You’re making a difference!

Hi guys,

How are you? During a staff meeting last month, our supervisor showed us this clip. It relates to anyone working with people. As I sat there and watched this video clip, I must admit I got a lump in my throat. It was my last day at my job. Rita talks about working with children in this video, but it also applied to my job where I worked with adults with intellectual disabilities. We also had to deal with the same struggles of wondering if we’re doing enough, if we’re getting through to them or even making a difference after weeks, months or years. I felt like my supervisor gave me some of the most challenging ones, but it turned out the most challenging ones were the ones who picked me. In my job, you rarely choose who you want to work with (like a teacher), the clients choose you. So I’d get their files and read up about their protocals & ways to help them calm down. I had good days and other days I wanted to quit. The best part was when they’d tell you why they enjoyed working with you. My supervisor always encouraged me & made sure I was appreciated. When I watched this video clip, I knew I had been doing my job right & I was leaving knowing I did my best and had put the greatest effort in making a difference in their lives. People will come to you broken, help them.

You may be the glue they need. You’re their super glue. They’ll go out in the world looking put together, but it’s satisfying to know you had a little part in improving their life, even if it was just for a little while.

Enjoy the video!

Video credit: Ted

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