Day 10. March Blog Challenge

The best part of the day is…

Relaxing & spending time with my son. Today is Sunday after all, so I’ve been a bit lazy today. I got to sleep very late, I must confess. 5:45 am. I got caught up researching things online. It’s also when the clocks move an hour ahead?

I’m missing my Brazilian hammock. It doesn’t look like the one shown here, it’s a real hammock. I’ll show everyone once I get it out of storage in NJ. The picture reminds me of St. Martin… beautiful place. For a while I wanted to move to the US Virgin Islands. I don’t know where I’ll end up. I love being close to my son.

I remember relaxing in the hammock at our beach house down in Sea Isle City. It’s a piece of home from Brazil and they are super comfortable to sleep in. I don’t know if they still do this, but long boat trips (consisting of 2-3 days on the boat) would have people hanging up their hammocks to sleep on. There were no beds on the boat! So, there we were. Maybe 80 people sleeping in hammocks? The loud sounds of the engine roaring deep into the Amazon jungle as the boat made its way down the wide Amazon river. Then when it was morning, you just rolled up your hammock at the place you chose & found a place to sit. I was fairly young, so maybe it wasn’t 80 people.

So I went digging around YouTube to find you all what it’s like to travel by boat down the Amazon. I found a great video that just shows that. Here ya go. Check out their channel for other adventures they go on.

Credit: SkateboarderMagazine

Anyways, I got off track, but today’s question was so bland I wanted to make it more interesting.

xoxo 💋💋

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