Day 4. March Blog Challenge

Whats your over beauty philosophy?

Hi guys!

Munch, munch. Please excuse me as I’m eating my late lunch. What are you having at this hour you may ask. Bean humus, grape tomatoes, pita chips, red grapes & V8 Berry Splash to wash it down. No, I’m not vegetarian. I am for this hour though. It’s good. Especially the grapes!

My beauty philosophy is “beauty comes from within”. It’s plain & simple, right to the point. I honestly believe this from all my heart. I’ve said & written a billion times that how you treat & see yourself is reflected outwards. Are you happy with yourself? If you are, it shows by the way you smile, treat others with kindness & how you look at people. You may have the most beautiful eyes in the world, but if you are sad, those pretty eyes will show it. A happy heart will spark and physically make your eyes brighter and sparkly.

I feel sorry for mothers who don’t love themselves. It’s those mothers who end up raising their kids in unhappy homes where there’s a lot of anger & unhappy memories for those kids. Either those kids grow up & find partners that reflect their mothers and continue the cycle or they decide early on they will be happy in their own hearts which then will help them find a positive partner for themselves. A happy parent makes a happy child which then makes a happy home. Not every home is perfect just because everyone is happy, what I’m saying is despite an imperfect home, it just makes it easier to get through problems that may arise.

It’s been wonderful being outside! I miss it. The roads are getting clearer, but what beauty the snow brings to the trees. The sky is blue & the Colorado air is freaking pure.

Today I had an appointment with an orthopedist. Turns out after reviewing my MRI results, I have a torn meniscus, stretched ligament & strechted out nerve around my knee. Thats why I have felt so much pain & numbness in my right leg. I was able to see 3 doctors today since everyone was at the office. The spine specialist saw me & told the two orthopedist his opinion so they could proceed with the surgery. They were on the ball. I met the orthopedist surgeon who will be taking my case & his name is Tyler. He’s a sub specialist since my knee situation is a bit more complex. So, I go and see him in 3 weeks to discuss the final procedure and get ready for surgery which may be the first week of April. A knee replacement. I’m nervous, but it’s necessary. They said if I don’t do it I may lose the function of my leg, it’s that serious. How long is recovery I asked. Dr. Tyler said 6-12 weeks. He said it in a way coming from doing a lot of those procedures so it made me feel better. Usually I have tons of questions for doctors, but they answered all my questions basically. I’m an extrovert so I enjoy conversing with people. I’m assertive too so I was able to get the ball started with getting temporary disability while I’m out of work. The doctors all agreed that I should be able to get it without any problems. Yay! This gives me hope, but I’ll be more assured once it’s official.

That is all. It was a good day. At least I know the timeline of everything. I’m also glad I know in detail what’s been wrong with my knee pain & the cause of the numbness in my leg & foot. I’m happy the doctors are eager to help and make me feel better.

Everything’s going to work out. My mantra.

xoxo 💋💋

2 thoughts on “Day 4. March Blog Challenge

  1. Helen Houser-Van Pelt

    So sorry to hear you’ve been in so much pain. Sounds like you have found the right doctors. Will be praying for successful surgery! Love, Aunt Helen

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    1. Thank you Aunt Helen. It hasn’t been easy walking around & finding out I had a torn meniscus was a surprise. I have some tiny sharp bone spurs under my knee joint, so whenever I walk it presses down thus causing pain. What used to take 7 seconds to go to the kitchen now takes about 20 seconds. J helps me a lot when I need to walk outside. We’re so used to hiking, going to movies, exploring parks, driving around, taking day trips etc. But we haven’t been able to do that for 8 months now. J still gets out & hangs out with his friends on a daily & weekend basis, so that’s good. Yeah, since this is a town where many Olympians practice, we have the best orthopedic doctors in the country! The same doctors who treat Olympians also treat patients like me. I’m in very good hands. Thank you for your prayers. Oh and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Love you Aunt Helen! ❤


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