Worries and back pain…

Dear friends,

I’m still alive! Nice to see you all. Even my new subscribers. I see you and welcome. Thanks for following even though there’s cobwebs on my last post. I need to come here more often. Which brings me to ask you guys about something. One of the things that has stopped me from posting as much as I want is that I need to find an easy but very good video editing software. I used to use “Movie maker” and I loved it. Then the big bosses decided to not include them in new laptops. I used to edit all my videos on there because it was easy to snip, edit and do all kinds of things on Movie maker. I know there is a new version of it, but it’s really weird. I’m looking for a video editing software that is easy to use. I want to post it on my Vimeo channel because the clarity is better. I miss making videos and want to practice camera angles and sweeping cinematic scenes with my camera. Editing takes forever, but I can always make time because it’s relaxing in a strange way. Please let me know on the comment area below. I’m curious to know what you guys use.

My son is finishing up his first week of being a Senior. He’s very involved in several clubs and is a Link Crew member. Link Crew members are handpicked students who are mentors for Freshmen that year. My son had to apply and answer some questions of why he should be a Link Crew member. There are 500 Freshmen this year at his school! His school is huge and I remember his first day as a Freshman. I am entering a phase of life that many parents of Seniors are at. This is my only child and it’s all new to me and a bit emotional too. Have I really come to the end of my child’s school years? I made it this far… on my own. As a single mom. Soon before December, I’ll be filling out Financial Aid forms and talking more about colleges. 4 years flew by fast. We came to Colorado in the middle of his 8th grade year. There are going to be so many milestones this year, it’s almost dizzying to my mind. Getting his driver’s permit is happening one of these weekends and soon I’ll be teaching him how to drive. One minute I’m looking into my newborn’s little pink face only a few hours old and I’m telling him I’m going to raise him as best as I can and the next here I am suddenly a mother of a Senior boy. In my mind I’m already making a list of things he’ll need for college and how his room will be the coolest dorm room ever.

Lately, I’ve had back issues. I had an xray 3 weeks ago and my doctor said it looked normal, just the usual wear and tear as we age. However, he did look up at me and said, “I did find something odd though.” Huh. Wut. Really? Now??? Sigh. I had a long day and I was tired. Please don’t tell me I’m morphing into some wild creature. He continued to say that he found that my bone density was above average. He said usually bone density gets weaker and thinner, but mine was above average and asked if I was eating a lot of veggies and fruits. I confessed, I wasn’t… BUT. I am taking my vitamins! Especially my Vitamin D gummy ones. He said to take one instead of two. That was positive news. It was just weird how he got all dramatic and suspenseful about my bone density. I am getting an MRI next week to see more details of why my lower right back hurts which is affecting my foot and leg. It’s not sciatica which I had last year and got taken care of after 4 months of physical therapy. Wish me luck. I just want something to improve it because I’m starting to get worried. And I tend to worry a lot. I hate worrying and need to find things to occupy my mind before it gets out of hand and I end up in a panic attack. Lol.

I’ll be back. Let me know what editing software you guys use. I just need ideas and reviews of editing software so I can continue making videos and posting them on here.

Later love bugs! xoxo

This song is so dreamy. I listen to it when I’m getting for work and when I’m driving back home as I decompress. This song is so calming to the ears and I love the vibe.

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    1. I’m come to terms with it. Luckily, the furthest college he’s interested in is up in Denver which is 1 hour North from here, but the main university he wants to go to is only 15-20 minutes away. 😀

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