Day 11. March Blog Challenge

What is one goal you can accomplish in the week ahead?

Hello my loves.

I would have to say rearranging my living room. Not much has to be done but it’s an achievable goal.

So we’ve been under an avalanche warning for a week now. I don’t live anywhere close to being directly under the path of a potential avalanche. It’s just a very broad warning to the people living in high country and the front range. It’s funny how before moving to Colorado I never had to remind myself exactly how high in elevation I live in. This is important to know once you live here because the weather reports always include the elevations. For example: heavy snow accumulation above 6,100 feet or avalanche potential above 7,100 feet and so on. I live about 6, 300 feet above sea level. Everything is about elevation here. No one cares about the population of your fello Coloradan’s town. It’s about how high your town is. People like going into the high country which means “mountains”. The natives say high country while outsiders say mountains. After living here for 5 years, saying high country has become natural. We also wouldn’t describe living “under the mountain ” of Pikes Peak. We instead say, “front range” which covers all the land in front of a huge mountain. Anyways, this is all lingo I had to learn when moving here.

To give you an idea of how high above sea level I live at, check out this diagram. Compare it to the Freedom Tower in NYC! I’ve been to Leadville, Colorado the highest town in the USA and that’s at 10,000 feet! It’s a cool little town. Reminds me of what maybe Colorado Springs would’ve looked like during the Gold Rush.

xoxo 💋💋

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