Day 12. March Blog Challenge

What was your favorite thing from yesterday or today?

Hello loves!

I’m getting out this blog a bit late. Sorry! Not sure if anyone cares, but my daily blogs will end this month. If I’ll do it again, I don’t know. I tend to go in hibernation with WordPress and not blog for months. We’ll see. I have more time on my hands, so I’ll write about weird places again. Ok. So here we go.

My favorite part of today was getting a surprise dinner from my son. Yesterday I had told him that ihop was going to be serving free pancakes all day. I know he likes hanging out with his friends after school so I thought they would like this. When my son is out, we are in communication. At one point I asked where he was because it was time to come home. He said he was at ihop & would be coming home soon.

When he came home, he had a grocery bag and 2 containers. He told me he got me pancakes for dinner! 😍 I mean, how much more can I love this kid? I already love him so much! He’s been so good to me during my knee pain by being extremely helpful around the house. I was surprised and so appreciative. He does come home bearing gifts like a candy bar for me, cookies from a party etc. But I’ve done the same too when I’ve gone out. I always make sure to bring him back something from somewhere I’ve been. Many times during my staff meetings, we’d have sandwiches and drinks, so I’d come home with an extra sandwich and desserts.

Plus, it’s a snow day tomorrow! Woo! This mama is happy her son will be home! I ordered from Instacart today, but got an email saying my delivery was canceled for tomorrow. I had wanted to make roast chicken with stuffing tomorrow while hunkering down during the blizzard. Guess it’s egg sandwiches tomorrow! Hey, at least I have hot chocolate with whipped cream!

xoxo 💋💋

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