Day 15. March Blog Challenge

Describe your perfect breakfast

Well hello there!

I’m a breakfast girl! I’ve always loved the continental breakfast because it has the cheese, meats, breads and juices. In Brazil, you get several choices of fruit juices other than orange juice. I grew up with freshly squeezed orange juice with lots of pulp in it. I need extra pulp or else breakfast isn’t breakfast! Lol! But I can’t make continental breakfasts everyday, that’s a lot of food.

Credit: Google

A perfect breakfast includes everything in that picture. I don’t have that everyday, obviously. I definitely love fruits like bananas & papaya. I’ve cut down on coffee, so I have tea or almond milk. Toasted wheat bread is amazing in the morning!

This morning I only had a cinnamon roll and English tea. Tomorrow I’ll probably have Muesli. Cheerios with cut up bananas is also a favorite. Other days I have oatmeal with brown sugar, almond milk and cinnamon. I get easily bored with breakfast so I switch it up.

I never had an English breakfast so I made it myself last year. It was fun to make and very delicious! It was approved by all my English friends. I must make it again soon.


Cheers to the weekend!

xoxo 💋💋

One thought on “Day 15. March Blog Challenge

  1. Yummy breakfast. I grew up with breakfast everyday but being on my own I’m not so good about it. I am doing better. We have breakfast sometimes for supper. 🙂 I love orange juice only no pulp for me. 🙂


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