A controversial procedure to look beautiful!

“Snapchat Dysmorphia” the name of the latest trend sweeping the nation. Surgeons are being shown pictures from patients wanting “smoother skin”, “bigger eyes” and “fuller lips”.  They want to look exactly like their Snapchat picture, minus the ears, whiskers and flowers in the hair. Society has forced fed women (and men) that beauty has to be at a certain standard and with Snapchat, it’s only a simple click away. There are two types of people who want this. The first group just want the smooth skin look that erases any wrinkles and blemishes because we all know that society only allows blemish free people walking around. No blemishes or else you are practically a hideous beast and should be banished from all civilization. What was once only a privilege to celebrities for magazine covers is now available for the general public and it has created a monster as a result.

The second groups are those that actually want to look like an animal. The whimsical idea that people are willing to pay to look like their favorite animal filter. Here is a picture of 2 models painted as a Snapchat deer & dog, but take this simple act of makeup play to a whole different level and you’ve got people who think they’d look better by looking like an animal…uh…forever. Some are even willing to have flowers or butterflies sewn into their hair. This is what we’ve come to. Imagine your grandkids coming home to introduce their friends to grandmom or grandpa & they turn around from their chair to the gasp of said friend. By then your skin is wrinkly, you’ve got silver or white hair and that dog nose tattooed on your nose (probably with whiskers if you are a cat) is making you look more like a really bad case of a lab experiment gone wrong or a wrinkly brown band-aid across your nose. Your tattooed cat whiskers are not so straight anymore and look more like broken legs of a spider spread across your cheeks. Yeah. Not so cute anymore, IS IT?!!

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Don’t get me wrong, even moi plays around with Snapchat, I mean there I am up top with some weird camera thing in the middle of my chest, awesome ears & bigger than usual eyes, but I don’t feel the need to run to a surgeon and ask to look like my filters. That’s just next level crazy, but that’s none of my business. Sips tea…

So what’s next? Emoji face plastic surgeries? Nothing at this point would surprise me. I hope when I become a grandmom, I don’t have little emoji grandkids running around. I can only imagine family photos…






10 thoughts on “A controversial procedure to look beautiful!

  1. You are much too beautiful to even think about changing anything, never mind the snapchat craziness. Most of that stuff really creeps me out and I can’t believe that people would actually try to have themselves surgically altered that way. Did you ever see that movie “Big Eyes”? I think there was a trend then as well.

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  2. Oh, wow on wanting that stuff to be permanent. I couldn’t imagine. Heck most days I don’t even wear makeup. I am one that unless I have to have something done to alter my original body then I am not doing it. Usually, this stuff is just a fad and will fade away. I don’t even have a tattoo. I’m fine with others having that but not for me. 🙂 I don’t use SnapChat hardly at all. Neat app just haven’t got into the craze of it. 🙂 You are definitely beautiful, don’t change a thing! 🙂 Good to see you blog again. 🙂

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    1. I hear ya on that one. I don’t have a tattoo either. Snapchat is ok, I’m not obsessed, but I have a good friend on there that sends me random Snaps once in a while. I can’t get into Instagram either. I don’t know why and I’ve pondered many times of why I just can’t get excited about it. I wrote a blog about it and will post it sometime soon. I don’t know. I feel it’s a boring blog to post, but we’ll see. 😉

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      1. I recently uninstalled my Snapchat because never used it. I do the Instagram. When I had uninstalled Facebook it was how I posted a picture when something was going on. I do like Instagram. I haven’t gotten into the story parts yet. My daughter does all the time. 🙂 Looking forward to the blog!

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      2. I tried getting into Instagram, but I felt like I was somewhat out of the water. So to speak. Can’t explain it. Snapchat is fun sometimes, but I’m not really on it. You KNOW I’m always on Twitter. I love WP, but I have to give 200 percent when I’m on here. I treat it like my baby and really do take my time in expressing my thoughts and uploading photos etc. Yes, I will post my new blog today sometime.

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      3. I do Instagram a lot for the pictures. I have not got into the story part. I did have Snapchat but got rid of it. Wasn’t into it. I love that you are blogging again. It is fun to Tweet with you! 🙂

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