Day 14. March Blog Challenge

How important do you think education is?

Hey guys!

How important do I think education is? I think kids shouldn’t go to school at all. In fact, they should stay home all day, stuff their faces with as much food possible and be slugs. Yup. And I’m sticking to that!

Just kidding! I think education is extremely important for our children. I would have gladly homeschooled my son if I could have afforded to. But I had to work during the day. I would have loved to have sent him to a private school, but it was too expensive. So the only alternative was the public school. Granted I wasn’t always happy with all his teachers, but most of them were wonderful and my son really adored them.

I think when our children start struggling with a certain subjects like math and writing, the parents can make it fun where the child doesn’t feel intimidated and insecure. I would use everyday objects like his toy trains or visiting the zoo for math if we went out.

“Ok. See those zeebras over there?”


“How many do you see?”

“Um…one, two, three…8!”

I’d silently pray one of the zeebras would move so we could subtract it from the group.

“Hey, look! Three of the zeebras walked away. How many are left now?


“Great job! What other animals do you want to count?”



My son would beam with the cutest smile on his face feeling accomplished. He’s actually very good at math now that he’s in High School. I couldn’t help him with chemistry though. My eyes glaze over just writing the word.

My personal opinion is that every child on the planet deserves a chance at learning. But I also believe learning should be fun & interactive.

My son & I are all about having fun & learning. We went to an old mine called Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine in Cripple Creek a few years ago.

The little cage we went in was so cramped! You could only fit 6 people in it. Read the sign! Hilarious!

It was a long way down. This is not a ride for people who have claustrophobia. I don’t have claustrophobia, but I am scared of heights. I had to not think of the cords breaking and falling to my death 1000 ft below the surface. Stuff of horror films, amirite?

Once down there, the air was damp. It really didn’t feel like we were down so far. This was one of the long halls we walked.

We took a cart ride and we all screamed for dear life as we turned and swerved on the railroad!

I kid. We actually moved 5 miles an hour wearing our hard hats. It was fun because at one point it was complete darkness & you had no idea what was going to happen, you were just moving along into oblivion…

We learned a lot about mining back in the day & even got a tiny stone of gold down there. Riding back up was fun and it was so nice to see sunshine again.

3 thoughts on “Day 14. March Blog Challenge

  1. Yes, education is very important. I believe schools have gotten to far away from the basics and focus too much on the advanced stuff. Some kids fall between the cracks because of it. I had a great education, teachers were caring and made sure the kids learned. We had the basics with a few advanced classes. Now, my kids have so many to choose from it is unreal. I like the choices but seems they push through the basics whether they understand or not. I hate the scoring, so much percentage for homework, tests, etc. I wish it would go back to full points so you knew you had to do the work to get the good grade. My boys got it in their head in middle school that they didn’t need to do the homework because it didn’t count and they got partial credit for it anyway. I hate that. So it has been a struggle in high school. I have not been in a mine but I have been in several caves! Love caves!

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    1. Would be fun to explore a cave with you!!! I totally understand where you’re coming from in regards to education! Education has changed drastically since we were in school. I don’t understand the percentage scores either. Why does it have to be so complicated? It’s going to be complicated when they graduate school, why stress the kids in school? If I had been able to, I would’ve home schooled my son. I was home schooled for preschool by my mom so I could learn English. It was so much fun!

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