Red Rock Canyon: Part 1

Hey guys!

A warm welcome to my new subscribers and loyal readers. Let’s talk about the hike I took with my son and his friend last week. I’ve lived here in Colorado Springs for two years now and I just got around to visiting Red Rock Canyon, which is across from Garden of the Gods. We go to Garden of the Gods a lot just to sit and enjoy the scenery, hike and I also go there often with my clients. When we went on our hike, we took the long way to get to the lake at Red Rock Canyon. Luckily, the day was nice and windy, so it wasn’t too bad. My knee continues to hurt after a month (I injured it at work), so towards the end of the hike, it was very painful to walk back to the car. Hiking in Colorado Springs is very common among the locals and we’ve come to participate in that activity as well. Back in New Jersey, you’d never see us hike like we do here. Anyways, it was lovely to just walk and enjoy the little trail, think about how nice it was to explore a new park and anticipate the view of the lake I’ve only seen via YouTube and pictures. I decided to film the hike for memories to share. Click on the video below and you can come along with us on our little hike. This is part 1. There is another trail I’m very excited to go on and I can’t wait to show you all that one because it’s pretty incredible.

Continue being amazing.


7 thoughts on “Red Rock Canyon: Part 1

  1. Helen Van Pelt

    Hey there,
    Enjoyed hiking along with you. Loved the background music. What is it called? I make DVD slide shows of our trips and like to add music. The music would be perfect. Hope all is well with you and boy is Jadon growing up!!!
    Aunt Helen

    1. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even see this comment until now and it’s been almost a year! I went into my YouTube editing page to see what the songs were titled and I didn’t see anything. My only guess is that I used Kevin McLeod’s free music. Try typing in “Movie scores” and see if it’s one of the songs. I tend to use his movie score samples a lot in my videos. We are doing well Aunt Helen! We’ll be flying out to Jersey in a few weeks. 🙂 Jadon will be a senior this Fall!

    1. Indeed, hikes are fun! I’ve never hiked so much as I have since moving to Colorado. Being “one” with nature is common here and everyone seems to be outside hiking or running. People are very active here!

    1. Thank you! Red Rocks continues to be one of my favorite places to reflect and just enjoy the sounds of nature. Colorado certainly is gorgeous! Please forgive me for answering your comment many months later. I didn’t even know I had comments until I went to my “Unread” sections. :O

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