Day 16. March Blog Challenge

Name your 5 favorite songs & why.

Hello lovely,

Today’s original challenge looked boring, so I decided to make up my own for today. I made it easy for myself because I love music. Ok let’s begin shall we?

Mozart’s Piano Concerto 21- Adante

Why: I love Mozart. Simple as that! My mom brought me up listening to the world’s greatest composers & I took a liken to Mozart because of the way his music made me feel. This particular song just is so moving & beautiful.

Credit: Poloshia

I was Glad- Parry

Why: What girl doesn’t dream about getting married one day? Over the years I’ve had several on mind, but until recently I finally decided this is the song. I decided about a month ago & I’m sticking to it. I love the singing & orchestra sound to it, everything flows so beautifully. When I hear this song, I picture everyone I care about there, most of all God blessing the union. If you follow me on Twitter you’d have seen my wedding dress. It’s a gorgeous regal bohemian dress. No, I’m not getting married. Lol. Calm down. Wedding might be in a forest, botanical garden, beach or at Glen Eyrie Castle here in Colorado Springs. Yes, we have castles here.

Credit: SuperMickeyMouse1

Globe Trekker Theme Song- Lonely Planet

Why: If you’ve been a traveler like myself, you get wander lust just hearing this song. I have this song as one of my ring tones. If I hear this song too much I’ll seriously book a flight somewhere which isn’t good. I’m trying to save for a nice getaway. This song brings back a lot of memories of watching this travel show! I always thought Ian had the dream job of traveling all over the world.

Credit: Ian Richie

A Fifth of Beethoven- Walter Murphy

Why: There’s nothing not to like about this song! Walter did an excellent job adding some major groove to this famous piece.

Credit: Frank

Summertime Is In Our Hands- Michael Franti

Why: The first time I watched this video I cried. I had heard this song many times, but I never saw the video to it. The song just sounded so happy & it made me smile and feel good. I love this song because it reminds me of my mom before she passed away. She had gone on a trip with a friend of hers to the Grand Canyon. She telephoned me & said she wished we were there with her & that she’d like us to go with her someday back to see the Grand Canyon. She said it was so beautiful. We were also supposed to go visit Prince Edward’s Island as well. Those two places are still on my travel bucket list to go to! My mom was always encouraging me to explore and enjoy life & I know she wouldn’t want me to stop just because she’s gone. My son wears one of her rings (it looks like a King’s ring) and I also wear one of her rings. So in a way, my mom is always with us in all our adventures. The end scene where she is lying face up in the water with her eyes closed is exactly what I did in Bermuda. That inner piece & connection with the one you love in heaven for that sacred moment is precious. You just want to keep floating… but! Then you realize there might be sharks nearby like you encountered in the Bahamas and you snap back to reality and swim back to everyone on the beach. Lol.

Credit: Michael Franti

xoxo 💕💕

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