Day 17. March Blog Challenge ☘

Clear your head: make a list of things you’re anxious about and a declaration as to why you don’t have to be!

Well first of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all my Irish subscribers! Here’s a kiss from me to you! 💋

My anxious list:

1. Anesthesia.

2. Pain

Those basically are the two things I’m anxious about. I just have specific questions for the anesthesiologist about it. I’m sensitive to things like that. Last time I had it, I was shaking like a leaf, cold and extremely nauseous I almost threw up while lying down. Maybe it was a combination of other things I was on. It’s just scary when they ask you if you have a will etc & tell you all the risks.

Pain. No one likes physical pain. It’s normal to feel nervous & I know it’s expected after surgery.

Credit: Shutterstock

My declaration, with the comforting words of my friends, is that God is in control & that these are the same surgeons that work on Olympians & professional athletes. So I’m pretty much in good hands with the anesthesiologist & the medical team is there to make sure you are comfortable. I’m glad my friends are being so comforting because I feel like I’m acting like a chicken. Lol. They don’t judge. They’re just there for me & it means the world to me.

Tomorrow I’ll find out the day of surgery. Will be nice to finally get out of the house again!

xoxo 💕💕

3 thoughts on “Day 17. March Blog Challenge ☘

  1. I wish you the best. Sounds like you will have the best doctors. The first time I had anesthesia I threw up but that was the only time. Pain sucks but think happy thoughts, making your knee feel better. 🙂 Thinking of you.

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    1. Omg! Julia, how have I not seen your comments these past few months?! So you totally understand. Anesthesia makes me throw up too. I think a day after surgery, I was happily eating strawberries when I suddenly got very nauseous. I didn’t have a small hospital bucket next to me, so I threw up several times all over myself and bed. It was like the exorcist scene, but with red vomit shooting out of my mouth! I threw up again a few hours later, but I had a bucket this time. Guess what?! I have a knee surgery next year and I’ll be getting general anesthesia all over again. Yay me!!! 😭😭😭

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