible spinal related headache. I did get some relief during the ceremony and enjoyed watching my baby get his diploma. We came home 6 hours later and I took 2 ibuprofen pills and felt much better. It’s been the most physically challenging year I’ve ever had. But I’m staying positive through it. I still have some days I miss doing my activities and I get a little sad. But, this is all temporary.

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