Day 13. March Blog Challenge

Name something you discovered today

Hello everyone!

The wind is crazy outside! I had my hot chocolate earlier so I’m good. How is everyone? I’m good. Feeling relaxed, happy and chill. I opened my door to see how bad the wind was and shut it closed within seconds. Nope. Apparently we are in the midst of a bomb cyclone. This only happens when the air pressure suddenly drops within 24 hours. Being way up above sea level during this has given me a tiny headache.

Thornback. This is a term given to any single lady not married over the age of 26. The name itself is pretty cool! If you were 23-26 and unmarried you were called a spinster.

So welcome to the return of the word THORNBACK.

I’m still thinking of my oven roasted chicken on this blizzard of a day. Oh well. I guess it will be worth it tomorrow. I think the high winds will stop. The airport down the street was clocking in at 96 miles per hour & no, it was not sustained. It was the gust. I’m learning so much about the weather today! 🤗

xoxo 💋💋

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