Day 1: March Blog Challenge

When’s one time in your life when you have felt especially beautiful.

I would have to be honest & say the day my son was born until present time. There is no one time. The love I’ve felt holding my newborn over my shoulder as he slept whilst gently patting his back, to getting my first “mama” has made me feel beautiful. To getting my first of many goodbye kisses before going to school when he was in preschool (he’s 17 now and I still give him a kiss on the cheek before he runs off to school) to receiving a dandelion from his chubby little hands. I’ve felt beautiful the first time he told me I was beautiful to when he’d snuggle next to me when thunderstorms scared him. I have felt beautiful when my son discovered photography was his passion, especially flowers and would admire their beauty. I love seeing nature through his eyes & the wonderment he displays in seeing it. Feeling beautiful is a sensation your child brings to your soul. It makes me feel good.

What's on your mind? I'd love to know!

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