Finding Fukue: “I want to find you”

Hello my dear friends,

As the first day of December presents itself to us, we usually find ourselves thinking of our loved ones as Christmas brings together our loved ones. We think of our loved ones who are still here and those who have passed on. Then there are the ones who continue to think about those loved ones who somehow disappeared from our lives. Those loved ones who made such a difference in our young lives or a huge difference in a short amount of time. For some reason or another, those loved ones somehow disappeared from our lives leaving us confused, sad and missing them a lot. Do you have anyone who you still think about? I do. I have a few people in mind. I think of my friend Amy. I’ve tried to find her on Facebook using two of her last names. She got married twice. I’m hoping she still lives in New Jersey as I lost touch with her when my son was around 2 years old, but we certainly had a kindred spirit and we had a lot in common. Unfortunately, she got into drugs and made bad choices in life as she didn’t choose the best boyfriends or husbands in her early 20’s. I could have sworn I saw her one day taking a smoke break at a corner with her coworker. She looked skinnier, had shallow cheeks and looked worn down. I should have stopped. I just wasn’t sure it was her and I continued driving. My search continues and always will for her. However, I will make an effort to get in contact with my friends who I haven’t been in touch with more starting this month and the year approaching. I want to be more in contact with them then I have been before.

Here’s to all you who are still searching for people of your past. May your search bring you peace, happiness and a connection that has been missing in your great big journey in life. It’s amazing how having a little piece of your past heal and close a gaping hole of uncertainty.

Enjoy this beautiful story. I know I cried when I watched it, it was so beautiful, sentimental and I was cheering for her to find her kindred spirit.

Video credit: CBC Docs

This post is dedicated to my old childhood friends, Martin (who lives in Switzerland with his lovely wife and kids), David my bestfriend from Brazil who is the namesake of my son’s middle name (who lives in the UK with his beautiful wife and kids), Andrea, Misty and Joe (another childhood friend who I plan to reconnect with soon, our mothers were bestfriends).

2 thoughts on “Finding Fukue: “I want to find you”

  1. I find myself doing random searching for people just to see what happened to them. Don’t always find them though. I definitely miss my grandparents at the holiday time. Our family doesn’t get together since they passed. Really sucks. I have tried but the others do not want to anymore. This Christmas will only be hubby, me and our two boys. But we will make it fun. 🙂 I hope you find your friend.

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    1. Yeah, me too. I’ve gone through my college yearbook & tried to see what some people are up to. I feel like I might’ve let one guy get away. I was sitting by myself in the cafeteria when college just started. I didn’t really know anyone. This really cute guy came over & asked if he could sit next to me. There were plenty of places to sit, but he wanted to sit across from me. I was so shy, I said I was waiting for someone. I think I was, like a roommate or friend. Anyways, he was single for the longest time after college. Me too. He ended up being an attorney in Washington D.C. I often wondered if he was the one. But everything happens for a reason. He’s married now. We had a great Christmas and I hope you did too! I’ll try to post more on Instagram!!

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